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Thursday, August 17, 2006

It's 3:01 a.m...

Thursday Thirteen below this post. Rant follows.

Warning, this post contains profanity because I'm so pi$$ed off and cannot sleep.

Why am I blogging at 3:01 a.m? Take a guess at which reason:

  1. Because my highspeed connection slows right down at 9 p.m. so I can't read or post anything like my TT for next day
  2. Because I was so tired that I couldn't stay up to blog last night so I went to bed at 9 p.m.
  3. Because my hot water tank broke yesterday evening at 11 p.m. and my basement is flooded and I can't sleep.

So what did you pick? All 3? You are so right!! What do you win? You win the satisfaction of listening to me rant. O but you are so lucky!!!!!!

So ya, #1 is true. Has been happening for weeks. Our high speed provider, Bell Sympatico , not to mention any names, has been giving us the run around. I don't even think they know what the problem is.

The first line help desk has us do all this goofy stuff to no avail, over and over and over. Second level help desk, says it's because we've switched our phone service from Bell over to Primus, and so we have to get some special code from Primus that they load in which we did and are still having exactly the same problem. (Took over a week to go through that long drawn out process).

Pool Boy is so sick of dealing with them that he just wants to switch providers. He's had it. I'm okay with switching but how long will that take? In the meantime, we've done everything they said we should do and we are no better off than when we started. I think we need to go back to them one more time and get them to fix it or threaten to leave while we get our honky a$$es to go ahead and start the process to switch.

They have their hands so up their a$$es that they don't even know what goes on within their company. One guy told us we could not be a customer because they have no record of our billing. Uh ya, you charge us $50 a month on our credit card for this excellent service, a$$ crap so you're right. We are not a customer of yours, we are a customer of VISA. ha ha go back to your freakin' manuals.

Are any other providers just as bad?

Ya so with disgust I went to bed, nothing good on TV and plus I was zonked (very busy at werk but I always complain about that). I planned to get up early and blog before werk but I would have to get up really early because I have a 9 a.m. meeting which I am chairing so I can't be late.

Ah hum, dear Pool Boy, why are you still up at 1:30 a.m. on the laptop when you also said you were so tired because you were up too late the night before? (I'm beginning to think he's reading p-o-r-n).

BTW his laptop fonts are all screwed and he's spent more than a whole day trying to fix it. I think he ended up having to format the hard drive yesterday or something drastic which is why it is taking so long but that's his rant and I'm not gonna do it for him except to say that I hate it when all these computer and household problems take him away from doing his real werk which is selling houses. Moosh Pool Boy!

So I sleepily asked the question, thinking he was still screwing around with said laptop and almost there and just wanted to get it done so that I would shut-the-f$%#-up. I never said anything, I think it just reeks from me.

He responded, "You'll never guess what happened?". Me, expects another laptop tale of woe but is shocked into wakedness to learn that our hot water tank broke last night while I was sleeping!!

Flood all over the finished basement, no hot water.

Oh I am sad. And this is after I had already precomposed by TT below (last weekend, if you must know) and just needed to post it.

PB was on the computer looking up the warranty info for the water tank, we only got it in 2001 or even later. Probably covers the tank only and we have to go through household insurance to get the mess cleaned up. Carpets, laminate flooring, boxes. All that hard work we put into finishing that basement. Nuts!

O I know there's so many worse off and I don't mean to complain. *yes I do* (that was my other personality speaking - ignore her). But can't a guy get a break while a girl is busting her a$$ off to pay the bills, while trying to watch expenses so she doesn't get to shop for stress relief, and werks her butt off because she is the sole (read major) bread winner?

No? Okay well then I'm done then.


mist1 said...

You need a vacation. At least the weekend is coming up.

AlRo said...

Go to Rogers Highspeed kiddo!!
Sympatico sucks ass! And they say they don't have 'bandwidth' sharing!! Of course they do... !!! They probly have an overloaded Switch-Hub out there.. when all the gamers start gaming...
You get and overloaded switch...

Charmed1 said...

Aw that sucks! Next is the whole insurance filing a claim thing, that's what we're getting ready for. So we'll be with you there.

I hate to hear you are having a hard time.

Cheeky said...

{{HUGS}} I know - lets go out for a beer! hehe

Hope things get better for ya hon!

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Thanks for the jeer up guys! I've been looking at the bright side of all this. You need to read my TT below to understand.

- I have no hot water
- I'm down to my last pair of clean underwear
- yay, I get to go shopping!

ok, I broke my cardinal rule of blogging from werk. I wrote this from work. It is 7:32 p.m. I'm still here. Needed a humour break!
tee hee :)

Gattina said...

Like your writing ! If you want to laugh, there is something about man and women in my writer's cramp blog or if you like animals it's in the cat blogs, or if you like to travel (more serious blog) you can look at my travel blog which starts with "painting" that's stupid, but before I had all in one like "wash and go"

Lisa said...

You have every right to complain! Oh what a horrible week you've had. Just totally crappy! I'm so sorry. Vent here all that you need. :-)

Hugs to you!

The Kept Woman said...

"(I'm beginning to think he's reading p-o-r-n)"

Bwahahahaha...funny...only b/c I'm on the outside...I can't imagine what I'd say to my son if I thought that.

May next week be better!!

Gracie said...

I'm baaaaccckkkk!

C'mon over to my blogwarming!!

I'm ever so sorry to hear about your rough week. I'm pretty glad it's friday too...I can use the break. Still have work to work on, and things that HAVE to get done, but I can at least take my time and NOT answer the phone if I don't want to! hehe

talk to ya soon!

Gracie said...

Oh yeah...be sure and change my link. I'll not be blogging on blogger anymore since. I. can't. access. it. *sweetly patient smile* argh.

Mr. Fabulous said...

Okay, but if your hot water heater broke, and there is water all over the basement floor, you can just take a bath in the basement, right?

I love to solve problems.

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Gattina - thanks for visiting and sharing my pain.

Lisa - your empathy makes me happy!

TKW - ahem ... Pool Boy is my husband not my son. Should I be more worried? My son, Mr Philosopher, lives away from home so he can visit where he wants, unless he gets arrested, in which case I do not know him. Tough love...gotta love it.

Gracie - o my dear sweet poor Gracie. Locked out of blog land without a key. Had to leave only commments to get her fix. Came back to see me to invite me to her blogwarming party. I'm so there and will be popping in all weekend. Welcome back!

Mr Fab - I love your approach to problem solving. Kind of a long the lines of when life gives you lemons, make lemonade, or throw them at people (is what I always say)