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Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Fish

Hey it's Thursday 13 on Thursday the 13th! How about that, kids?

So the Naked Nerd wanted the info on the fish ... and I have so much to say about fish and my relationship with fish I thought I'd better do this on my TT.

It's not all what you think.

1. The symbol of the fish comes from the use of the fish as an early symbol of belief in Jesus: Ichthys (Greek: ἰχθύς; also transliterated and latinized as ichthys, icthus, or ikhthus), is the Greek word for "fish." It refers to a symbol consisting of two intersecting arcs resembling the profile of a fish, used by early Christians as a secret symbol and is now known colloquially as the "Jesus fish." Read on ~ The Christian Fish - a brief history

The reason that the fish has evolved as a symbol of Christianity, as well as the Cross, comes from the Gospels of Matthew and Mark when Jesus said "Come, follow me, and I will make you fishers of men." Matthew 4:19 (Whole Chapter), Mark 1:17 (Whole Chapter)

2. The irony is I love and hate fish.

3. I love fish for reason #1 - the fish symbol for Christianity.

4. I hate fish because I'm scared of big fish like this one, though he is pretty.

5. I like to eat most seafood.

6. I used to fish as a kid and would bait my own hooks and those of my siblings/friends.

7. I don't particularly like to fish now because I feel sorry for them.

8. I did lose my fishing rod in Silver Lake when I was a kid when I was talking away and lost my concentration and let go of the fishing rod. I was about 5. Here I am. I'm the shorter one. The fishing instructor is big sis. I was the bait instructor. The plastic fishing rod in the 3rd picture is the one now at the bottom of Silver Lake.

9. When I was young we had goldfish in a pond in our front yard. We fished them with fishing rods out of a fish pond at a local business (with our parents). They lived for years and years. The even wintered over in the pond when the ice was frozen over because there was always water going into the pond from the sump pump. They were more or less like small carp like you see in the ponds in Florida.

10. I once snagged my dad in the arm with a fish hook. He had to go to hospital to have it removed. He fainted. No worry, he always faints for needles. I always felt bad about that.

11. I love snorkeling and scuba diving and swimming with colourful fish in a coral reef. 12. I would love to have a large tropical fish tank some day.

13. You often see people with da fish on the back of their cars or on bumper stickers. When we used to drive to Florida, we would play a game to look for all of the fish. There's a lot more in the States than in Canada. I have one on my car and so does my daughter. I got them at a Christian bookstore.

Thanks for reading my big fish stories!


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mist1 said...

I love fish. I used to think that I was somehow spiritually related to fish.

The Naked Nerd said...

Hey thanks! Now I know. My wife is German and she see's them on cars here. She thought it was some kind of cult. LOL Thanks for you big fish stories it was a good read. :)

The Kept Woman said...

My favorite past-time while snorkeling is annoying, errrrrr I mean trying to capture the best picture I can of the parrotfish who usually want nothing to do with me, my snorkel or my cheap underwater camera.

And that's my fish story.

Cheeky said...

Love that last picture - I have seen it before but it has been a while. Oh I have fish stories too.

Great Thirteen

I played too

nancy said...

LOL! This is cute. SOme of these fish are beautiful.

I am sure I have your email to be added to the blogroll. Leanne just forwarded them to me. I will be doing the additions tommorrow. I will let you know if you are not in the list.

colleen said...

I thought it was because Jesus was Pisces! There is a Darwin alternative fish symbol that I've seen on people's cars.

My second thought was that it refered to Jesus making fish appear in a basket to feed the poor.

The photo on my blog was taken in Ireland. I have a shamrock on my sweater!

My 13 are wearing lipstick.


I eat fish but I don't dig it much.
Love the last photo.
Mine is up too.

Wystful1 said...

This is one cool 13 list!!! I really enjoyed reading this. And the christianity symbol is a must in our household also. Ohhhhhhhhh, and the fish hook story with your father? Me too!!! Been there done that so many times, it's pathetic. LOL

Love the photo at the end too.

Happy Thursday

Carmen said...

i'm allergic to seafood, so I try to avoid fish. :)

Amanda Fernandes said...

I love seafood too. I would love to have an aquarium with tropical fish too!

Irish Church Lady :) said...

mist1 - it's obvious that you're even more than spiritually related. Thanks for wavin' your gill!

nn - you are so welcome and I really really love you. Make sure you share some of your fishy stories too 'k hic

tkw - it's not you or the camera that they want to get away from. It's because you pee in the ocean, or so they told me.

cheeky - do you have any fish stories with muppets?

nancy - thank you oh thank you

colleen - u r so smart. I think the Darwin fish is a parody of the Jesus fish (lol what can I say?) u r so right about Jesus feeding fish to thousands. But was it 2 fish and a few loaves of bread or 2 loaves of bread and a few fish? Better go back and read my bible. Whatever... he sure knew how to stretch a meal!

friday's child - put lemon on fish and it doesn't taste so fishy. that's all i'm sayin'

wystful1 - oh my did that suck for you too?

carmen - my hubby is allergic to clams and mussels too. becomes violently ill. We've tested that theory a few times at restaurants and gotten free meals out of it. but sadly, he's not going there anymore.

amanda - oh to be rich and have an aquarium and have someone to clean it and to be able to give more money to charity. that's my dream!

Y'all have a good day now!

Trish said...

Loved your fish stories! The hubby fishes - and I bring a book on the rare occasion that I'm invited. :) I've fished, but I refuse to put anything on the hook. I'm a sqeamish girly-girl when it comes to that sorta thing.

Happy TT!
Mine are up.

Karen said...

That photo at the end is craziness! Love the pics of fishing...those are priceless.
My TT is up!

LizzieDaisy said...

Love fish but wouldn't eat one to save my life. I would SO lose on Survivor. :)

Wethyb said...

Can't stand to touch fish, but I love to eat 'em :)

Lyn said...

Someone asked me what sign I was born under, I said Ichthus. :-) Thanks for visiting my T13 at FBO - Bible Misquotes Edition. lgp

Susan said...

This is a GREAT list!! I hate to fish...but I love eating fish!! My family loves to fish, however.

My TT is up here

Janet (fondofsnape@gmail.com) said...

oooh who is that hottie kissing the fish?

Jen said...

What a cool list! I love the pictures of you fishing with your sister, so cute.

I prefer the fish symbol to the cross. Not that the cross is bad, but for me the fish does a better job of summing up what Jesus is about.

mar said...

I like fish, but I have never been fishing...lovely pics of your childhood! Yes, I would be afraid I would be kissed by a large fish, too! Happy TT! :)

MysteriousLady said...

Went on a semi vegetarian kick for 5 years. No meat. I ate fish though, Now I'm so sick of fish. Gimme that red meat!!!!!

Hope you had a great thrusday!

Sorry I'm late had to work.

~ageless~ said...

On number 4- did you mean the fish was pretty or the man? i agree with janets comment above.- lisa

eph2810 said...

This is a great T13 :). I especially like that you touch on the 'fish symbol'...

I enjoy eating fish a lot, but it is not very good being fish in the desert. Who knows how long it has been in the stores and what journey it has taken. :)
Thanks for stopping by my Thankful Thursday.

Ardice said...

I love fish. Interesting post and love the pics.

Thanks for the visit and sorry it took so long to visit you. I guess better late than never *grin* Have a wonderful weekend.

Peanutt said...

LOL, we have the same life vests!!! Loved your rant and your TT. I agree with the armageddon thing....

happy and blue 2 said...

I'd be afraid to snorkel anywhere where fish were present. What if one got into the tube and you sucked it into your mouth..Eeeeek..