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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Foto Pherrets

Hello, all of you pherrets out there!

It's Wednesday, or hump day if you prefer, and you know what that means!

The Beach Boys sang:"She'll have fun, fun, fun, 'till her daddy takes her T-bird away..."

Our word for this week is:


I call this shot "Your man and his car"

My uncle on one of our road trips over Connor Pass on the Dingle Peninsula, Ireland


Bev said...

He looks so patient. Cheers.

Lisa said...

The body language says it ALL! :-)
Happy Wednesday and I hope to play once I get home tonight.

Charmed1 said...

I agree with Lisa and I'm reading Stay on your own side of the road! Mine's up!

Lady Starlight said...

Great photo. Thanks for playing!