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Thursday, August 31, 2006

TT Smells I've always liked - aka Where did my brain cells go?

Week # 56, my #11 TT Get the T13 code or view other s :)

  1. Gasoline ... better sniff it up, it's going fast!
  2. Magic Markers ... or are they just called Markers nowadays? Not the washable type. The kind with that .... you know ... smell... not the fruit flavoured ones....well okay, they're next...the kind that I'm sure is bad for you if you sniff it too much.
  3. The fruity smelly colourful markers for kids .... actually they're for adults too. We use them at work for team building exercises and HR type training (you know, the ones where they bring out all the toys to stimulate your creativity so you can learn). Cheeky and Pup know what I'm talkin' about.
  4. OK I think we're finished with the chemical kinda stuff, on to better things. Fresh baked bread.
  5. Coming home from school and smelling cookies or brownies that my mum made.
  6. 'Beautiful' by Estee Lauder
  7. Coming home and smelling supper already cooked. That's the second thing I notice when I walk in the door after greeting the pups.
  8. Bleach ... when I've been cleaning. Let's me know my kitchen is sparkly fresh and void of tea stains in the sink. Otherwise, i don't like the smell of bleach because it makes me think I should be cleaning! (Plus it reminds me of Mum RIP, she was a bleachaholic ... so that's where I get it from?, note to self)
  9. The forest
  10. coffee ...omg I can't believe I got to 10 before saying this. Flavoured coffees too, Irish Cream, Orange Brandy, Vanilla, Mocha.
  11. Babies ... I inhale them...o except when they poop.
  12. Freshly laid tar....sorta, kinda ...oh now we're back to chemicals are we? Ok well I'll slip in oil. Not burned oil from a car but fresh car oil.
  13. Vitabath or any natural but strong smelling bath product (usually make bubbles too) made from herbs, camomile, lavendar etc.

Done....but I could have thought of more.

What do you like to smell?

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

26 Years Old!


Here she is with a couple of Joey's in Australia!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Manic Monday - Maladies

Do you get sick often? What illness do you come down with the most frequently?

No I don't get sick too often. I may get a head cold once every few years. I usually get the flu shot because I can't afford to be sick - too busy.

Do you believe in "alternative" medicine? If so, what aspects of it appeal to you?

I don't practise it but that doesn't mean that I don't necessarily believe in it. I think there are some merits, but as in everything, taken to an extreme it can be stupid.

How about you? Reply here or play on your blog and tell fleur-de-Lisa that you played.


Bumper Stickers too good to not share...

Go check out Naked Nerd's bumper stickers

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  • mirrors the soul
  • "What's in a name? That which we call a roseBy any other word would smell as sweet."
    --From Romeo and Juliet (II, ii, 1-2) [enotes]
  • What's in a name?

Got this from Lisa last week, of course!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Wooty - woot - Woot!

OK not much goin' on. Rainy day but that's okay we need the rain.

Pool Boy just left to drive down to London, Ontario to help our son move from one house to another in the same neighbourhood. He has to drive six hours in the car to do that! (and six hours back) Well that the fact that Mr. Philosopher needs a car on Monday to take his final driving test before his current license expires. He's 23. He was a late driver. Oh and also pick up Nurse-a-baby who is down visiting Mr. P. so at least PB will have company on the way home.

I was going to go with him but because he has to stay to Monday and I have to work tomorrow it wasn't going to work out. So instead I am having a lazy day which is ok by me. Doing laundry, blogging, oh and yesterday I went to the library and got two Janet Evanovich books out - "Manhunt" and "Back to the Bedroom." Back to the Bedroom Are they any good? I've seen so many bloggers raving about her books I thought I would check them out. I wanted to try the Stephanie Plum series, even though I'm not really into mysteries but I thought, why not? However, they didn't have the first one, called One something in the library. I will have to reserve it. They had eight and nine and ten I think. Is it important to read them in order?

