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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Cyber Cruise Couture

Captain Lifecruise is having a blog party at the Cyber Cruise Ball.

I went shopping the other day and after much hemming and hawing, selected a dress. Please see the ones I passed on here. Shopping Day for the Cruise Ball

My final outfit and accessories for tonight's party are shown here Cyber Cruise Ball ~ Here I come!

I believe it's time to get this party started!!


Sword Girl/0cean Lady said...

I love the Springishness and the beautiful purse. :-)

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Thanks Sword Girl / Ocean Lady ~ It was fun to do!!

RennyBA said...

Sorry I couldn't join you at the ball - good to know you had a blast:-)

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Thanks Renny ~ Hey and you didn't even bat an eye at the $8K plus price tag of my outfit!!! Let's not say anything to Pool Boy okay? It'll be our little secret!!