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Saturday, April 14, 2007

More on Webcams ~ Updated below

I have added two more webcam links to my sidebar Africam and Grizzly Bears.

<-- See the hippo I caught at left as he was entering the watering hole at night? I was so excited to see him!!

The baby grizzly bears were moving around and playing as I first started this post.

"Both orphaned at approximately 5 months of age, Grinder and Coola have made the remarkable transition from struggling cubs with an uncertain future to vibrant, healthy bears that now act as West Coast ambassadors for their entire species.
Read more about the Grizzly Bears on Grouse Mountain"

Unfortunately there's no sound on the Grizzly webcam but there is on the Africam one.

You will hear lots of night sounds and see some flying bugs (or maybe birds) depending on the time of day that you watch. Once I saw a big slithering snake go by that watering hole.

I love watching these sites. Sometimes it's hit or miss, there may or may not be a lot of action going on. I've put them on my side bar to remind me to go there more often.

Wavelit Forums about what people have seen on the webcams / comments / questions etc.


I'm feeling a little more stressed about these grizzlies, I've been watching them off and on all day and the really seem like they want to get out of this enclosure that they are in.

They keep going up to the window and looking out. I even saw one of them pushing on the window it seemed like. I feel sad now.

I hope that the people that are minding them know what they are doing and are not just exploiting these poor orphaned bears.


Captain Dancer Lifecruiser said...

even though i love Hippos, I don't think we want them on tonight.... on the big cruise ball!

Let me know if you're having problem with the ball dress, need any help choosing or maybe to pull up the zipper? Or to giggle over some bubble water while doing the make up!

I love this cruise ball! The magician is a cool guy really, even though he has done some tricks with my dress several times already....


mist1 said...

The word Africam makes me laugh. I don't know why.

claudie said...

Thanks to invit us on these very interesting webcam!Poor bears! I'd like to know why they are in this local and can't go out! Is it good conditions for animals? I prefer to see them in freedom on the african webcam. the two parties are finish now and I'm very tired today! My two daughters are out: one is going to see the flowers parade and the other is in the town with her boyfriend! So I can have a little quiet time just for me now! Good!!!
Gros bisous mon amie

Cats ~ Goats ~ Quotes said...

I've watched the Africam for many months, but this is the first time I've seen those poor bears!
I hope they are allright!

A Happy (late) Birthday to that cute Fergus :)

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Capn LC ~ I'm so tired today after your party last night. (Or was it because I was chasing hippos and zebras till the wee hours? he he he)

Mist1 ~ Laugh all you want her gf, I always do at your site!

Claudie ~ Glad to hear your update and enjoy your quiet time! I always do. :-)

CGQ ~ I was up late last night watching the Africam. It is so fun! For me, anyways. But then I am easily amused. Fergie says TQ!