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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

TTT or PYP - Part Huit

Please play by responding to this post with your answers or a link to your site. Inquiring minds want to know!

  1. Pick one or the other from each item below. Either state which applies most to you or state your preference. (if you're a lady and it's a guy thing, pick your preference ya da yada yada)
  2. If neither or both apply or you can't pick only one preference then for the sake of total wackiness you score a point. It's a game ppl. You need to score something right?!
  3. So you think you're doing all hot and stuff, rackin' up these points hee hee and then ICL hits you with the final rule. You have to subtract your points from 10. Then that is your final score.
  4. To see what your score means read below.
  5. Remember ~ Ya have to tell the truth (no lyin') and ya have to tell us your score so we can all laugh at (wit) you.

Let us begin ...

71..curl your tongue in a 'u' or wiggle your ears?

72..Spiders or Snakes?

73..Read music or play by ear?

74..sing or listen?

75..break a bone or cut yourself really bad?

76..summer or spring?

77..laughed and milk came out your nose or laughed and peed a bit?

78..believe in ghosts or believe in ESP?

79..muscular or lean?

80..sleep topless or bottomless?

So what's your score mean? Oh well, the infamous ICL is goin' to hafta dig down deep into me sorry a$$ed brain and figure that out now. Give me a second.

Ok, she gots it!

9-10 - Your da wild one, that's fer sure. And I wouldn't mind ye sleepin' in my bed. Oh did I say that out loud, now?

5 - 8 - You're in your element now and ya want to go play with your gnomes now!

0 - 4 - Ya got bad allergies and this just isn't fun anymore.

TMI Tuesday on Wednesday

Brought to us by LizzieDaisy. Oh go and check out her links to "When Girls Drink too much" It is hilarious and true and also the "Lego Rave" is cute! plus baby turtle pics!

1. Have you ever been nude/semi-nude in public (sunbathing/photoshoot/streaking...)? Yup topless sunbathing. That is all.

2. Have you ever had sex at your workplace? No but I've heard the stories of people on conference room tables! Not at my present workplace I might add.

3. Do you ask your partners to take an AIDS test or ask if they have? Was not necessary in my day. (Now I'm dating meself!) and I think the pool boy would be highly insulted if I asked him to now.

4. Ever tried a beer bong (scary...)? No, cute pic though.

5. Have you ever spread a rumor about your ex or ex's new gf/bf? No, thankfully.

Bonus (as in "optional"): What are your views about circumcision?? Unnecessary for babies. Why put them through that pain? In some extreme circumstances it may be medically recommended in older children, adults. I say deal with it at that time if that happens because it's very rarely medically necessary.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Manic Monday (I'm late!)

Brought to you by Lisa Play along.
1. Have you ever listened in on a private conversation?
Not intentionally

2. Have you ever purposely taken a walk in the rain?
Not intentionally

3. Have you ever avoided doing something because of a superstition?
Yes sometimes, but I'm not sure I believe any superstitions I can think of - black cat, ladder, umbrella, step on a crack. Send me some that I might not have thought of and I'll let you know. Oh one superstition that I certainly hope is not true is breaking a mirror and getting 7 years bad luck. I break mirrors all the time, but not intentionally, of course. (See a pattern here?)

4. Have you ever been on the radio?
No. I've often thought about calling into the open talk shows but I'm too shy. So if I ever end up on the radio it will be of course, not intentionally.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Hey I have a new Guestmap!

Please post your pin on my guestmap to let me know you visited here. You can do this by clicking on image on the sidebar at the right that looks like this.

Many thanks!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Poor Taylor

Bet you thought this post was goin' to be about Taylor Hicks from AI, ay? I love Ben Stiller (he's such a goof!) and me daughter has just introduced me to Jack Johnson. I'm likin' 'is music. Hope you do too!

Embedding of YouTube video is disabled by Universal but you can watch it by going to www.youtube.com and searching on Jack Johnson - Taylor

What American City Would I best like to live in?

American Cities That Best Fit You::
70% Austin
65% Miami
65% Seattle
55% Atlanta
55% Honolulu

Seems appropriate for me.

What about you?

