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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

If You're Looking for TT ...

If you're looking for Thursday Thirteen, it is posted on me meme blog About ICL

If you're looking for me I've gone to bed.

Been really busy at work the last few days and tonight I am exhausted. OK maybe staying up past midnight on Sunday night didn't help either. Yesterday I left the office at 7:30, was back in at 7:30 a.m. for an 8:00 a.m. conference call. Werked my a$$ off all day, no time for lunch, no time for a run. Left at 7:30, ate supper at 8:30 while I watched AI and then came up to blog a little but my eyes are closing. . . ..z z z zzzz

Introducing ...

Jaschocolate @ the insights of crappy Jasmine gal

So I decided to do an interview of a fellow 2K blogger. Read all about my extremely scientific and dorky way of choosing my interviewee here.

Well she responded within a day and answered all my questions with such eloquence and aplomb (better www.dictionary that, is it even a word?) that I kind of wish I would have asked her the following questions:

  • Have you ever blogged in the nude?

  • Do you suffer from belly button lint?

  • The blogger I would most like to see dead is:

  • What comes first, your blog or your cleaning your toilet?

I kinda felt that if I just introduced with these questions she'd say, who is this nut job? So I like to warm up slowly. Actually from reading her blog, I think she would approve of the above questions.

Here's some other interesting factoids about her:

  • She's from Singapore ~ Yay, I was there, I was there!

  • She loves chocolate! No kidding!

  • She thinks shes crappy ~ but she's not.

  • She likes to run. ~ a fellow runner!

Hmmmmm.... I think she has some things in common with yours truly.

So without further adieu here is Jas' responses (with my editorial comments thrown in, (in italics) for good measure):

Why did you start blogging?
- To keep a record of what I did, where i went to because my memory is quite bad. Actually, the main reason was that I was bored in my classes and writing a blog makes time passes faster. But I think my tutors will want to cry if they know that they are that boring. Make 'em cry Jasy!~

How do you describe your blog?
- Bascially a record of what i like, eat and do.. so it is quite messy at times. It's like a "rojak", a dish we had in Singapore. A mix of various items but with a unique taste of its own. Some will like it, but some wont. Oh I tried squid when I was in Singapore but it was from a fast food kiosk (I think it was on that Island, what's the name?) and it was awful (to me anyways). I think it was overcooked because it was awfully rubbery. I will try squid again but only from a quality restaurant. hee

How has your blog changed over time?
- Bascially, it is still the same but I had less time to blog now.. So if I can, I will rather blog using pictures more than to type with words. Most of the times, I cannot find the right words to blog about how I feel. Yeah sometimes you feel restricted so I know what you mean. I don't feel like I can blog about work, even though I would like to rant about it sometimes. I also feel that some things are just a little too personal to blog about. Aw what am I saying? I blog about almost everything. It's just that some things that are buried deep inside or cause me angst and if I blog about them, I don't want just anyone reading it. So I've started a new separate blog called ICL Talks where I can blab about what's bothering me. My family doesn't read my blog so I feel quite safe putting it out there (even though I begged them to read it for months!! I finally gave up. Hmmmppffff! I'll fix them he he).

Do you have any other blogs?
- I had other blogs, mainly signed up as I wanted to use the account to leave comments in other blogs. My main focus is still on the one in blogspot. Though, I may shift it to wordpress once I had the time. I know alot of people have switched to WordPress but I can honestly say that I like Blogger. I don't have any good reason to switch. The only niggly thing that bugs me with new Blogger is that it never remembers your id and you have to log in every time. Arggghh!

Do your family and friends blog, too?
- My friends blogged, not my family though. In fact, I was introduced to it when I saw my friends blogging in school. However, most of them do not really updated their blogs now that they started working. However. I did make some friends through reading blogs. I don't know anyone in real life that blogs. Isn't that weird? I've told my friends about it, my family, some close co-workers but no body reads my blog from my real life. I do feel that some of the bloggers I've met are quite nice and would love to meet them irl if I ever get the chance!

What are your favorite blogs? Who do you read?
- Most of the blogs I read are on my links. One of my favourite is Jaywalk, because he is quite funny and serious at times. The topics he covered are of a wide variety. I will check this Mr. Jaywalk out. I have so many favourites (hey, you guys in Singapore spell favourite the same way as us Canadians! very kool!). I save them in Blogrolling by different blogrolls to organize them into categories, but I actually read them via Bloglines. I have too many ... way too many blogs rolled, I know ... but I find it really hard to take them off my blogroll. To do blog time management I usually just stop reading them for awhile and then eventually I remove them from my blogroll/bloglines. My criteria for this is usually that I just don't find we have so much in common, or that they're not particularly funny (a big requirement for me to enjoy blogging), or maybe just even they're too popular (I prefer to find some gems and lesser known blogs), um lastly, sometimes I don't like blogs that have posts that are too long. I usually try to keep mine short (this one is becoming one of the exceptions) because I know I have this preference.

