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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Wooty - woot - Woot!

OK not much goin' on. Rainy day but that's okay we need the rain.

Pool Boy just left to drive down to London, Ontario to help our son move from one house to another in the same neighbourhood. He has to drive six hours in the car to do that! (and six hours back) Well that the fact that Mr. Philosopher needs a car on Monday to take his final driving test before his current license expires. He's 23. He was a late driver. Oh and also pick up Nurse-a-baby who is down visiting Mr. P. so at least PB will have company on the way home.

I was going to go with him but because he has to stay to Monday and I have to work tomorrow it wasn't going to work out. So instead I am having a lazy day which is ok by me. Doing laundry, blogging, oh and yesterday I went to the library and got two Janet Evanovich books out - "Manhunt" and "Back to the Bedroom." Back to the Bedroom Are they any good? I've seen so many bloggers raving about her books I thought I would check them out. I wanted to try the Stephanie Plum series, even though I'm not really into mysteries but I thought, why not? However, they didn't have the first one, called One something in the library. I will have to reserve it. They had eight and nine and ten I think. Is it important to read them in order?

Has any one read any Maeve Binchy? I just finished Firefly Summer and I loved it! Firefly Summer

So Fleur de Lisa tipped me off to this. She's my dealer for all the fun toys! Thanks Lis!

generated by sloganizer.net Oh ya and it changes to a new slogan every 30 seconds! Wooty!


Becki said...

Ohh a couple days to my self like that would be nice but then again until my rug rats grow up and move out i guess i that isnt gnna happen.. 17 years 11 months and 6 days and counting til the last one turns 18-lol

Cat. said...

RE Evanovich: I would strongly recommend reading the Stephanie Plum books in order, just because her life changes over the course of the series and it's good to know, for instance, where Lulu came from.

Be prepared to giggle insensibly. I'm not allowed to read her books in bed anymore if Beast is there with me; I shake too much when I laugh, I guess! :-)

Tammy said...

I've read Maeve once or twice. I liked her.

Michael said...

I second the opinion of reading Stephanie Plum in order. There are several ongoing story lines that span volumes, reading them out of order would tend to confuse those.

mist1 said...

I love Sloganizer. Or at least, I did until this...

"Easy Mist 1"

Damn Sloganizer. How do they know?

Lisa said...

Sounds like a lovely way to spend a Sunday! Too bad PB had such a long drive. What a good dad! :-)

I haven't read Evanovich but have heard many a rave myself.

Uh-oh now I'm a dealer! LOL
Gotta' love that sloganizer.