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Tuesday, July 11, 2006


What I might feel compelled to blog about sometime in the future. (I said I might, no promises I will, no promises I won't!)

Where's Waldo? Who cares? Who is he when he's at home?
My love / guilt relationship with the sun
Gardening - pleasure or burden?
Silly things
Smells I've always liked - aka Where did my brain cells go?
What I love about blogging / what I dislike about blogging
Things I will never say to people
Sometimes life is never as perfect as it is right now
I smell dope, where's it coming from?
It's time to cut those apron strings
Who ate the last meatball sandwich?


[Mat] said...

I think waldo is never at home. Although if he is, he's caring for all those bruises he got from people actually putting their fingers so hard on him after they spotted him. Trying to find better ways to hide amongst the crowd and wondering why the hell no other type of shirt can fit good on him. Or why he can't put on anything else either.

He also thinks about all those smiles he put on faces of people trying to find him too and I think that makes his day. Or I hope so.


Irish Church Lady :) said...

Ha ha Mat - you're right, Waldo's one bruised messed up dude but we love looking for him. I see him sitting in his undies and smoking a pipe at home.

Tammy said...

My "what I won't say to people" was one of my favorite posts. Highly recommended. :)

The Naked Nerd said...

I got a question for you. What does that sign that looks like a fish mean. I see those alot on cars over here. You have one with Jesus inside it. Thanks NN

speckledpup said...

I'll help you out.
I ate the last meatball sandwich and you can take that anyway you want it.
Where's Waldo...I hear he's a pedophile and was sniffing around Dora's backpack.
And it's definitely time to cut those apron strings.

You could blog about your nips.
Positions you've abandoned.
Spankings you've known.
Butts you've sniffed.

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Tammy - it's on my list and will be a work in progress. Not something you can just blurt out without a lot of thought, no?

Nerd - you just gave me a great idea on what to blog about for Thursday Thirteen. I'll let you know tomorrow, 'k.

Pup - I already took a bite out of it. Hope the rest was good. Ya that's what I'm beginning to think about gardening too. I think it may be overrated. I already blogged about my nips a few times and I'm not really a butt sniffer or kisser. Thanks for the other ideas, I'll use 'em.

Gotta run now 'cause we're taking me birthday daughter out to lunch cause she has a class tonight ~ poor baby. Toodles~