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Monday, August 28, 2006

Manic Monday - Maladies

Do you get sick often? What illness do you come down with the most frequently?

No I don't get sick too often. I may get a head cold once every few years. I usually get the flu shot because I can't afford to be sick - too busy.

Do you believe in "alternative" medicine? If so, what aspects of it appeal to you?

I don't practise it but that doesn't mean that I don't necessarily believe in it. I think there are some merits, but as in everything, taken to an extreme it can be stupid.

How about you? Reply here or play on your blog and tell fleur-de-Lisa that you played.



jane said...

Hi, I'm here via Click & Comment Mondays @ Mysterious Lady's blog. :)

When I get sick it's usually with a migraine. I believe in holistic methods, yet I'm not good @ practicing it.

Lisa said...

Migraines are certainly not something to mess around with! I know that first hand.

The flu shot never seems to work for me ICL. I'm just not lucky that way. :-)

Gracie said...

I used to always have a lil sinus thing going on, then I quit smoking. Haven't even had the sniffles since then. Imagine?!?

I do tend to use natural methods (vitamins and herbs) to conquer what ails me but I'm not opposed to doctors and synthetic drugs. :)
In the words of my precocious-then-three-yr-old: "My mommy sells drugs." (I used to be a pharmacy technician.) LOL

Tammy said...

You're lucky. I get sinus headaches every fucking day of my life!

Echo Mouse said...

I used to be like you :) Ah those were happy days. LOL

Now, I'm sick most of the time because of my rare disorder. Because it's so frustrating, I'm just now turning to alternative medicine to see if that helps some.

Cheeky said...

Yeah, I usually don't get sick much either - but I do get the sinus crap when we move to a new place (new allergens that I have to get used to I guess - but I really don't have allergies per se).

Alternative medicine - yeah its possible.....

mist1 said...

Alternative medicines...I'm a believer.

Wine counts, right?

Lisa said...

Wine as an alternative medicine is a great idea! :-)