Saturday, May 27, 2006


Me rock

I will give of the fountain of the water of life freely to him who thirsts. (Revelation 21:6)

Saturday Photo Scavenger HUNT

May 27 - Red White & Blue (In Honor of Memorial Day)

My husband's birthday is September 11. We have an American Flag that we now put out on our lawn on July 4th and September 11th. One year after the WTC events, was his 50th birthday. Here is the picture with the flag and the lawn decorated with animals (elephants, pigs, skunks, frogs, cows, penguins) in honour of his 50th.

We are Canadian.

Friday, May 26, 2006


This week our pictures are to be of:
1. Your travel bag.
2. Your ground.
3. Something you are powerless to.

Go and see Kristine
to see what inspired her to pick these things
and tell her if you play.

Lately, this has been my daily travel bag to and from work instead of my wheeler briefcase. I've been riding my bike some days and I need this for it and it's a bother to keep transferring things back and forth between this and my briefcase so I mostly have been sticking with me lovely Roots knapsack.

It's pictures like this that keep me grounded (and it's a picture of the ground!!). It's hard to fathom sometimes how such an awesome world was created.

I am powerless to the light. He is the way, the light and the world.

JOHN 8:12:12. Then JESUS said unto them "I Am The Light Of The World: He that follows me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life."

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Me shoes an' I'm have Nekkid

So these are me shoes received from my #1 daughter (oldest not favouritest, ICL does not play favourites) for Mama's Day, you may recognize them. And those are me painted toenails from me pedi received from #2 daughter for the same said Mama's Day. Why did I get them painted green? To go with me shoes a'course. Plus green is ICL's favourite colour (have I said favourite enough in this blog I wonder? That's the Canajan favourite a'course 'cause that's the way I was taught!). OH, me new toe ring! Well the one on the right foot is me new one, purchased at me #1's feis a few weeks ago. Had to move the one from that toe over to the third one on me left foot.

So I'd like to thank youse all for comin' out to see me feets! And I hope youse have a happy "Have Nekkid Thursday" all the same.



P.S. Me wrist is doin' much better, thanks for askin'. Afta me fall off me bike, me 'usband wants to cut me off. Oh not from bikin', gawd no! No, no, no, not from me whiskey. 'e wants to cut me off from bloggin'. Ya, that's what I said! Can you believ'em? I said no way in hell and by the way wot's that got ta do wit it? An' 'e said "By gawd, woman! You were thinkin' 'bout yur blog when you fell off yer bike! Ya told me so. That's why I want 'cha to quit bloggin'." An I said "Alright then, I may have been thinkin' about me blog when I fell off me bike. But it was that time you were playin' pool boy and we were goin' at it in the pool remember?" An 'e said "Keep bloggin'".

Photo Ferrits

this week's word:


Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Feel like the Doodle looks tonight

worn out and need some TLC. I fell off me bike again today.

"Jaysus, that's the 3rd time this month church lady!"

Well, I know. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to put some whiskey in my koffee as I said I would because I was trying to suppress all those blasted memories that Lizzie made me dig up. Anyways I bunged me wrist and I have a big blue bruise on me thigh and they both hurt like the dickens!

Hubby says no bike t'morrow. He's going to drive me to work since I lost me license.

"Oh, that's nothing to joke about church lady!".

Oh sure it is because it's not true. Plus you know I would never hurt another living soul ('cept for meself, a'course)

Oh and if you were sick of hearing The Pharcyde Ya Mama I have another motherly treat for you in honour of Mother's Day Month. Let's just say it grows on ya!

Tell the Truth or Pick your Preference - Part Sept

Wanna play?

Respond here or post on your blog and let us know you did so we can go see.

Here's how we play dis game:

  1. You must pick one or the other from each item below. Either state which applies most to you or state your preference. (if you're a lady and it's a guy thing, pick your preference ya da yada yada)
  2. If neither or both apply or you can't pick only one preference then for the sake of total wackiness you score a point. It's a game ppl. You need to score something right?!
  3. So you think you're doing all hot and stuff, rackin' up these points hee hee and then ICL hits you with the final rule.
  4. You have to subtract your points from 10. Then that is your final score.
  5. To see what your score means (As always, the score result you end up with is based on a very scientifical study ~ I'll let you know about it when I find it somewhere in my head, 'k) read below.
  6. Ya have to tell the truth (no lyin') and ya have to tell us your score so we can all laugh at (wit) you.
  7. So on with the show ...