Has any one read any Maeve Binchy? I just finished Firefly Summer and I loved it! Firefly Summer

So Fleur de Lisa tipped me off to this. She's my dealer for all the fun toys! Thanks Lis!

generated by sloganizer.net Oh ya and it changes to a new slogan every 30 seconds! Wooty!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

5 weird things about me - compliments of Karen ;)

I volunteered to pick up a tag at Karen's Does She or Doesn't She so here goes:

  1. I still don't know how to spell weird yet. When I typed the title of this post I had to go back and correct it and then I had to look it up in the online dictionary because I started wondering if I was in fact right and Karen was wrong. LOL
  2. Every time I go for my pap test my doctor comments on how small my cervix is because she's not used to seeing that. I had a C-section for my fourth and my first three kids are adopted from my husband's first marriage. I became an instant Mom of 3 at age 29.
  3. I was molested when I was eight by an older boy from school.
  4. I hate applesauce. The texture in my mouth makes me gag.
  5. I breastfed my kid till she was three years old.
  6. I collect happy faces in my office at work.
  7. I like to break the rules that aren't important, hence there are 7 things on this list instead of 5.

Now who wants to play? Get in line. Don't push and no butting!

OK you guys are a riot! You think you can break all the unimportant rules too ay?

Oh well then, respond here and go visit the person above you on the list and tell them ICL sent ya!


hahahahahaha my word verification is 'fzyyr' (fuzzier).

Now don't you feel all warm and fzyyr now?


SPH Blue

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Here's my down in the dumps "hound" dog. He sure looks blue.

Over what, we're not sure.

If I believed in reincarnation, I would want to come back as a family dog.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Stuff Portrait Fridays!

want us to post pictures of the following.
1. Stuff that annoys the living shit out of you.2. YOUR space.3. Something in your life that keeps the makers of Xanax in business.
I'm not putting any commentary.
You need to guess what 1, 2 and 3 are when you comment.


Thursday, August 24, 2006

Thursday Thirteen - If YOU WERE A GIRL IN THE 70'S ... you may remember some of these!

Week # 55, my #10 TT Get the T13 code or view other s

Received this from a friend in an email. I've saved my favourite pictures that mean most to me and added some of my own editorial! Hope you enjoy!

1. You had that Fisher Price Doctor 's Kit with a stethoscope that actually worked.

2. Your bicycle had a banana seat like this 'cept it also had a plastic basket with flowers on it. 3. Oh, and your rollerblades looked like this.

4. You owned klick-klacks and smacked yourself in the face more than once.

5. You had a bowl cut or pixie and sometimes were mistaken for a boy.

6. As you grew older your toys became more mature and your reading material expanded.

7. Questions like "Will I marry David Cassidy?" were often asked of the great OUIJA board at slumber parties.

8. We used to tape record songs off the radio by holding our portable tape player up to the speaker.

9. Your fashion sense grew and you often sported such classy duds as ponchos and gauchos.
10. Hey gauchos are back in style! I have a pair like this now in brown!

11. And who can forget the ever popular clogs by Dr. Scholls.

Many an ankle bone hurt after being smacked by these babies. But that didn't matter. Style was everything ... hey wait style is still everything! hee

12. We wore Love's Baby Soft cologne ... ...lots of it ... and felt especially pretty!

13. Speaking of Love, our favourite TV show was Loveboat. Who would have thought that such a goofy looking bunch of characters could make us feel so wonderful?!!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Bogland Update & Happy Birthday Mr Philosopher

So the bog seems to be now dry, and they have removed the big fans and heaters and dehumidifer. The guy's coming back to put some anti mildew stuff down. The next step is for the adjuster to come and look at the damage. I'll post some pics as soon as I take them. Still afraid to go down there. yikes!

So today is my son's 23rd birthday on the 23rd of the month. Kool ay?

When he was my ring bearer ~ I had been in his life about about 5 months when this pic was taken.

And taken this summer, don't I look so much younger? ha....it's his gf LOL

He lives in another city but has taken some time to go visit his Grandma and Grandpa and is meeting his sis (Nurse-a-baby) there for a few days. Nice ay? This is the kid who put us through the ringer from age 14 - 18. I could write a book or at least another post on that!


Foto Pherrets

Hello, all of you pherrets out there!