Have you ever thought of quitting blogging?
- I think. There was a period i stopped blogging but then the itch came back and i need to blog. :p I hear ya gf!!

What keeps you blogging?
- Myself and what little readers I had.. Haha :) You are a real gem, aren't you? he he

So this was rather fun wasn't it? I hope you enjoyed meeting Jasmine. Go over and say hi and that you're there by way of the church lady!

Time to eat chocolate!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Bad Church Lady

Cats on Tuesday played at ICL Plays . It's a comic I made. Go check it out.

Hey see my submitted pictures to Steve Novak over at his blog. I didn't win a copy of his book but I am first on the post. hee! Somehow that almost seems better than the book. Not for the fainthearted, his blog. Don't say I didn't warn ya! Oh, and he asked for it!

Oh ya, and it was my gal pal Lisa's birthday today, yesterday, this week. To celebrate she has a picture of herself in the middle of an O. Actually she has pictures of herself in two O's. Seriously, go check it out. I want to live vicariously through Lisa!!

Monday, February 26, 2007

2K Blogger Interview Search

2k BloggersI've decided to do an interview of a randomly selected blogger from the 2K Bloggers group based on a post in 2000 Bloggers

I will ask the following questions:
Why did you start blogging?
How do you describe your blog?
How has your blog changed over time?
Do you have any other blogs?
Do your family and friends blog, too?
What are you favorite blogs? Who do you read?
Have you ever thought of quitting blogging?
What keeps you blogging?

So using a random number generator it came back with #445. So I go over to the 2000 Bloggers Montage to find the 445th blogger. There are 12 pictures in a row, but the first cell in the first row is a '?' so we have to add one. So let's see, 445 divided by 12 equals 37 so I need to look for a picture in the 38th row. 12 times 37 = 444 , plus 1 = 445, bingo but I have to add one for the '?' so I'm looking for the 2nd picture in that row. Yes, I opened my excel to do this but the hardest part was counting down 38 rows in the montage. I'm such a dork!

The lucky 2K blogger chosen is Jas Chocolate at The Insights of Crappy Jasmine Gal

Wish me luck! I hope Jas is home!

Me Wee Mee

Feeling a little adverturous. This is the result. Oh ya, played Manic Monday on About ICL and blabbed some more on ICL Talks. Laters internets ...

Sunday, February 25, 2007


Just found a site where you can submit your Academy Award predictions to until 5 p.m. PST / 8 p.m. EST.

Oscarwatch site

Oscarwatch form

And for a laugh I found this link to You Tube video on the same site which is the opening number for the 61st Academy Awards show in 1989 (the year I got married). It is just awful. Has Snow White and Rob Lowe and Merv Griffin and Lily Tomlin coming in at the end as the host. Check out Cybil Shepherd and Robert Downey Jr. in the audience.

Fergus Last Sunday at the Dog Park

Fergus, my puppy, had not been to the pit (aka dog run free park) in awhile. We cannot say the word "Pit" in our household unless we are getting our coats on to head out in the car to get there. We can't even spell it. P-I-T. He knows that too. We now say "T-I-P backwards" in our house if we are discussing a venture there. (Don't ask me why we don't say "TIP Backwards" - it must be because we went from PIT, to P-I-T, then to T-I-P backwards, we skipped by TIP Backwards, but because the word 'backwards' is in there, once he learns that, it will be unusable anyways. We will have to start calling it THE Gargoyle or something.

Oh yeah, and he did try to hump a few dogs. He's fixed but he tries to show his dominance by doing this. I thought because he hadn't been for awhile (months) that he would be more submissive. Not my Ferg. And in honour of this poor neglected doggy I'm playing Fergalicious by Fergie over at Irish and Loving It ~ The Video Blog

Have fun!

Saturday, February 24, 2007


I need your help. I've narrowed down my pictures that symbolize "TEXTURED" to me in the following slide show. Textured is this weeks word for Photo Friday.
Which photo(s) most shows TEXTURED to you?

All images are from IRELAND

Please vote below:

Free polls from Pollhost.com
What photo best represents TEXTURED?
When the Fog Creeps Over the Mountain Bedroom Window Fences Roses in Rain Gathering the Sheep Below History Lesson Mosaic No cares Two Sheep and a Man Lying Down Potato Famine House Castle Wet Surf Rock Fences Make Great Neighbours Roughage Two Gulls and a Man Lying Down Siesta The Road Less Travelled Three Castle Front Property   

Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Office ~ Cocktails

In this week's episode of THE OFFICE, Jan and Michael go public with their relationship during a party at their CFO's home.

