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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Grizzly Webcam Post Updated

See update to Webcam post below. I finally was able to catch them awake, and get a screen shot of one of the grizzlies. I'm not sure which one is which yet.

See my note re my concerns for them below too.

aka animal lover


Anonymous said...

I was so traumatized after seeing "Grizzly Man" that I'm scared to look at the Webcam. It'll probably take me a while to recuperate from that one.

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Awwww, but these are baby bears, so cute and innocent!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with your comments about those grizzlies. I hope they are okay and being treated well. Those animal cams are very cool. I love the hippo!!!!!

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Schnoodlepooh ~ aren't they though! From reading on the wavelit.com forum, it looks like it's not even a nightly occurrence for a hippo to waddle into the watering hole! I was lucky to catch him. There are other great pictures from others on the forum linked in my sidebar or here page 33

RennyBA said...

Very interesting post and updates. I do feel stressed about these grizzlies not to be able to live in their natrual surroundings:-( Good to see someone standing up for their rights!

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Thanks Renny. Well without this they may not have survived the winter. But let me say I still get stressed too watching them be so restless in that den and looking out the window all the time.

Perhaps they are looking at the people who are building the enclosure?

I guess what I find most stressing is that there is not enough update on the website or the forum about what is happening and when it's happening. If we knew more, then that would help. :-)

Check out the video I just finished above!