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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Had a bad day...

By Daniel Powter

So I played TMI Tuesday at Stopping Traffic

Oh behave!

But I would have played anyways!

Na just work challenges. "What are you gonna do aboud it?"

Who says that?

My favourite mob boss ~ Tony Soprano. If I'm stressed from work then Pool Boy says "Is there anyone you want me to beat up? Do you want me to send Tony?"

He loves Sopranos too. I haven't watched the series from the beginning but I think I started watching it late Season 3 / early Season 4. One of the first episodes I saw which got me into it was when Tony gets home at after about 11 p.m. after knocking off some guy and he sees his son when he gets in and says "Hey what are you doing up? It's a school night!!" LOL The irony of it all got me hooked. Very funny!

My parents watched it even before we did and I was surprised, because there's so much swearing, violence and nudity in it, that my mum really liked it. "Who new?" as Tony would say.

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