My favourite parts:

~ Toby trying to win the yellow chick stuffed animal for Pam

~ Jan realizing what a mistake she made by going public with Michael

~ Michael saying - "Why are we going in the bathroom? Isn't this where you usually want your private space?"

I know there were more but I'm too tired to think of them

This Saturday, don't miss Rainn Wilson host an all-new Saturday Night Live!

Thursday Thirteen #81, my #31

Wow! Last Thursday Thirteen. I feel compelled now to make it a good one.

Last week I commented when I submitted my TT that I would probably not be playing anymore because I really don't have time to visit that many people.

It kind of made me sad, because I really like doing TT, so I was kind of thinking that I would still do it from time to time, but just have my name taken off the blogroll.

Then I just happened to read on one of my regular reads this morning that TT is no longer going to be running. Shocker-roo~!
So I didn't really have anything planned for my TT (sometimes before I used to have 2 or 3 written and in the hopper on save mode!) so I think I'll just write random thoughts about blogging and memes and whatever else pops into my head.
  1. It seems like Thursday Thirteen is a victim of it's own success. It is very popular, probably too popular. People can't keep up with visiting so many people each week. Otherwise you end up with comments that look like this. "Nice 13". "#8, that happened to me too." "Cool list. Happy TT!".
  2. I still think that people could informally play TT each week if they want without being on a blogroll. I don't know if there's any rules that say you can't do that.
  3. TT was a great way to meet new people when getting into the blogging world. For me it has definitely served it's purpose, but more than that, it sometimes helped to write a focused post about one topic, by elaborating on 13 things about that topic.
  4. The cute header buttons that people used to create were so cool. Now what am I going to do with all those I downloaded but never used yet?!! LOL
  5. The thing I liked about TT is that it could be on any topic. This gave way to a wide range of areas that could be covered and allowed the TT to not be very restrictive, contrary to other memes / tags that ask specific questions, although I do like those too! :)
  6. If people commented on the TT site and gave a flavour about what their topic was on that week, it would at least give you an idea if you were sort of interested or not and could choose to visit (or not).
  7. Even random TT's were highly entertaining, because they would spawn off in all directions. I even wrote a few myself!
  8. Uh oh. I seem to be running out of things to say about Thursday Thirteen, I may need to move into random mode now, but please do leave your comments about TT.
  9. So yesterday I blogged about how I helped to move my Dad into an apartment from his family home. I am so stiff and sore today from cleaning up the house. I also now realize that I was terribly dehydrated last night. This is because I literally cried almost all afternoon while I cleaned the house.
  10. So much of Mum in there. I am glad that my Dad is now in a new place. He needs a fresh start. I need a fresh start.
  11. He was actually incredibly organized with his packing. He had all the boxes well labelled and numbered. The movers were very good. They set up all the big stuff and put all of the boxes into the appropriate rooms as labelled. Dad said to unpack the high numbered boxes first, because those were the most needed items that were packed last.
  12. Well, I didn't get too many of those unpacked, because by the time I got over to the apartment from the old house it was about 4 p.m. I did manage to get shelf paper in all his cupboards. He can take his time to unpack. I'm sure that he's just glad that this stressful part is now over.
  13. I will take pictures when I get over there next. It is a beautiful apartment in a new complex. He's on the 15th floor with great views. The paint colours are very nice and muted and they actually go with his furniture which is kind of flowery but help to give the apartment more of a masculine feel.

So Sláinte to everyone! Come back tomorrow where we dissect tonight's episode of THE OFFICE for $hit$ and giggles.

A big thank you to Leanne Wildermuth for 'inventing' and running Thursday Thirteen. She did an awesome job and I guess no one has come forth to fill her BIG shoes, though I don't know if it was commonly known that she wanted to pass it on. Maybe someone will still come forth. I hope so, even if I do need to opt out of being a regular participant still. It is a great meme.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

It is done

My Dad is moved.

The boxes are not yet unpacked.

But the old house is clean.

I am exhausted.

I cried all day while I cleaned. It was so emotionally draining.

So many memories in that house.

Watching AI but don't know if I'll be awake at the end.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Time to Rock!

I've been getting such lovely visitors and really funny comments so I just wanted to reach out and thank you guys who read here and then leave me a note that makes me smile.

Those of you who leave me notes that make me worried or mad, now you can just mosy on outta here, 'kay.