It's Wednesday, or hump day if you prefer, and you know what that means!

The Beach Boys sang:"She'll have fun, fun, fun, 'till her daddy takes her T-bird away..."

Our word for this week is:


I call this shot "Your man and his car"

My uncle on one of our road trips over Connor Pass on the Dingle Peninsula, Ireland

Monday, August 21, 2006

Manic Monday - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Photo Date: 13 October 1997Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage.com - Image courtesy WireImage.com

If you were to pick the one thing that always makes you smile, what would it be? The Doodle and other pets
If you were to name the most clear proof that evil exists in the world, what would you say? The Devil's Advocate OMG I watched this last night and it left quite an impression on me.
If you could trade your derriere for that of someone else, whose would you want?

uh, not hers

compliments of DallasK's Fug Thursday

I'll take Charlize Theron's, upper left

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Update to my rant - click here to see the original

So here's the status of bog land.

Insurance company was quite prompt in sending out a guy with a bunch of blowers (ok maybe it's only 2 big fans - no pictures TKW) which have been running non stop in the areas that got damaged. The carpet is pulled up in those areas and he's trying to dry it out. Says the underpad will have to be replaced but "maybe he can save the carpet since it was clean water".

The good news is that it didn't reach the exercise room with the laminate flooring or the bar area so these seem ok. The drywall seems ok. Yippee!!

The contents of the entire furnace room had to be removed. Anything that was on the floor is damaged (but some of it was junk anyways ... sssshhhh!) Kids board games (that were on the floor of the games cupboard) are all ruined... Monopoly and such. A bunch of jigsaw puzzles (my favourite) will no longer fit together, so to speak.

It still smells musty as hell down there and I am afraid to spend any time down there sorting through stuff because I have allergies to mold. The blower guy is supposed to come and do something about the mildew / mold factor on Monday. Maybe then I can venture down more and do a proper inventory and pictures etc. for the insurance.

The house is really hot because Pool Boy does not want to turn on the a/c because with the fans blowing down there he's afraid to blow the circuits. It was happening with just the fans going until he arranged them on different circuits I guess. All has been okay since then. Do you think he's just joshing me because he's too cheap to turn on the a/c?

When I walk by the door to the basement stairs I can just feel the heat humidity rising from that place. It scares me. It's like there must be snakes and bog land creatures having a party down there.

Anyhoo, the weather cooled down quite a bit last night, in fact I was cold when I woke up this morning and when I stepped out of my bedroom which had the door closed, I could really notice the difference. So when I let the dog out I left the screen door open so it should cool things down there too and maybe 'the swamp' will benefit from this change in weather too. Please...

What I didn't realize until last night when we were talking about it with my sis and Dad, is that the water tank kept filling up and more water was dispersed because the water tank is under pressure and once there is a hole, it just keeps refilling.

I wondered why there could be so much water from just a 40 or 60 gallon tank (whatever it is)? Now I am smarter. I guess it's a matter of when it ruptured and when it was discovered and PB shut the water off, that the damage was done.

I think it was a matter of hours only, not more than a day anyways. My daughter had spent some time down there in the evening so unless she was totally clued out and didn't notice anything strange (this is entirely possible), I'm hoping it was just a matter of hours that OLD Yeller was gushing. She was the one who discovered it sometime around midnight so I take back that comment about being clueless (Thank God she was up! ....or .....er.... rather down.).

Feeling a bit stuffed up this morning... I hope it's not the mildew factor kicking in. I have to go into the office for most of the day anyways so maybe that's a good thing to remove myself from the swamp. (I never made it yesterday because I was too wiped from the week).

So that's all I wrote.

Have a good Sunday and a good week everyone!



Saturday, August 19, 2006

Gracie's got a brand new Blog

Psssst ......Gracie's got a new blog. She dumped blogger yes she did and now is with wordpress. Everyone is going there! So go check it out.

O and she's having a blogwarming party all week to make up for her lack of blogging last week! She's buying the booze and everything!

So go check it out. Southern by Grace And don't laugh at her onion field. It took her years to grow it that perfect!