61..smoked or barbequed? (For you Texans this may be difficult 'cause I think you think they're the same thing)
62..DVD or movie theatre?
63..thongs or bikini?
64..country or rock?
65..honey or jam?
66..country or city?
67..oral or anal (sex)?
68..Brangelina or TomKat?
69..fireworks or bumper cars?
70..Bush or Harper?

Oh I know that last one's gonna stump a few of ya? Let's see what you come up with? LOL. Some of you may even see yourselves in why I picked these topics this week. (Not to mention any names ha ha hee hee)

Ya so I love messin' wit ppls heads. I hope you enjoy readin' about them ~ ppl and their heads! So what's your score mean?

"Please tell us Church Lady!"

9-10 - You don't give a f what other ppl think!
5 - 8 - You can blab with the best of 'em!
0 - 4 - You like your variety or maybe you don't give a f what other ppl think!

All who play are kewl! hee hee

no piccy today, I'm not givin' any hints!

Way Back Wednesday - I played today!

From TKW Play along!

It's history! Looking for shots of you at a historical site or monument...bonus points for anyone in a red, white and blue one-piece terry sunsuit with a bowl cut...

OK I could play this week because I have a picture of me boobs when I was kissing the Blarney Stone! It doesn't really do 'em justice, I must say! Oh and I think I actually kissed the Bloggin' Blarney Stone and it does work, I must say too!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

TMI Tuesday

Tell Lizzie "I played, Lizzie"

1. Which is more important of the two in "chemisty," physical attractiveness or sexual performance?
2. Would you rather have sex with someone who is a good with their mouth (in every sense) but small (flat chested or teenie penie), or a bad with their mouth but well endowed?
3. Do you prefer natural tastes or flavored lubes?
4. Have you ever been scared the first time you kissed someone that you might never kiss them again?
5. Do you play music, tv, or other noise in the background when you have sex?
Bonus (as in "optional"): Most embarrassing sexual moment? (that was cruel wasn't it?)

1. Physical attractiveness

2. da mouth

3. natural

4. no

5. sometimes, it depends what's on when the situation 'arises'

Bonus: Funny, I can't remember. I'm sure there has been some but it's the kind of thing you push out of your memory. I'll come back and update this post when it comes back to me.

Monday, May 22, 2006

How I spent my Vickie Day Weekend

Went to Sis#1 for family dinner

My niece was real purdy
Went for a cold and windy bike ride.

Saw some cows on said bike ride

Pulled weeds in the garden (no pics - bad weeds!)
Watered plants
Mowed the lawn (ok pool boy did it but it was on my list so it counts) Shit, I should have done a before and after. You would have LOL the lawn was such a mess
Threw out some crap
Cleaned my tub (but it's still on crack)
Did laundry (ok past tense is not really appropriate here) doing laundry (3 loads down ... 2 to go).

OK well in between all of the above I blogged, walked dogs, slept, played with pool boy (come on it's almost TMI Tuesday!) and generally tried to make the most of a cold and rainy Victoria Day weekend which is highly unusual as I recall. I'm usually out planting flowers all weekend. But this year it's too cold and I'm pacing myself due to lower back problems, doing stuff in small spurts. I did manage to capture the one minute when the clouds parted and let us see some blue sky. That was a good thing!

'kay so go to the Poopie List Link below for more shits 'n giggles. Oh behave!

The Poopie List

Go check out The POOPIE LIST on The Naked Nerd's site.

2 funi 2b mist!

(¯`'•.¸(¯`'•.¸A Lizzie Quizzie!¸.•'´¯)¸.•

From Fun Lizzie Tell her if you played 'kay.

