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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Feel like the Doodle looks tonight

worn out and need some TLC. I fell off me bike again today.

"Jaysus, that's the 3rd time this month church lady!"

Well, I know. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to put some whiskey in my koffee as I said I would because I was trying to suppress all those blasted memories that Lizzie made me dig up. Anyways I bunged me wrist and I have a big blue bruise on me thigh and they both hurt like the dickens!

Hubby says no bike t'morrow. He's going to drive me to work since I lost me license.

"Oh, that's nothing to joke about church lady!".

Oh sure it is because it's not true. Plus you know I would never hurt another living soul ('cept for meself, a'course)

Oh and if you were sick of hearing The Pharcyde Ya Mama I have another motherly treat for you in honour of Mother's Day Month. Let's just say it grows on ya!


whispers of the morning said...

Your puppy is so cute!

Hope you're ok from your fall. A few months ago I was going to show my husband I could ride a motorcyle, well I fell and put a nice beauty mark on my leg, almost hit the house and now I just ride with him instead.

Stay safe and have a good day!

AlRo said...

Uhh.. y'ouch?!

See? NOW'S THE TIME for that whiskey!

[Mat] said...

How about a beer?

R said...

You may want to consider knee pads, however, in some circles this can get you some strange looks.

I am considering getting a helmet (w/mouthguard) for myself. I will decorate it with glitter glue and stickers.

Teena said...

That'll teach ya! No more drinkin' and drivin'!! Ha!!

LizzieDaisy said...

*:) That's a kiss on your forehead. Poor baby.

I remember bike riding with this really cool girl who was ahead of me in high school (noone knew me cause I was a private grade school girl, had no friends) and wanting to make a good impression. Got my bike tire stuck in the crack in the middle of the cement street... it stayed and I flew off between my handle bars. Ah... great first impression. Don't much remember talking to her after that. LOL.

Hope your day gets better!

Wethyb said...

Awww, hope you're okay!!! I could use some lovin' myself :)

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Thanks for the cheer up guys! My wrist is feeling much better (still sore but better) and my bruise is turning to a beautiful shade of purple and is no longer raised. Hee. Life is wonderful. I think I can go back on me bike tomorra!