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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Way Back Wednesday ~ I played!!!!

Brought to us by TKW (The Kept Woman) who says "Water, water everywhere!!! Let's cool off with a picture that has something to do with H2O...washing dishes, water balloon fight, wet t-shirt contest, your choice!"

OK I'm excited. I don't usually play WBW because I don't have any old pictures scanned (it's on my to do list, now that my Dad has given me a bunch - Woo hoo!) because I'm too lazy ...because I haven't had time...because my husband hogs the computer with the scanner, ya that's it, that's the reason! :)

But this week I can play because I do have one with water (WOOT!) which I have posted before (one of me favourite posts about FISH [ok my only post about fish, so far that is] so go check it out if you haven't seen it yet [actually it is a special one!]

So here I am fishing with me sister. I'm the cute one (haha!) ... with the rod. See me smiling face? See the size of the one that got away? Notice how much our parents loved us to put us in those big bulky life jackets? See the old wood boat? See the blue sky? Love those days! See the water? Yup I played! {wears satisfied grin conspiciously like the one in the photo}

Now go read the full story about the rod that got away in #8 and #9 of 13 things about FISHES.

{still smiling smuggly}


Lisa said...

I LOVE this picture! So funny!
Have a great Wednesday, ICL and don't work too hard. :-)

mist1 said...

Love those bright orange vests. You two sort of look like the prisoners that clean up the side of the road. Only cuter.

Macdara said...

Hi , thanks for the comments and the remarks about the situation. i have not stopped blogging but over the last few weeks living as a refuge in my own country(our house is not built yet and the trip home was unplanned and so we were moving about staying with friends and family)I have now relocated ti cyprus and hope o start blogging again.

I have lots to write about and lots to ay about the Leband about what we did at home.



Wethyb said...

Aw you were so cute :) Gotta love those huge, bright orange lifejackets :)

The Kept Woman said...

Love the picture, so classic...and that boat!!!! Mahogany, by chance?

The Naked Nerd said...

LOL I read that story. It was still good. ;)

Christie said...

happy (belated) wbw! :)