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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Coola & Grinder

The Grouse Mountain Grizzlies
Orphaned at Five Months old

Being cared for by the Refuge for Endangered Wildlife
Web Cams by www.wavelit.com

More info on forums (also on sidebar at left)
They are still in 'hibernation' due to the climate conditions on the mountain.
There is no food yet available for them to eat.
Other grizzlies are still under a significant amount of snow.

They will be let out in a controlled manner, soon (I hope).
This video also on www.youtube.com


MysteriousLady said...

that's so sad. The weather has been so weird. I am so worried about global warming.

kailani said...

It's kind of sad to see them in such an environment. At least they have each other.

Irish Church Lady :) said...

ML ~ Glad to see you out and about from honeymoon hibernation! LOL

Kailani ~ Agreed and thanks for your concern also!!