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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Biking - Saturday Photo Hunt - Hobby

The story to go along with this photo is that Biker Boy (aka Pool Boy) will not be biking this summer.

He's going to get the bikes ready and hopefully bike a bit with me in the next few weeks but after that he's undergoing surgery for broken vertebrae in his back on May 7th.

They are pressing on his nerve and he's in constant pain and is pretty disabled right now, even though you probably would wonder how he could bike with this.

His main problem is standing and walking. That is mostly what causes him the most pain. This makes every day living pretty miserable for him.

Anyhoo, we are happy that something is finally being done for him. They are going to put in a titanium rod and screws to fuse everything together. He has a three month convalescense period. Hopefully in late August or September he may be able to ride a bit.

I, of course, will start my regular biking to work any day now if this weather would improve!

Great for the psyche, environment and pocketbook!


Bellezza said...

I love biking! It is my preferred exercise of choice. Well, actually, I hate exercise unless it involves something authentic: biking or taking a walk. Nothing that resembles a hamster on a wheel. I think this is partly because my feet have been such a difficulty for me with congenital bunions, twice removed in my lifetime. After surgery this December, they still ache, and biking is such a wonderful way to get out without exerting pressure on them. Anyway, my brother has just had his vertebrae repaired in his spine. I will be thinking of Biker Boy and wishing him well on his back/recovery ahead. By the way, I'm voting for you for the Irish Blog Awards every day. So, you better win. Wish we could go biking together AND have coffee.

Goofy Girl said...

I hope that everything turns out ok for him! Sounds very difficult!

Maribeth said...

Here's wishing Biker Boy a speedy recovery!

Fleur de Lisa said...

I'm so glad that PB will be getting some help for his back. I can only imagine how difficult that's been. Here's to a speedy recovery!

Patricia said...

What a great hobby, ICL. So sorry to hear about PB's back. Will pray for a successful surgery and speedy recovery. Thanks for visiting Pollywog Creek earlier today and leaving a kind comment, as always. Have a blessed weekend!

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Bellezza ~ I can certainly understand why biking would be more to your liking after your foot surgery. Thanks for your well wishes to Biker/Pool Boy!

BTW, the Irishblogs thingy is just an aggregator for all Irish blogs. There's a way to rate the sites on there so it's not really a vote that but rather a rating from 1 to 10 so you just have to do it once per blog. Thanks for all your kind wishes!

Goofy Girl ~ Thanks for your kind thoughts too! It will be better than what he's been going through lately!

Maribeth ~ Thanks and I agree, speedy would be nice!!

Fleur de Lisa ~ Thanks, sweetie!

Patricia ~ You're most welcome and thank you! It was nice that you were selected as site of the day today and we could see those great shots from you!!

srp said...

What a great hobby! I do hope your husband's surgery goes well and that his recovery is even faster than the doctors expect. Best wishes!

Cats ~ Goats ~ Quotes said...

Wishing Biker Boy the very best! Hope everyone will be biking again soon :)
Great hobby, better than sitting here blogging :)

Irish Church Lady :) said...

srp ~ Oh my I was so impressed with your hobby for SPH! Thanks so much for your best wishes!

CGQ ~ Aw thanks for visiting my blog and leaving all these nice comments :-) How sweet! I enjoyed seeing your beautiful cats! And um, yeah blogging is my hobby too! *grins sheepishly*

Patrick Nottingham said...

Sounds like alot of sweating to me - great photo! Visit my blog at High Strangeness Altoona or go directly to my Photo Hunt Post.