Naw... I don't get anyone like that. I was just imagining that I did. hee

I know some bloggers make it a habit of answering back each comment. I do it once in a while, but very infrequently. I guess it's just not my style. Not that I don't like it on other blogs. I always go back and see what they told me. I don't have time to read what they told everyone else though (yikes!).

Ya, I guess you just gotta find your groove and what works for you. If I'm gonna spend some time writing comments back, I'd rather do it on their blog. I like to write meaningful comments, if I can, otherwise I prefer to leave nothing at all. Sometimes a quick one liner is apropo for the situ, especially if I'm a regular reader and commenter on their blog.

Frig, sometimes I've left comments so bloody long they could be one of my own posts here! LMAO (I think I did that once - copied it and turned it into a blog post for here one day he he).

Anyways I'm rambling. The point I wanted to make is that your sincere and genuine and lovingly written comments are most welcome and appreciated and I just wanted to let you know that you're doing an awesome job.

What's it time for? ~
It's time for ICL to say ~
you Internets ROCK!!!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes ....

(Turn and face the strain)
Don't want to be a richer man
(Turn and face the strain)
Just gonna have to be a different man
Time may change me
But I can't trace time

lyrics to Changes by David Bowie

Notice some little wee ch-ch-ch-changes around here?

I've shortened my sidebar (I know it's still way the hell long) and set up links to my other blogs across the top. You know, just some regular housekeeping. Gotta get ready for those two blog reviews that are coming up soon. ha ha ha

So as part of cleaning up, you know the drill, you stuff things into closets that don't need to be out hanging around. That's what I've done with my blog. I've built some cupboards for storing things, the only difference is that I don't mind you going in and snooping into these cupboards.

They are up high, but I know you can reach them. Here's what their labels mean:

Home ~ well that's here. ahem... next.

About ICL - a brand new blog with a design from the one and only, and the best, Goofy Girl! I love the colours on this blog. Tell me what you think.

This is where I'm going to do my meme stuff and about me tags - you know like the ones where you have to write all that's weird about 'cha. There's one posted there now and some of you are tagged.
ASIDE [BTW, what's the blogging etiquette for tagging? Are you supposed to trot on over and tell someone they're tagged or is it okay to just tag them and if they see it and do it fine. If they don't, well they didn't (either because they didn't see it or didn't want to). It's all fine by me. ]

ICL Talks ~ oooowww, scary stuff. But it's not on there yet. It's still bottled (up inside).

Crazy Stuff ~ well that's where I play with all my kool tools and fun stuff, comics will go there, my buttons are all stuffed in that closet too. Oh I have still a few lying around here as well but I'm not finished cleaning up yet, plus you need to keep a few knick knacks out for the decor don't 'cha know?

Me Videos ~ some people don't like music playing on blogs but I like to watch and collect music videos and of course me own home made pet videos, so I'm going to post them on here.

Personal Photos ~ this is ICL is at Home. I've had this blog for a bit now and have been doing my fun photo memes on it like Saturday Photo Hunt, Foto Pherrets. I will continue to do this and post my serious (bah ... when am I ever serious?) photos at my photoblog ICL Snaps. Wait! Don't go there now. There's a really disturbing self portrait of me which I would prefer go down the page a bit. It pretty much looks like I've snapped. Well that's what you get here folks, raw and naked me.

100 Things about Bloggers ~ still there and growing. If you would like your 100 things added to the list, I'd be happy to add ya!

So I'm sure you're kind of distressed and annoyed now because you are thinking, I don't want to have to keep up with all these blogs? Damn it! I'm dumping that Church Lady!!

Well hang on there. If I have something I really want you to read, I will post something here to send you there. Otherwise, it's pretty much all the same stuff. Except what I will end up putting on ICL Talks, but that's just toooo personal so if you wanna read it, then you need to blogline or google reader that blog, or any of them, that you are interested in.

So that's all she wrote and all the Church Lady said so that's all I'm gonna say about that.

G'night, Forrest!

2000 Bloggers

Woo Hoo! I made it into the 2000 Bloggers Photo mosaic. There's still room for more if you act fast.

2k Bloggers

Sunday, February 18, 2007

~www.stripcreator.com to create your own comic strips ~
also listed under kool tools in my sidebar

ICL's Comic(s)

Saturday, February 17, 2007


Pool Boy just took 279 wine bottles and 3 empty cases of beer back to the BEER Store for refund. They just started a new recycling program here where you get $0.20 back for each wine bottle. We used to make our own wine and since then he just kept saving all the bottles downstairs. Way too much! I was after him to throw them out a long time ago but he never got to it. Then he heard about the recycling program and decided to wait. That was before Christmas. I wonder how many bottles we added to the collection over the holidays?