1) Do you panic when people come over and feel the need for your home to be "perfect?" kinda
2) On a scale from 1-10, how organized are you? 6, would like to be more
3) Have you ever played laser tag? Paintball? Sadly, nope
4) How many bottles of wine are in your house right now? Liquor? Cases of beer? probably about 10 bottles, fair bit of different liquor in the liquor cabinet but generally don't drink much of it (only for when company is over), no cases, just some european bottles in the bar fridge downstairs
5) Have you ever tried "Eastern" methods of medicine or other "alternative" methods? Not that I can remember. Hubby and daughter have done acupuncture.
6) What is your desktop picture? Screensaver? See here for a picture of me desktop. Screensaver, not active. Thanks for reminding me.
7) Who put on the best concert you've ever been to? Phil Collins
8) How many songs do you have in iTunes (or other mp3 organizer)? About how many cds do you own? None for former, cd's about 30.
9) What is your favorite piece of computer software? my camera software
10) Why did the chicken cross the road?
The Tim Hortons was on the other side.

Bet you were wondering how many Tim Hortons there are in Canada and the US?

There are 2,610 in Canada and 293 in the US.

Click on the Tim Hortons website to see their latest commercial based on a true story


Manic Monday

1. If, like the milk or the newspaper, you could have anything delivered to your front doorstep each and every day, what would it be?
Supper I'm sick of cooking. Pool Boy does most of it now. I think I got fed up of too many dinners when the kids complained that they didn't like what I made. BRATS!

2. If you could have your voice sound like any other person, living or alive, who would that be and why?

Megan Mullally when she plays Karen Walker in Will and Grace. LOL I find her so funny. I loved the clip that they showed last Thursday night before the final episode when she and Jack are inhaling helium from balloons and then talking. When she takes her swig and then talks she sounds exactly the same and they both laugh like crazy. Too funny!

3. Which month of the year do you think best describes your personality?
July ~ sometimes lazy sometimes busy ... parties , bbq's, excitment. Usually hot, some storms. Work and then play.

Did you play? Tell Fleur de Lisa if you did.

Today's not such a Manic Monday for me because it's holiday! YAY! Victoria Day. In Canada, we celebrate the birthday of a past queen of England. I think she was Queen Elizabeth's Grandmother.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Silly Survey Results

So I took a Silly Survey back on May 7.
Boy was I silly. I had only up to 10 days to get the results for free. Now I gotta pay. Not doin' it. So here's the results I had collected after a few days based on 5 responses. Turns out there were 10 visits and 8 responses. Sorry I missed the other 3, dang! Know for next time. (Oh ya, also missed picking up the comments when I grabbed these) Sorry!

In terms of your political opinions and voting, do you consider yourself:
A little left of center - 1 20%
Middle of the road - 0 0%
Conservative - 2 40%
Not interested in politics at all - 1 20%
Vote depending on the issues - 1 20%
I prefer not to answer this question on the grounds it may incriminate me - 0 0%

2. What form of art most moves you?
Dance 0 0%
Film/Movies 2 40%
Music 3 60%
Painting 1 20%
Photography 1 20%
Sculpture 1 20%
Writing 3 60%
Artsy Fartsy stuff 1 20%
I have a friend named Art 1 20%
Other, Please Specify 1 20%

What kind of true leaders or luminaries does the world need more of today?
Academic 1 20%
Heroines 2 40%
Heroes 2 40%
Political 1 20%
Religious 1 20%
Spiritual 1 20%
People like me 0 0%
People like my dog 2 40%
Other, Please Specify 1 20%

What kind of movies do you prefer?
Animated 0 0%
Comedy 4 80%
Documentary 2 40%
Drama 4 80%
Futuristic 0 0%
Historical 2 40%
Romance 1 20%
Special effects 0 0%
Spy 1 20%
Thriller 1 20%
Sci-fi 1 20%
That other kind not yet mentioned (hee!) 0 0%
Other, Please Specify 1 20%
(but they didn't)

Now I'm gonna make you really think! If the world could be improved by one thing, what would that be? Please briefly state then describe below.

5 Responses (like I said, I did not capture these at the time)

If you could become someone else for a short period, who would you most like to be? Please briefly state and then provide reasons for your selection. (Not allowed to say yourself, 'kay?)

