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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Where's the Irish Church Lady?

I'm sorry that I haven't been a good blogging friend.

There's a few things going on over here so I'll give you a bit of an update:

  • Pool Boy and I had this wonderful experience at Worldwide Marriage Encounter. I need to do a separate post on this when I have time. It was so awesome! The bottom line was that it really helped us to take stock in what is good with our marriage and relationship together, and reunite as a couple. We are now working together as a team. We feel much friendship and kinship and love for each other.

  • We actually felt like honeymooners for the first few days after our encounter. I would say that we still would now except that we have had some pressing issues that have prevented us from connecting as we would like. We now hold the key and secret to this wonderful way to communicate and become truly intimate in our relationship, and I am thrilled with this knowledge and new found hope that all our dreams really can come true.

  • So the pressing issues have been getting some major work things done on the homefront before he goes in for his surgery on Monday. This has been exhausting both of us, and of course has been very hard on him physically because of his handicap. We press on because we know that after the surgery, we do not want anything to jeopardize his rehabilitation. Anyways the list is getting crossed off, however it will take us the rest of the weekend to complete the tasks. (lawn fertilized and seeded, spray deck, fix garage door, paperwork, roof shingles that need repair, house cleaning etc.)

  • We have a coop student living in my son's room now and he is great! Really nice kid. We couldn't have got a better one. We spent last weekend getting the basement in tip top shape including installing upper cupboards in the kitchenette, fixing things, clearing out my son's stuff and cleaning. All the girls chipped in and helped and we got it done but just in time. This is to help offset the loss of income from Pool Boy not working and it's been a great decision so far.

  • I've only managed to bike to work once so far, with everything else going on. I doubt next week I will be able to at all with going to work and then to the hospital after work. Oh well, hopefully soon. Keeps me off the injury list, anyways! he he

  • Big congrats to Pool Boy ~ one of the tasks he got done was opening the pool! So some local ducks have made our pool their swimming hole. I blogged about it before. They were coming back all the time and swimming on the cover and now that the pool is open, they are back in the water. Even the dogs don't seem to scare them away permanently. Not sure how we feel about this yet as we are concerned about a big mess, but being animal and bird lovers it's hard not to love a couple of love ducks in our big pond!!!

  • In other news, the Ottawa Senators are doing a bang up job in the second round of the NHL playoffs. If they win tonight against the NJ Devils, then they take the second round. They have 3 more games and all they have to do is win one of them to win this series. We take particular interest in watching the games as we are great fans but also because the Senators doctor, Dr Chow is Pool Boy's back surgeon! He scheduled his surgery around the playoffs. If they go to game six then it's Pool Boy he will be attending to in the four hour surgery Monday 8 a.m. and the Ottawa Senators bench on Monday 7 p.m. in Ottawa. LOL

  • My daughter #1 has bought her first home and is busily fixing it up before she starts moving furniture. The place was a mess, compared to the first house she bought that fell through. It was rented out to a lady that smoked and kept it dark and dingy all the time. I didn't see it before she bought it but when I saw it the day of her close I was shocked at how dirty and awful it was. I was in fact really surprised that D#1 bought it because the condition was so bad. Well she wanted a fixer upper and that's what she got. So with some help from her friends they have ripped out all the carpeting and started cleaning the walls with TSP(?) to get the nicotine out and ready for painting. Next comes hardwood floors, carpeting and I think she wants to put some new bathroom fixtures in but I'm not sure what yet. She did a cute little video on it with her new camera. I will post it here when she sends it to me. Her ex bf, DQ Boy, has been helping her a lot. I may have to go back to calling her DQ Girl after all! LOL

I miss you guys. I just can't commit to regular blogging again yet. It's already 10:30 and yikes, I have to get on with my list!

I hope all is well with you all. I will try to visit soon!

Prayers for Pool Boy on Monday, if you're so inclined.

Big hugs