Friday, February 16, 2007

Stuff Portrait Friday ~ Free

button from Fleur de Lisa

This means free to me
At Ballyheigue in County Kerry, IRELAND
Go to Random and Odd for more 'free' pics

Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Office ~ Business School

OK great episode tonight. Michael makes a total ass of himself and Ryan's business school but redeems himself when he goes to see Pam's art exhibit and saves her spirit. Oh yeah, there was a bat in there somewhere too!

My favourite parts:
~ Jim acting like he was becoming a vampire
~ Dwight seriously believing him
~ Ryan thinking he was being fired by Michael but he was just moving his desk.
~ Kelly being delighted

What was your favourite part?

Bonus: Check out some classic Angela lines

Cheeky Tag

Cheeky tagged me. Hey I got a nice little Valentine's in the mail from Cheeky! Read her #3. mmmm.... I think there's a method to her madness!

The game: Tell ten weird things or habits or little known facts about themselves. Tag six people to do the same. No tag backs!

Oh.my.dog this is going to be hard - 10, I've gotta think of ten freakin' weird things! I've done this meme at least once or twice before. I'm gonna try to do it without peeking or reusing what I wrote previously. All brand new stuff here at Sláinte ~ It’s only Me! Here goes, wish me luck!!!:

  1. I like to post on my blog or in comments on others blogs weird word verifications like this one "neakfurz". Isn't that one awesome?

  2. I love to drink milk. Skim milk. Oh and chocolate without milk is not cool.

  3. I am superstitious about some things. I'm always knocking my head and saying "touch wood" if I say something and then I realize I really would not want that to happen.

  4. I think of new song tunes in my head but then I can't remember the tunes. I could be a musical writer but don't even know it.

  5. I'm not afraid to die, at all.

  6. Ice is my friend, or so the chiropractor tells me. I've got smooshy ice. I do like smooshy ice so I guess I can call him a friend.

  7. I keep tweezers in my desk at work so if those pesky chin hairs all of a sudden become noticeable while I'm stroking my chin thoughtfully, poof they're gone. Good light in my office, btw, oh and I have a mirror too.

  8. I can't believe I'm already at number eight. This isn't as hard as I thought or maybe you've stopped reading by now. Uh oh, I feel some performance anxiety coming on. Yes, I am that insecure. Confident but insecure.
  9. I've seen this new Dorito commercial (based on India) tonight about five six seven times. It's not that funny. I can't find anything about it on You Tube but I did find this fun video about Amazing India Traffic.

  10. I think that there is a finite number of categories that depict what people look like. Everyone is just a variation within that category. I haven't determined how many types there are but I'm thinking maybe 64. Have you ever noticed how a person sometimes looks generally like some one else you know? See? My point, exactly.

Tags to Gattina at WRITERS CRAMPS, Spikey when he's not oot & aboot with spikey, Happy and Blue 2, Pat from A View From Ivry!, Dackel Princess, and Trish from Incoherent~ish

How much do you love me now?

Thursday Thirteen - #80, me #30

If a Blog Falls

  1. Thinking I may take a break from blog world for a bit. It's becoming a bit too routine, and sometimes a bit of a chore.
  2. I spend way too much of my time at this here computer.
  3. Not to say that I don't lurve very much all the cool blogger friends I have met and love to know all that's going on.
  4. Let me re-emphasize that last point!!!!
  5. Maybe I just need to cut back on my bloglines a bit.
  6. Had a nice low key Valentine's Day. Hubby made some nice cheese canneloni with a rose sauce and salad. It was delish!
  7. Even though our winter started late, it has suddenly become really old fast, with all the cold weather and now more snow we're getting.
  8. How I wish I was able to go on a winter holiday to somewhere warm - just for a week.
  9. My sis is going to St. Martin next week. My running partner is going to Cuba next week. A tad envious here.
  10. I hope it doesn't snow and isn't too cold when we need to move my Dad out of his house next Wednesday. I've taken the day off work to help with that.
  11. My daughter has been taking Dexedrine for about two weeks now to help her with ADD. She says it helps her stay awake at school. I think she is able to focus a bit more in the evenings with homework. Waiting to see some marks come in next. Holy heck, her pupils are really big though when she is taking this stuff!!
  12. I've started a new blog, ICL Talks, just to ramble on about $hiT. I've yet to use it ~ much. Spending too much time reading other blogs. LOL!
  13. So if all goes to plan you will see less of me at your blog, but more of me above. Promises, promises ..... yada yada yada. What a freakin' boring 13. I should be kicked off the team. Laters, 'nets... much laters. Don't mean I don't love you. xoxo Smooches xoxox

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Beautiful Valentine

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Another music video today. This song was performed by Beyonce at the Grammys and is from the movie musical DREAMGIRLS. One of many great songs from the movie. Enjoy!

