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Monday, September 11, 2006

9/11/01 - A tribute to Michael Francis Lynch

OK so I tried to join up for the 2996 too late. All of the victims were assigned. (TG)
So I am making my own tribute to
Firefighter Michael Francis Lynch

source Michael Lynch Memorial Foundation

I have chosen Michael, not because he deserves to be remembered more than anyone else. I have chosen him only because he is related to a close family member. Even though I didn't know him, my mother knew his brother, another Fred Lynch, and family and his parents. We waited prayed and anxiously awaited for news of him those days and weeks, and prayed even when hope was gone, for his family and all the victims of 9/11.

source Michael Lynch Memorial Foundation

He was the nephew of my Uncle Fred, in Tralee Co. Kerry Ireland, with whom I am very close. Uncle Fred is my mother's sister's husband (my aunt's husband). I've shown him in pictures before. He is such a wonderful man, and knowing him and from what I have heard about his brother Jack, and his large family based in New York, Michael must have been the same. "Cut from the same cloth" as we say.

Michael Lynch, died along with 342 other firefighters at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. He loved his work and was permanently assigned to Ladder 32, Engine 62, also known as the "Gun Hill Gang" in The Bronx, New York, however for a few months before 9/11 he was temporarily assigned to Engine 40, Ladder 35 on the Upper Westside of Manhattan.

Michael was last seen entering WTC Building 4 at the corner of Church and Liberty Streets with other firefighters from Engine 40. This event was captured by a news cameraman which helped in identifying where and what happened to the twelve out of thirteen firefighters from E40/L35 that perished. They were headed to the lobby of Tower 2 and were in the South Tower when it fell.

When Michael's body was finally recovered on March 21, 2002, the Medical Examiner determined he was either carrying a woman or shielding her with his coat. Their remains were mingled. The family hopes that someday they will learn her identity.

The family has set up The Michael Lynch Memorial Foundation - a scholarship program which provides grants to enable children of firefighters and other victims of the September 11 attacks and other fires and disasters to afford higher education.

Further information, pictures and a Guestbook can be found at the link above.

Contained herein is a quote from Jack Lynch, Michael's father about the Ground Zero memorial

Take Back the Memorial - First Responders say no to Underground Memorial

Firefighter, Fisherman and Family Peachmaker - no wonder his middle initial was "F"
from FallenBrothers.com

Before I go close this tribute, I would like to share with you a poem and some pictures.

This wonderful poem was written by Michael's nephew, son of sister Maureen Lynch Baker.

A Poem, By Ryan Baker, Age 10
January, 22, 2003

You are my uncle
Bright, brave, and strong
You are my uncle
Always there when something's wrong

You were a fireman
Helping out wherever you went,
You didn't need superpowers,
Like superman a.k.a. Clark Kent
You were a great fisherman.
You helped me catch a 15-pounder
And it made us all laugh
When Grandpa Jack only caught a bass

But when some towers collapsed
You had to put your gear onThis time,
unfortunately, the last.

You have died with honor
Never to walk again

You were my uncle
Now dead and gone
But in my heart,
I know you will live on.

And a great picture of Michael as a boy which I find so cute and cool.

Michael's Uncle Fred, Auntie Annette and my Mother, Margaret

at Wine Strand, Co. Kerry, July 2004

My mother passed on June 2005.
I like to think she is with Michael now.

Did you know that there were 3 Michael Lynch's killed that day?
Another firefighter, Michael F. Lynch, WTC, Firefighter, Ladder 4, New Hyde Park
Michael Lynch, WTC, Broker, Cantor Fitzgerald, New York, NY
Click on these links to see list of September 11 victims and more on 2996



Anonymous said...

What a very nice tribute! I'm glad you participated even though it was full

Mine is up.

Lazy Lightning said...

All of these tributes make me happy and sad at the same time. Sad for obvious reasons, and happy that these men and women are being remembered so kindly, even by those who didn't know them.

Anonymous said...

I think, even though all victims 'were assigned', it is important for blogging community to remember those who are fallen, but not forgotten.
Your tribute to Michael is beautiful and very personal to you and your family. Thank you for sharing.
Blessings to your Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing such a great tribute and story about your firefighter. I think we are only now starting to comprehend what we all lost on that day...

Maribeth said...

He look slike such a sweet and caring man. How sad that he was taken from us so early in his life.

Anonymous said...

It's never too late to honor someone, and that is certainly what you did here, ICL. You should be pleased and proud of what you've done here. It is so moving and special.

Mr. Fabulous said...

What a great job. It has been overwhelming to read so many great posts and tributes...

Kami said...

What a great smile! ANd I love the picture of him as a little boy.

Anonymous said...

Both of your tributes are beautiful. The poem written by Ryan had me in tears. So sweet and wonderful!

Norma said...

These are both wonderful tributes. It is very sad to think of the lost years these families will have.

Gracie said...

*hugs* to your family...and Michael's.

Wonderful tribute, ICL.

Carmen said...

i heard this morning that 1 in 5 people knew someone that perished. What a beautiful tribute.

Ardice said...

This is a truly wonderful tribute to Michael. Thanks for letting us get to know him. God Bless...

Suzanne R said...

I am touched by both of your tributes, and saddened that you lost a special member of your family, Michael. Hugs to you and prayers for your family.

YellowRose said...

Such beautiful tributes! So many heros, Michael being one of them! Thanks for sharing your family with us.

mist1 said...

I'm late. Beautiful tribute.