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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Fergus Last Sunday at the Dog Park

Fergus, my puppy, had not been to the pit (aka dog run free park) in awhile. We cannot say the word "Pit" in our household unless we are getting our coats on to head out in the car to get there. We can't even spell it. P-I-T. He knows that too. We now say "T-I-P backwards" in our house if we are discussing a venture there. (Don't ask me why we don't say "TIP Backwards" - it must be because we went from PIT, to P-I-T, then to T-I-P backwards, we skipped by TIP Backwards, but because the word 'backwards' is in there, once he learns that, it will be unusable anyways. We will have to start calling it THE Gargoyle or something.

Oh yeah, and he did try to hump a few dogs. He's fixed but he tries to show his dominance by doing this. I thought because he hadn't been for awhile (months) that he would be more submissive. Not my Ferg. And in honour of this poor neglected doggy I'm playing Fergalicious by Fergie over at Irish and Loving It ~ The Video Blog

Have fun!


Fleur de Lisa said...

I love the video! Fergus is getting jiggy with a few doggies. LOL

It's great how you say it T-I-P backwards. My dog can spell W-A-L-K. Guess we need to use a code word now too. ;-)

Goofy Girl said...

Oh doggies and their need to dominate. Wolfie loves to hump other dogs too.

Fergus looks like he is having such a great time!!