All Night Long (All Night)
By Lionel Richie

SPH Youth

This weeks theme is Youth

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I love these photos of my first cousins, once removed. (gotta get that correct, ya know!) They are the children of my first cousins in Ireland. I have six of them and there all boys. Each of my 3 first cousins had 2 each.

They are all such characters and fun and I miss them. They got along fabulously with BatGirl when we were there. I love their names too!

It's been two years now since I saw them and of course they have changed alot. Hopefully they will be coming to Canada to visit us soon!

This is my fav that captures the innocence of youth so well.

Updated with some bonus pics below and name pronounciations as suggested by Karen. Good idea! (BTW - some of them should have accents on them but I can't get the accents to display correctly with my Indonesian Blogger template!)

'Our' Eoghan his mam calls him. (OWEN)

More of the boys- second cousins to BatGirl
Cian (KEE-AN) (Eoghan's older brother), Darragh (DA-RAH) & Cahill (KAH-HILL)(2 bros).

OK this is Breandain (BROWN-DAWN - don't ask) and his brother Gearoid (GA-ROAD - ya how do they get these pronounciations from those spellings? sheesh!) is in his mam's tummy! (Ya and they say Mammy there, or Mam, not Mom or Mum)

BatGirl and the Lads!

Cian was always haming it up for the camera. I had to put this one in of Cahill with his funny face and holding the Spiderman toy I gave him. He was delighted!


Breandain and his Nana!

OK I'll stop now. I have so many other cute pictures of them as do we all of kids, I am sure!

It's funny how we think our own kids and relatives kids are so cute because we know their personalities so well. I just hope I have been able to capture some of it in these pictures.

Click to see these Bonus shots

Me in my youth

My niece in KID Vogue Magazine

ha ha made ya look!

Happy Saturday Photo Hunt!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

It's 3:01 a.m...

Thursday Thirteen below this post. Rant follows.

Warning, this post contains profanity because I'm so pi$$ed off and cannot sleep.

Why am I blogging at 3:01 a.m? Take a guess at which reason:

  1. Because my highspeed connection slows right down at 9 p.m. so I can't read or post anything like my TT for next day
  2. Because I was so tired that I couldn't stay up to blog last night so I went to bed at 9 p.m.
  3. Because my hot water tank broke yesterday evening at 11 p.m. and my basement is flooded and I can't sleep.

So what did you pick? All 3? You are so right!! What do you win? You win the satisfaction of listening to me rant. O but you are so lucky!!!!!!

So ya, #1 is true. Has been happening for weeks. Our high speed provider, Bell Sympatico , not to mention any names, has been giving us the run around. I don't even think they know what the problem is.

The first line help desk has us do all this goofy stuff to no avail, over and over and over. Second level help desk, says it's because we've switched our phone service from Bell over to Primus, and so we have to get some special code from Primus that they load in which we did and are still having exactly the same problem. (Took over a week to go through that long drawn out process).

Pool Boy is so sick of dealing with them that he just wants to switch providers. He's had it. I'm okay with switching but how long will that take? In the meantime, we've done everything they said we should do and we are no better off than when we started. I think we need to go back to them one more time and get them to fix it or threaten to leave while we get our honky a$$es to go ahead and start the process to switch.

They have their hands so up their a$$es that they don't even know what goes on within their company. One guy told us we could not be a customer because they have no record of our billing. Uh ya, you charge us $50 a month on our credit card for this excellent service, a$$ crap so you're right. We are not a customer of yours, we are a customer of VISA. ha ha go back to your freakin' manuals.

Are any other providers just as bad?

Ya so with disgust I went to bed, nothing good on TV and plus I was zonked (very busy at werk but I always complain about that). I planned to get up early and blog before werk but I would have to get up really early because I have a 9 a.m. meeting which I am chairing so I can't be late.

Ah hum, dear Pool Boy, why are you still up at 1:30 a.m. on the laptop when you also said you were so tired because you were up too late the night before? (I'm beginning to think he's reading p-o-r-n).

