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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Update to my rant - click here to see the original

So here's the status of bog land.

Insurance company was quite prompt in sending out a guy with a bunch of blowers (ok maybe it's only 2 big fans - no pictures TKW) which have been running non stop in the areas that got damaged. The carpet is pulled up in those areas and he's trying to dry it out. Says the underpad will have to be replaced but "maybe he can save the carpet since it was clean water".

The good news is that it didn't reach the exercise room with the laminate flooring or the bar area so these seem ok. The drywall seems ok. Yippee!!

The contents of the entire furnace room had to be removed. Anything that was on the floor is damaged (but some of it was junk anyways ... sssshhhh!) Kids board games (that were on the floor of the games cupboard) are all ruined... Monopoly and such. A bunch of jigsaw puzzles (my favourite) will no longer fit together, so to speak.

It still smells musty as hell down there and I am afraid to spend any time down there sorting through stuff because I have allergies to mold. The blower guy is supposed to come and do something about the mildew / mold factor on Monday. Maybe then I can venture down more and do a proper inventory and pictures etc. for the insurance.

The house is really hot because Pool Boy does not want to turn on the a/c because with the fans blowing down there he's afraid to blow the circuits. It was happening with just the fans going until he arranged them on different circuits I guess. All has been okay since then. Do you think he's just joshing me because he's too cheap to turn on the a/c?

When I walk by the door to the basement stairs I can just feel the heat humidity rising from that place. It scares me. It's like there must be snakes and bog land creatures having a party down there.

Anyhoo, the weather cooled down quite a bit last night, in fact I was cold when I woke up this morning and when I stepped out of my bedroom which had the door closed, I could really notice the difference. So when I let the dog out I left the screen door open so it should cool things down there too and maybe 'the swamp' will benefit from this change in weather too. Please...

What I didn't realize until last night when we were talking about it with my sis and Dad, is that the water tank kept filling up and more water was dispersed because the water tank is under pressure and once there is a hole, it just keeps refilling.

I wondered why there could be so much water from just a 40 or 60 gallon tank (whatever it is)? Now I am smarter. I guess it's a matter of when it ruptured and when it was discovered and PB shut the water off, that the damage was done.

I think it was a matter of hours only, not more than a day anyways. My daughter had spent some time down there in the evening so unless she was totally clued out and didn't notice anything strange (this is entirely possible), I'm hoping it was just a matter of hours that OLD Yeller was gushing. She was the one who discovered it sometime around midnight so I take back that comment about being clueless (Thank God she was up! ....or .....er.... rather down.).

Feeling a bit stuffed up this morning... I hope it's not the mildew factor kicking in. I have to go into the office for most of the day anyways so maybe that's a good thing to remove myself from the swamp. (I never made it yesterday because I was too wiped from the week).

So that's all I wrote.

Have a good Sunday and a good week everyone!




Gracie said...

Oh man! Sorry you're feelin all stuffy n stuff. I completely relate though--have the same allergies.

Sucks you have to go in to work. I have stuff I need to get done for work today, too, but I can do it from home. At least you're out of the house!

Mom and I had a very nice and relaxing visit yesterday. :) She is a much more relaxed person. Maybe it's because she's getting ready to retire (in December) or maybe it's just mellowing with age. Who knows.

Hope you have an awesome day!

Lisa said...

I think you are handling all this better than I would. You've had such a sucky week- I feel for ya' ICL! I hope things start to turn around and your bog dries up. :-)

Here's to a fresh new week!

Tina said...

You poor thing! That really sucks. Hope next week will be better for you.

The Naked Nerd said...

Sounds like a head ache all right. When we built my house we had a problem. The plumber had just finished putting everything in, turned on the water and left. Because it was a holiday weekend no one came in the house all weekend. Monday when I came down to work on the house my celler was flooded. One of the fittings was only hand tight. Three days of water running into the celler. Luckly there wasn't anything down there. Still it took like 4 weeks to dry out.

Wethyb said...

We just had to replace our hot water heater a few months ago too....I'm afraid if we had waited any longer, it'd have done one of those numbers on us.

Glad the damage isn't as bad as originally thought and the exercise room and bar were spared :)

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Thanks guys for your similar tales of woe! Misery loves empathy!!! hee hee

Ours was under warranty as it was only 5 years old. Consequently we got a new one, but its the hassle of it all plus the $500 house insurance deductible.

Our insurance says they're going to try to get the $500 from the water heater manufacturer in which case they will waive our deductible but that's not a sure thing.

Toodles~ ICL :)

Tammy said...

We had a similar issue when our hot water heater went out. Such a PIA.