Manic Monday - Mr Sandman

It's kind of funny that I missed doing Manic Monday yesterday because I went to bed soon after I got home from work. I was soooooo tired. TMI, it was my first day of my 'p' and it wipes me out.

Do you have a regular bedtime routine that helps you get to sleep?

Yes, I fall over. Wait, that's not true, sometimes I get into bed first. Unless I fall asleep on the lazyboy first, which is then a real chore to get up from and brush my teeth. I am immediately back to sleep after that. Sometimes I think I do that when half asleep.

I guess watching or listening to the TV relaxes me and puts me to sleep.

On average, how many hours of sleep do you get each night?
7 but I really could do with 8.

How many hours do you actually require and/or like to have?

How do you deal with insomnia?
I get up and work or blog. Usually I have insomnia because something is bothering me about the amount of work I have to do so I just get on with it. If it is a personal stress then blogging takes my mind off it. I usually have the TV on in the background.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Not Ready to Make Nice ...

... but now I am.

I loved this song. It was like my theme song for a lot of last year. Oh that and Bad Day from Daniel Powter. I thought I had posted it on this blog but I can't find it. I know I had on my old MSN blog.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Share the Love

A few things ... first the finalists for the Share the Love Blog Awards are posted and ready for final voting. Not sure what the close date is so better do it now. I don't know too many of the blogs in the final list and was a little disappointed that other blogs I know and love did not advance on, however the following two did and I would like to put a plug in for them.

Best Humor - Oh the Joys
Happiest Blog - An Island Life - new blog design too!

I would also like to put in a plug for Goofy Girl, as she designed my site which was nominated for Best Design, plus her site was nominated for Happiest Blog and today is her birthday! Yay Heather! Show her some love!

I've been noticing a lot of sites have this Valentine thingy on them and not wanting to miss out on anything too exciting I've joined. Actually I found out you have to join to be able to send a Valentine so once I did I thought, ya, I could always use me some lovin'.

My Valentinr - irishchurchlady

Cousin Crosby

It's a little dark in some spots but here's a video of new cousin Crosby who came over to visit his cousins, Fergus and Daisy, for doggy socialization time yesterday. It was hard to keep up with the little critters tearing around the kitchen. Check out the cat on the chair taking all of the action in. Also the Fergmeister peeping in from outside ~ we put him out for a bit so just the two small dogs could play.

They had met before on Monday night at my sister's place but this was first time on our home turf.

Fergus (he's so smart) already knows Crosby's name.

Have a great Sunday internets!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Most bizarre

I crashed last night after what felt like a long week.

Didn't get my SPF up below until this morning, ya I cheated.

So since I fell asleep so early, I awoke early this morning but dozed off and on. I had bizarramundo dreams.

A family of cartoon bears were in them. The Dad kinda looked like Smokey the Bear. His family was there too. Except they all had clothes on kinda like the Berenstain Bears family. I wonder if I dreamt about this because I was reading a french version of the Mercer Mayers Critters kid's book , Scout Camp at the Chiro's office this week.

I actually understood it and had a great idea that maybe I could finally learn French if I just stuck to kids books.

Anyways there was other stuff in there about not getting accepted for graduate school (I'm not even trying to do this so where this came from I have no idea) because I was raped as a child (not true but I was molested) and because I forged my signature on something (not true ~ BTW how do you forge your own signature? LOL) so in the dream I was all in a huff about "how could they?" but I was also thinking about finally learning to windsurf and it was cool because the Smokey the Bear family had a nice sandy beach you could take off from. Oh joy, what the heck do these dreams mean or are they purely just for my brain's enjoyment while I whack off some sleep for the old bod???

Friday, February 09, 2007

Wear red Fridays

click on this pic to get to Kristine at Random and Odd to learn more about SPF See the red? spf (red) header stolen from my pal (red) Lisa

We have something in Canada wear they encourage you to wear red on Friday to support our troops in Afghanistan. I usually do, resulting in a diminishing Friday wardrobe. TG it's casual Friday's as well.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Entertainment Tonight

Wow! Did you catch this? Anna Nicole Smith Dead at 39.

Did Motherhood Kill Anna Nicole Smith?

Anna Nicole Smith Dies - Who Will Get Custody of Dannielynn?

I saw some footage from an interview on Entertainment Tonight tonight from last week and I thought she looked kind of rough.

It's definitely kind of strange, her grown son dying a few months ago and now her dying suddenly as well. New husband is a lawyer. Was there a prenuptual? Looking awfully suspicious.