5 Responses (ditto, from above)

If you had to choose to live in a different era than now, what would it be?

5 Responses (ditto, from above ... aw and they were really good!)

Pick your favourite from the list below
Apples 0 0%
Bugs Bunny 0 0%
Chocolate 2 40%
Dogs 2 40%
Elephants 1 20%
Funny Movies 0 0%
Go Karting 0 0%

Thanks for those who did the survey. Sorry for the (lack of) results. I'll try not to screw up so bad next time!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

More about moi

New post on 103 Things about me with a new music video hee!

Plus if you missed Y 2 Blogs? It's linked there too! You may get special mention!

Happy Saturday!

Saturday Photo Scavenger HUNT

Grab the Scavenger Hunt code.Photo Theme. Join the blogroll. Visit participants.

First time playing this week!
It was an easy one FLOWERS ~ in honour of Mother's Day

Me Granddog in me bed

me language

Just wakin' up an' havin' me coffee so I thought I would share some ICL terminology with you.

In case I ever comment on your blog (which I always do, after I visit ~ I'm a sociable Irish Church Lady (a.k.a. blabber), here's what I really mean with me lingo~ in order of increasing impact (I might add).

  1. neat - 70's style. Hay like ya know, that's really neat!
  2. cool - ya it's neat but also pretty cool too!
  3. groovy - wow! rocks my world ... and if it's got a 'baby' attached to it, as in "Groovy, baby!" in the manner of Austin Powers (to which I've become accustomed), it's pretty sexy too!
  4. kool - wow! Way neat and cool. Like cool but stepped up a notch.
  5. awesome - ya, that thing you did or said or posted or blabbed ... wow it's totally groovy and neat and kool rolled into one.
  6. kewl - okay normally I just save this for when I'm 'chattin' (IM) with my nieces and nephews 'cause that's what they say. But if ICL uses it on her blog or blog comments then that means you really had an impact on me. Took me back to my childhood, or made me LMBFAO ('k it's not that fat, but it's a little on the bigsy size ~ ghetto booty, as my kids call it!)

'k enough blabbed for now. They're probably be more some day. Need to get me more koffee now (that's coffee that tastes really good while you haven't reached your required level of kaffeine absorption yet). I'm a druggie, I know.

(yes I know it's a freakin' Kristmas Koffee mug! But it's big ain't it?! See the doggie in my bed?)

Friday, May 19, 2006


Kristine over at RandomandOdd wants use to provide 3 pictures inspired by Wave of Modulation. "She takes my breath away. Not only with her pictures, but her words that are so real, raw and soul squeezing. This week…it’s about WoM."

1. Something Discarded
2. Lay down on the ground and find something ugly and make it beautiful.
3. Take a picture in the style of the person that inspires you.
#3 is wide open - meaning if you took a picture that you wouldn’t have normally taken, but you thought, ‘hey so-in-so would love this’. Share with us your inspirations!!

1. Something Discarded - somebody's lunch at a business meeting in France.

They bring beer and wine in for these conference room luncheons ~ did ya know! Oh yeah, the dog. Well there's a funny story about Orlaine. She is a seeing eye dog for the guy who works at the reception / phone desk. She smelled the food and came up the stairs to check it out. We all kinda freaked out when all of a sudden there was this big German Shepherd walking into the meeting room ~ especially us Canucks and 'mericans who didn't even know there was a seeing eye dog in the building. Once we heard who she was we laughed and I took a lot of pictures. This isn't a good one of the dog, but you can see she was surfing the tables looking for scraps. I do have a picture of her riding down in the glass elevator back down to the main floor. I took her down. I'm an animal lover!

2. Lay down on the ground and find something ugly and make it beautiful. This is the raindrops on my deck after a whole week of non-stop rain. Weekend is not looking like it's going to be any better. Now that's ugly! I'm goin' to ride my bike to work today anyways. They're forecasting more showers in the afternoon ~ hubby says he'll come and pick me up if necessary.

3. Take a picture in the style of the person that inspires you.

I liked the contrast of the green black sea and the red boat in this picture. When I took it I was trying to copy a style that I had seen where most of the picture is of something fairly innocuous but there is something eye catching in a remote portion of the picture. Not sure what that style is called. Do you??

