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Saturday, August 26, 2006

5 weird things about me - compliments of Karen ;)

I volunteered to pick up a tag at Karen's Does She or Doesn't She so here goes:

  1. I still don't know how to spell weird yet. When I typed the title of this post I had to go back and correct it and then I had to look it up in the online dictionary because I started wondering if I was in fact right and Karen was wrong. LOL
  2. Every time I go for my pap test my doctor comments on how small my cervix is because she's not used to seeing that. I had a C-section for my fourth and my first three kids are adopted from my husband's first marriage. I became an instant Mom of 3 at age 29.
  3. I was molested when I was eight by an older boy from school.
  4. I hate applesauce. The texture in my mouth makes me gag.
  5. I breastfed my kid till she was three years old.
  6. I collect happy faces in my office at work.
  7. I like to break the rules that aren't important, hence there are 7 things on this list instead of 5.

Now who wants to play? Get in line. Don't push and no butting!

OK you guys are a riot! You think you can break all the unimportant rules too ay?

Oh well then, respond here and go visit the person above you on the list and tell them ICL sent ya!


hahahahahaha my word verification is 'fzyyr' (fuzzier).

Now don't you feel all warm and fzyyr now?



Mysterious Lady said...

Five weird things?? I saw that a Karens and thought about it.

Oh okay, since it's you! I'll try it!

Mr. Fabulous said...

Better than becoming an instant mom of 29 at the age of 3.

That would have been rough.

C said...

I hate applesauce too.

Gracie said...

Oh nooooo, I love applesauce!
In fact, my mom used to put my pills in a spoonful of applesauce and I'd slurp 'em down with no hassle. LOL I'm sure you're gagging about now, so I'll quit talking about that!

Very interesting things we didn't know about you. I'm such a voyeur.
You could list a thousand things, and I'm quite sure I'd never tire of reading. :)

How do you pronounce "Slainte"?

Hope you have a pleasant evening!

The Naked Nerd said...

LOL Yet another person caught by a tag.

Irish Church Lady :) said...

ML - yay! I'll come check out your weird stuff!

FAB - you got that right! I think we already know the weird things about you. I have read your 100 things!

c - a newby and fellow Applesauce hater Welcome! I'm coming over to visit. I take my coffee black.
I'll tell you the story about why the texture of applesauce makes me gag.

Gracie - a woman of few words, just like me! LOL So I copied the proper spelling with the accent from my old blog, however it probably won't come out right due to the fonts on my new skin. Also I provided the pronouncement on my old site so here it is:
Sláinte ~~~~~><((((º>
(Pronounced slawntche) = To your health...in Irish

NN - o we know you're afraidy of tags because you just want to spread crazy humour but don't want to reveal much about yourself. Too bad because I'm sure there's some humourous shit about you.

Whereas me, I'm such a blabber. I can't keep anything a secret about me. Read my 103 things and you'll know what I mean. LMAO

Have a good day everyone! And don't do anything I wouldn't do! Let me rephrase that. Think twice before doing things I would do.

O Gracie from the preview it looks like the accent came out. However, you may need to read the comments via the blogger popup instead of the permanent link if ya know what I mean. BLAH!

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Yes, I was correct. When it posts on my site the accented a comes out in CAPs with a squiggle on top and it adds an extra 'i'. That is not correct.

View in the white blogger popup window and you will see the correct spelling. Even me fish comes up with a funny A squiggle.

I'm very fussy about fonts. Damn Indonesian skin that I really like except that the html is in Indonesian (but I kinda figured that out) and the fonts don't come out right. Hey that could be #8 for my weird things about me. I have an Indonesian Blog template. Thanks Isnaini!

Irish Church Lady :) said...


ML - ok I checked out your weirdness and I'm glad you are a nurse so you can stomach all those things!!

Fab - ok so now I've thought about it and that would be impossible. Your weirdness proceeds you.

Gracie - Uh ya, you posted at 11:53 p.m. I was already asleep. I love sleeping. So thanks, I did have a good evening!

Nerd - I'm coming to stalk you next. You'd better make me laugh or there'll be pee pee in your porridge tomorrow. O you like pee pee? Well then, it'll be white sugar then! No brown sugar for you!

Gracie said...

(cracking up @ "white sugar rather than brown sugar"!!!!!!!)

Thank you for the pronunciation guide for Slawntche. Not sure if I can ever spell it correctly again without looking at it, but I can SAY it right! ;)

So when can you get away in 2008?
#1 Son and I are going to the UK and we're in need of a tour guide for the upper region, :)

Lisa said...

ICL, you know I'm always up for a tag. Call me a sucker! LOL

My weirdness is forthcoming.

Michelle said...

I wouldn't say that #3 makes you weird at all it makes you a survivor of a bad situation. Thanks for sharing!

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Gracie - I live to crack you up! I also wish to be your tour guide! That is awesome that you and your kid are going! So I really can say "Take me with you!".

Lisa - you never let me down and you keep me supplied with great new tools and you take awesome photos. Always a pleasure to provide you with material. It's the least I can do!

Michelle - hey, thanks for dropping by! I was going to add you to my new "People I stalk" section but if you're going to comment then that may not do! Concerning #3, I try to not let it become a biggie but I do blame myself for my own stupidity. Something that, alas, I have never outgrown. Naiviety and trustworthiness of people. You'd think I would have learned from that but it's kinda in my character and I don't see it until after the s*&^ happens. I do think I can read people well though so I don't know how the two can go together. It's something to do with the fact that I always believe what people say. I don't understand why people lie. I also give people the benefit of the doubt. I have a hard time factoring in that the truth may be stretched somewhat, unless I have been wronged by that person, or have 'read' them as not trustworthy, then I'm very cautious. OK I'll shut up now. I'm very verbose today. I'd better go read my books.

Karen said...

Hi! I also cannot spell weird... intant mom- whew. thanks for all the comments this weekend. somehow the whole weekend has gone by & I didn't blog at all! hows that possible? great that you played!

Cheeky said...

Hey I like this one.....I will play later in the week

Oh and this word verification thing is getting ridiculous....