On Carol's recommendation, I've checked out LAZYDORK. This is the first video I've found. Pretty cute. I'll go back and look at some more.


Don't forget to catch THE OFFICE at 8:30 EST!!

Tonight's episode - Phyllis' Wedding.

Leave your comments here about your favourite parts!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Happy Birthday Dad!!

82 Years!!

So here's the latest scoop. Dad had sold his house and was going to move in with us temporarily until he found a place.

Well he found a place! He's decided to rent an apartment in a highrise in our area.

He moves Feb 21. I guess he couldn't afford the rent I was going to charge him LOL!!!

So he was over for dinner and birthday cake tonight and he just left so I am settling in to blog and then catch AI at 9 p.m.

I started watching Lonely Girl videos a little while ago. They're all acted, I know that, but I enjoy them for now anyways.

Going to catch up now. I'm behind a few weeks.

Anyone else watch them?

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Middle Ear...I mean Earth

Found at Barbara H's blog:

To which race of Middle Earth do you belong?

Monday, February 05, 2007

Flow It, Show It- Hair, Hair, Hair!

Do you enjoy having your hair cut/styled? Love it! Absolutely love it! In fact I always get the 'all dressed up and no where to go syndrome" when I have my hair cut and don't have plans to do something afterwards.

So, as a matter of fact, I just had my haircut on Friday night at 6 p.m. so I made a date with the Pool Boy to go see a movie afterwards, which we did and saw Dreamgirls.

How often do you have your hair cut? about every 6 -7 weeks. Usually don't go longer unless I can't get an appointment.

Are you particular about what shampoo/conditioner/other hair products you use? Yes I am. I like to use the ones that are on sale. hee

What are your favorites? Herbal Essence, Pantene Prov-V, John Frieda

Do you think a man should accept his baldness or do the comb over/ toupee/Hair Club for men route? oh I absolutely hate the combovers and toupees, doesn't everyone? and I think bald is sexy. Ed Harris, Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel ... come to Mama.

What steps would you take if you started to lose your hair? i'd prolly try the bald look. I have thought about shaving it for charity before.


Speaking of hair, wanna know more about a breed of dog that doesn't shed?

Check out some shots of my sister's new 8 week old puppy, Crosby. He's a Miniature Goldendoodle. A Goldendoodle is a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Standard Poodle ~ that's what his mama is. His dada is a white Miniature poodle. He's from Wagging Heart Kennels.

~Hover over to see what they're thinking~

You're going to put me on the floor with those two dogs? And now you won't mind meeting Crosby.

Have I met you before?

Big Dog, Little Dog

We're plum tuckered out!!

Little Dog, Littler Dog

He even smells like a puppy!

We are a pack of non-shedding dogs now

Fergus ~ Crosby ~ Daisy

Standard Poodle left, Miniature Goldendoodle centre, Miniature Wirehaired Dachshund right

Good thing we don't live far away so we can get the dogs all together for socialization on a regular basis.

The cats just don't know what hit them. My sis has two. Of course they did not come out at all when we brought the two cousin dogs over.

And how was your Manic Monday?

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Pointless Drivel Radio

Button from Lynda ~ click it to get her
The second airing of Pointless Drivel Radio happened on Saturday Night at 7:30 EST and I was there. Well not there, but I was listening to it. Well not all of it but I did catch the list twenty minutes and IM'd with Tisha and Mr. Fab after the show.

Click here to go replay the shows. Blog Talk Radio ~ Pointless Drivel or to launch the show again next Saturday, same time ~ fun times peoples.

SOS - Sunday Only Speak ~ Spiritual gifts

I had seen this at Erica at Butterfly Kisses blog some time ago for the Shape of My Faith series (more info on this here Graced by Christ - What is the Shape of Your Faith?)

Spiritual gifts discovery survey

I had done the survey at the time back last November and recorded my results on Erica's blog.

The survey is easy to do, even if a little bit long. I encourage you to do it if you are interested in doing more in your spiritual journey but are not really sure where to start or what you are best to focus on.

My top gift was Faith followed closely by Discernment , Evangelism and Exhortation all rated equally. The results were kind of comforting in validating how I feel I am with respect to my spirituality because I do feel I have great faith.

My weakness is that I do not think I am always obliging in the eyes of god. Yes, I am a sinner. And a slow learner.

What are your spiritual gifts? How can you best utilize them? I am interested to hear your inputs to learn what gifts you have that are foreign to me (or the same) and how do you put them into play?

I find this topic can be quite fascinating, so please don't hold back. The quiz itself is quite thought provoking. Share it with your friends who may be interested....

....And have a great SuperBowl Sunday internetz!!


Saturday, February 03, 2007


Saw this movie last night and loved it!