BTW his laptop fonts are all screwed and he's spent more than a whole day trying to fix it. I think he ended up having to format the hard drive yesterday or something drastic which is why it is taking so long but that's his rant and I'm not gonna do it for him except to say that I hate it when all these computer and household problems take him away from doing his real werk which is selling houses. Moosh Pool Boy!

So I sleepily asked the question, thinking he was still screwing around with said laptop and almost there and just wanted to get it done so that I would shut-the-f$%#-up. I never said anything, I think it just reeks from me.

He responded, "You'll never guess what happened?". Me, expects another laptop tale of woe but is shocked into wakedness to learn that our hot water tank broke last night while I was sleeping!!

Flood all over the finished basement, no hot water.

Oh I am sad. And this is after I had already precomposed by TT below (last weekend, if you must know) and just needed to post it.

PB was on the computer looking up the warranty info for the water tank, we only got it in 2001 or even later. Probably covers the tank only and we have to go through household insurance to get the mess cleaned up. Carpets, laminate flooring, boxes. All that hard work we put into finishing that basement. Nuts!

O I know there's so many worse off and I don't mean to complain. *yes I do* (that was my other personality speaking - ignore her). But can't a guy get a break while a girl is busting her a$$ off to pay the bills, while trying to watch expenses so she doesn't get to shop for stress relief, and werks her butt off because she is the sole (read major) bread winner?

No? Okay well then I'm done then.

Thursday Thirteen ~ Thirteen Things I Think

Week # 54, my #9 TT Get the T13 code or view other s

  • 1 I think a lot of bloggers suffer from some sort of depression.
  • 2 I think material possessions are overrated.
  • 3 I think the media is more biased than we think in certain countries.
  • 4 I think THE OFFICE is a very funny TV show. Watch clips
  • 5 I think I may have another cup of coffee.
  • 6 I think there's always more to the story.
  • 7 I think I'm not as good a speller as I thought I was.
  • 8 I think it is rare for me to miss a typo, however.
  • 9 I think Armageddon is coming soon.
  • 10 I think God picks my word verifications.
  • 11 I think he has a great sense of humour.
  • 12 I think I may have a milder form of manic depression.
  • 13 I think if cleanliness is next to godliness, then I have a lot of work to do.

O my bog. LOOK at my word verification!!


OK that's not even funny. Dear God please reread #11. Now you're scaring me.

OK, ok, I get it. Thy will be done

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Way Back Wednesday ~ I played!!!!

Brought to us by TKW (The Kept Woman) who says "Water, water everywhere!!! Let's cool off with a picture that has something to do with H2O...washing dishes, water balloon fight, wet t-shirt contest, your choice!"

OK I'm excited. I don't usually play WBW because I don't have any old pictures scanned (it's on my to do list, now that my Dad has given me a bunch - Woo hoo!) because I'm too lazy ...because I haven't had time...because my husband hogs the computer with the scanner, ya that's it, that's the reason! :)

But this week I can play because I do have one with water (WOOT!) which I have posted before (one of me favourite posts about FISH [ok my only post about fish, so far that is] so go check it out if you haven't seen it yet [actually it is a special one!]

So here I am fishing with me sister. I'm the cute one (haha!) ... with the rod. See me smiling face? See the size of the one that got away? Notice how much our parents loved us to put us in those big bulky life jackets? See the old wood boat? See the blue sky? Love those days! See the water? Yup I played! {wears satisfied grin conspiciously like the one in the photo}

Now go read the full story about the rod that got away in #8 and #9 of 13 things about FISHES.

{still smiling smuggly}

Hump Day Photo Pherrets

Greetings, Pherreta old and new. The hunt is on!

If it's not down, it must be this week's word:

Batgirl running UP the mountain in Ireland.

Batgirl is the white dot right in the center of the picture.

That's how far back I am taking this picture!

The other white dot above her is either a sheep or a rock.

That's a pretty fat sheep, must be a rock.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Manic Monday ~ Birth Order

Where are you in birth order in your family- first, last, middle, only?

upper middle
Do you think that has any affect upon your personality?

Do you buy into the stereotypes of birth order?

yes, kinda
Just for fun, you can read about birth-order bias - research on birth order stereotypes in Psychology Today