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Tell the Truth or Pick Your Preference - Part Six

I can't believe we've already done fifty choices.

OK I will remind the returning players and for the benefit of the newcomers how this works. You must pick one or the other from each item below. Either state which applies most to you or state your preference. If neither or both apply to you then for the sake of silliness you score a point. (Hold on - Points are bad)!

At the end you figure out your total score by subtracting your points from 10. Okey dokey?

As always, the score result you end up with is based on a very scientific survey (I'll give you the link when I find it in my head, 'k)

Ya and tell us your score / results or we have to figure it out.

51..soup or salad?
52..boxers or briefs?
53..pushup bra or pull in the reinforcements?
54..money or kicks?
55..blog or snooze?
56..escargots or frogs legs?

57..next purchase or last purchase?
58..funny silly or funny smutty?
59..Christmas or Easter?
60..turkey or ham?

What got me on to those last two I dunno.

'k so what's your score mean? You're dying to know! "Oh I love your scientific survey's Church Lady! Please tell me!"

9-10 - You've got class but can get down 'n dirty with the best of 'em.
5 - 8 - The power of suggestion always works. Let's all sing now "Feliz Navidad, Feliz Navidad"
0 - 4 - Je ne sais pas. Je ne m'inquiète pas. There's a doggy in my bed.

Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

TMI Tuesday

Tell Lizzie if you play, 'kay

1. Can you be in love with someone you don't trust?
Can I? I don't think so. I think I would lose the love if I lost the trust. Could the trust be earned back? Probably, but it would take awhile. My opinion only: If you say you still love someone who you don't trust you are just being needy and clingy.

2. If someone shoves you up against a wall while kissing you, your reaction is?
Is my husband looking? ha ha

3. Would you rather have a partner who has been around the block or a virgin?
Virgin, virgin, virgin, 1000 times virgin. Did I say virgin? I think it would be wonderful to share the sexual experience only with your partner and keep it sacred between you too.

4. On a scale from 1-10, how controlling are you?
On things important to me 8, on things I don't care about 1. On average, 4.5.

5. The old Dear Abby question... if you had to pick between kissing/affection/cuddling or sex/sexual touching and could only have one for the rest of your life, which would you pick?
Kissing / affection / cuddling - I need that more than SEX, but I'm sure glad they do go together!

Bonus (as in "optional"): Have you ever told someone they were good in bed when they weren't?
I don't remember but I might have when I was younger and goofier.

Sign me
Older and wiser Church Lady

Monday, May 15, 2006

Manic Monday

Brought to you by Fleur de Lisa. Let her know if you played, 'kay.

1.What punctuation mark best describes your personality?
Easy it's !
I reread my posts and emails to make sure I haven't put too many because I sometimes wonder if I overuse it even though that's they way I feel when I do.

2.What famous person are you told you most resemble? If so inclined, go here and find out what famous person this site matches you with, based on your uploaded photo.

So I submitted a lot of different photos and each one came up with someone different. Sometimes even guys! LOL Here are some of the ones I remember: Isabelle Huppert, Donald Rumsfeld, Drew Barrymore and Helen Hunt.
I'll take Isabelle.

3. Have you ever gone on a blind date?
Yes, I have been on 2 or 3 blind dates. My hubby was a blind date that worked!

4. Are you the descendant/relative of anyone famous?

Not really but I am kind of fascinated that my Dad's uncle was the steward at the Oxford Union which is a private debating society in the city of Oxford, whose membership is drawn primarily from the University of Oxford. It was founded in 1823 and gained a worldwide reputation for the cut and thrust of its debate, proving a valuable training ground for many future British politicians. His name was Harry Bird and he was Steward (manager of operations) from the 1920's to 1950's. My Dad used to go there for holidays in the summer months and stay with his aunt and uncle who had no children but had two Kerry Blue Terrier dogs. I have pictures of me and my Mom taken in front of this building here when we went to England on holidays and also of the inside. I'll have to go find them and post them later.

Happy Monday!