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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Way Back Wednesday - I played today!

From TKW Play along!

It's history! Looking for shots of you at a historical site or monument...bonus points for anyone in a red, white and blue one-piece terry sunsuit with a bowl cut...

OK I could play this week because I have a picture of me boobs when I was kissing the Blarney Stone! It doesn't really do 'em justice, I must say! Oh and I think I actually kissed the Bloggin' Blarney Stone and it does work, I must say too!


The Kept Woman said...

Hey! I recognized this right away!!

The memories you brought back with those feis pictures below were great! One nice thing about living in the north now are that Irish dance is more prevalent and I'm hoping my girls will be interested when the time comes!

Cheers and thanks for playing!!

Fleur De Lisa said...

What a hilarous picture! So it does indeed work?! If anyone would know, it would be you, ICL! ;-)

Jana said...

So cool!

I played!

Cheeky said...

GREAT pic!!!

Tammy said...

That's great!!

Happy WBW!