If you like musicals you will love it. No kidding. I plan to get the soundtrack.

I'm sure you've seen the ads and trailers...stars Beyoncé, Eddie Murphy, Jamie Foxx and introducing Jennifer Hudson (from Season 3 American Idol). She did an amazing job, as did the rest of the cast. Murphy was great in this role, Beyoncé damn fine and even Jamie Foxx put on quite the performance. Danny Glover and Keith Robinson brought sentimentality and believability to their roles.

It is nominated for 8 Oscars. It's sure to pick up some or I'm not

Irish Church Lady.

Link to Dreamgirlsfans.blogspot.com

above blog worth checking out!

Friday, February 02, 2007


After a weeks hiatus (btw, who knew last week's was going to be a repeat? BOO HISS!!), THE OFFICE was back in fine form with a episode called BEN FRANKLIN. Click on the link and you will get a synopsis and some pics.

My favourite parts:
~ Jim hiring someone from the Scholastic Speakers of Pennsylvania instead of a stripper for Phyllis's party - so Jim!
~ Michael thinking Ben Franklin was one of the US Presidents - he's not, right?
~ the stripper telling Angela she liked her 'controversial' office photo of the babies with the jazz instruments and Angela having to reluctantly acknowledge the compliment.
~ Jan initially being annoyed at Michael's phone call that pulled her from a meeting but then being worried that something was wrong to back being mad and saying she should fire his a$$ for having a stripper in on company time and premises.
~ Michael being relieved that Jan just wants to fire him instead of dump him LMAO

OK the plot thickens. I thought Karen was going to be a goner but looks like Jim is doing the noble thing and trying to patch things up but maybe he actually really digs the two chicks! (We all know he loves Pam but can't seem to say goodbye to Karen). Yay Jim!! Don't blame him. I like them both too and if I was a lesbian I would be totally into them.

OK enough of my diatribe...what were your favourite parts?????

Stuff Portrait Friday ~ Button

Click here to get to SPF Meme Cute as a Button...

... and with the personality to go with it!

~a 1st cousin once removed~

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - #78, my #29

On Pat's blog A View from Ivry, I read that today - Feb 1st is for People are Participating in the biggest mobilization of Citizens Against Global Warming.

People all over the world will turn off their lights and electrical appliances on the first of February 2007, between 1:55 pm and 2:00 pm in New York, 18:55 for London, and 19h55 for Paris, Bruxelles, and Italy, 1:55pm in Ottawa, 10:55am on the Pacific Coast of North America.

This is not just about saving 5 minutes worth of electricity; this is about getting the attention of the media, politicians, and ourselves.

Five minutes of electrical down time for the planet: this does not take long, and costs nothing, and will show all political leaders that global warming is an issue that needs to come first and foremost in political debate.

Why February 1? This is the day when the new UN report on global climate change will come out in Paris.

In honour of this, I present my TT on ways to help with Global Warming. I've written a song on this and was hoping to get it videotaped and posted today but I'm still trying to memorize the words. So it'll have to come when you least expect it. LMAO!

  1. Replace a regular incandescent light bulb with a compact fluorescent light bulb (cfl). They're butt ugly but in cute way knowing that they're good stuff!

  2. Move your thermostat down 2° in winter and up 2° in summer - a programmable thermostat can really help with that.

  3. Clean or replace filters on your furnace and air conditioner - easy and makes a big difference!

  4. Choose energy efficient appliances when making new purchases ~ Look for the Energy Star label!

  5. Wrap your water heater in an insulation blanket! It'll look really cute and cuddly. Also set it's therostat no higher than 120 degrees Fahrenheit while your at it.

  6. Use less hot water by installing a low flow showerhead and wash your clothes in cold water.

  7. Use a clothesline instead of a dryer whenever possible - hmmmmmm - smells good too!

  8. Turn off electronic devices you’re not using. Simply turning off your television, DVD player, stereo, and computer when you’re not using them will save you thousands of pounds of carbon dioxide a year. Gee I really need to do that more!!!

  9. Unplug electronics from the wall when you’re not using them. Even when turned off, things like hairdryers, cell phone chargers and televisions use energy. Wow! Who knew that?????

  10. Wait until your dishwasher is full before running and use the energy-saving setting. Less # of times to empty too! he he

  11. Reduce / Reuse / Recycle - need I say more?

  12. Buy locally grown and produced foods, fresh foods instead of frozen. Frozen food uses 10 times more energy to produce.

  13. Reduce the number of miles you drive by walking, biking, carpooling or taking mass transit wherever possible. Can you avoid driving 10 miles every week?
Don't forget the 5 minutes for Global Warming Awareness and come back later for me Global Warming song!