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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Gracie's got a brand new Blog

Psssst ......Gracie's got a new blog. She dumped blogger yes she did and now is with wordpress. Everyone is going there! So go check it out.

O and she's having a blogwarming party all week to make up for her lack of blogging last week! She's buying the booze and everything!

So go check it out. Southern by Grace And don't laugh at her onion field. It took her years to grow it that perfect!

All Night Long (All Night)
By Lionel Richie


The Naked Nerd said...

I've noticed that alot of people are going there. The way blogger has been messing up lately I don't blame them. Can you do everything at wordpress that you can at blogger? Some of the free blog pages are very limited in what you can do. Have a nice weekend.

Gracie said...


Thanks for the shameless plug of my Onion Field! Everytime I see that phrase, I think of the "onion head" on the health posters from elementary school--you know the one with the "onion tops" as his hair? LOLOL Aye yi yi

Margaritas on me!! I'll even use the good stuff! Heh.

And Mr Nerd? I've no idea what all word press can do. 'I've only just begun' my exploration of wordpress. :) At least I can post--that's the draw for me. lol

Wystful 1 said...

The photo hunt each Saturday is so fun.
Thanks for dropping by mine, and I now have the 'answers' to who they were.

I'm on my way....love parties. Hope I don't get lost.

Happy Sunday.