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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Tell the Truth or Pick your Preference - Part Sept

Wanna play?

Respond here or post on your blog and let us know you did so we can go see.

Here's how we play dis game:

  1. You must pick one or the other from each item below. Either state which applies most to you or state your preference. (if you're a lady and it's a guy thing, pick your preference ya da yada yada)
  2. If neither or both apply or you can't pick only one preference then for the sake of total wackiness you score a point. It's a game ppl. You need to score something right?!
  3. So you think you're doing all hot and stuff, rackin' up these points hee hee and then ICL hits you with the final rule.
  4. You have to subtract your points from 10. Then that is your final score.
  5. To see what your score means (As always, the score result you end up with is based on a very scientifical study ~ I'll let you know about it when I find it somewhere in my head, 'k) read below.
  6. Ya have to tell the truth (no lyin') and ya have to tell us your score so we can all laugh at (wit) you.
  7. So on with the show ...

61..smoked or barbequed? (For you Texans this may be difficult 'cause I think you think they're the same thing)
62..DVD or movie theatre?
63..thongs or bikini?
64..country or rock?
65..honey or jam?
66..country or city?
67..oral or anal (sex)?
68..Brangelina or TomKat?
69..fireworks or bumper cars?
70..Bush or Harper?

Oh I know that last one's gonna stump a few of ya? Let's see what you come up with? LOL. Some of you may even see yourselves in why I picked these topics this week. (Not to mention any names ha ha hee hee)

Ya so I love messin' wit ppls heads. I hope you enjoy readin' about them ~ ppl and their heads! So what's your score mean?

"Please tell us Church Lady!"

9-10 - You don't give a f what other ppl think!
5 - 8 - You can blab with the best of 'em!
0 - 4 - You like your variety or maybe you don't give a f what other ppl think!

All who play are kewl! hee hee

no piccy today, I'm not givin' any hints!


Cat. said...

I scored myself a half-point on one question...but I really scored an 8. ;-)

Have a great Weds.!

The Kept Woman said...


OK...I'm not sure on the scoring thing. I think I have 9 points...cute game!!

[Mat] said...

63.thongs and bikini! (1 point)
65.neither. hate sugar (1 pt)
70.none of the above - remember monthy brewster?

So... 8 points. I can blab with the best of 'em!

Good day irish!

Fleur De Lisa said...

I blabbed, but I forgot to score myself!

AlRo said...

61..smoked or barbequed? -BBQ ALL THE WAY!!

62..DVD or movie theatre? - hmm.. good one! BOTH - (1pt)
63..thongs or bikini? - Bikini - thongs wouldn't last with me..

64..country or rock? - NO BRAINER - ROCK & ROLL *cue Highway to Hell*

65..honey or jam? - Honey
66..country or city? - City (seeing a pattern here?)

67..oral or anal (sex)? - Oral - mine is definately exit only sweetie)

68..Brangelina or TomKat? - AlDeb? (1pt)
69..fireworks or bumper cars? - Fireworks.
70..Bush or Harper? - Harper - only cuz i think he's smarter and more cunning!

so that's only 2 points.. so i can blab with the best... man ain't that the truth..

Oooh.. I put up my Capcoms .. two very funny ones!

R said...

What has happened to my brain?

I subtracted 10 from my score (4), leaving me with -6.

Naturally, I assumed that everyone else had read the instructions wrong.

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Cat ~ no half points allowed! I make the rules ok? 'course if you don't give a f what ppl think. Congratulations! 8.5 Well done!

TKW ~ ' kay so now I'm curious, #67 you don't like giving or receiving? I give, so I can receive. There's a reason for that but that's another blog. Actually he likes giving so I'm a TBW ~ Totally Blessed Woman!

Mat ~ no I don't remember monthly Brewster. Did I miss somethin' or was that B4 ICL? And yup, you can blab. You kissed the blabbin' blarney too ay?

Lisa ~ you got 8 which is 1 better than me. You're making me use my freakin' accounting degree!

Alro ~ AlDeb - how sweet of you to conjoin my name with yours!! blush ... Just for that I'm gonna give you a virtual flash my boobs ** ... like the tassels?!! ... ooooh ... you were talkin' about L'il Deb? ... down girl ... got carried away there ...

r ~ You can only go up from here. I'm comin' to see yours next.

First it's my turn to blab

62..I prefer theatre but mostly get stuck with only watchin' DVD's -1
63..both -1
67..oral absolutely ... the other is just nasty to me
68..neither -1 but I hate TomKat more
70..Harper ... Valley PTA

('k I just had to add that) hee

Thanks to all new and returning players! Tell your friends, especially the graphically gifted ones. I need a graphic for my game but I think I may be graphically challenged ... or I just don't GAF!

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Oops, Lisa that may be against my code of ethics. Eeeeks! We'll keep it our little secret ok? wink wink

LizzieDaisy said...

62..movie theatre (no kids)
68..gag (-1)
70..Bush (Who the f*ck is Harper? And you didn't say GW... ha... so I pick his wife, she rocks. I'd pick my own bush but... ah, that's TMI and that was two days ago. Hee.)

Nine. Not so bad.

Irish Church Lady :) said...

LMAO Lizzie!