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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Bogland Update & Happy Birthday Mr Philosopher

So the bog seems to be now dry, and they have removed the big fans and heaters and dehumidifer. The guy's coming back to put some anti mildew stuff down. The next step is for the adjuster to come and look at the damage. I'll post some pics as soon as I take them. Still afraid to go down there. yikes!

So today is my son's 23rd birthday on the 23rd of the month. Kool ay?

When he was my ring bearer ~ I had been in his life about about 5 months when this pic was taken.

And taken this summer, don't I look so much younger? ha....it's his gf LOL

He lives in another city but has taken some time to go visit his Grandma and Grandpa and is meeting his sis (Nurse-a-baby) there for a few days. Nice ay? This is the kid who put us through the ringer from age 14 - 18. I could write a book or at least another post on that!



Mathieu said...


Philos - meaning

Sophia - wisdom

Happy b-day, Mr. meaning of wisdom.


Mathieu said...

or rather, friend of wisdom

The Naked Nerd said...

Glad to here that your bog problem is getting better. Birthday wishes to your son.

mist1 said...

Maybe your bog and my swamp should get together.

ALRO said...

well then.. happy birthday..

BTW - watched the elimination round of Idol today... and i was || this close to boycotting the show from now until eternity!

If Eva Avila doesn't win this thing -- i'll never watch it again. I will chalk up my refusal to watch the show citing that it's bush!!

There is no way she should have been in the bottom 2! Bonehead with the curly hair cannot sing in tune!! Did you listen carefully, yall, to men singing the other night??? They can't sing on key! They are consistantly flat...

The only explaination is that young 12 year old girls are voting... Sure they're cute - but this isn't a beauty contest... it's a singing competition -- and they can't sing!

Mr. Fabulous said...

Where does the time go? Like sand through the hourglass...

Looks like a fine young man!

Peanutt said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Philosopher! Ok, that doesn't look right when I type it! Huh.

Anonymous said...

La breitha shona duit, Mr. Philosopher :-)

Meira{FB} said...

Happy Birthday to your son!

Don't ya know they just put us through the ringer so we will appreciate the fact that they turned out alright in the end.
Thank God.

Echomouse said...

Don't tell me you had a flood too! It all sounds so familiar. We just went through all this a couple of weeks ago. Reconstruction/rebuilding is still going on.

Hope all is okay. I better read back to catch up!

Echomouse said...

Okay I just read your original post on this. I seriously just went through all the same, only our finished basement flooded because of massive rains which overflowed the weeping tile capability and on and on. Anyway, if you have allergies already, MOLD KILLS - tell them that. If you express your concern, they will be allll over it. Because if they don't fix it right, you can go back on them as can your insurance (who is paying for the repairs/cleanup).

I have pictures up at my Flickr, linked off my blog. We had 4 of those blowers, 2 industrial strenght dehumdifiers, and a machine called a Lifebreather unit (mega huge Hepa filter air cleaner to catch mold and mildew spores) at the top of the stairs to the basement. This will be covered. Express your ALARM about mold and your existing allergies and they should be ALL over it.

Who is doing the cleanup and reconstruction? I assume you're in Canada because you use(used? lol) sympatico, like I do. So, if it's Winmar (great company) talk to them about your mold/allergy concerns. If it's not Winmar, get on the phone to your insurance company and say they're not doing enough to clean up because you smell a lot of mildew (that should raise some alarm bells) and they're talking about saving the carpet. NEVER save the carpet. Our flood was clean water too. Carpet must come out! And the underpad.

Anyway, if there's anything I can help with, let me know. Our flood happened August 3rd. We're now at rebuilding stage. Whole new recroom!! lol But like you, we still have that $500 deductible but some contents were damaged so they will likely take it off that.

Hang in there! And push for the best. OH and drywall ALWAYS has to replaced if it got wet. Did they use the special machine probe to test for water on all baseboards and carpet? They should have. Anyway, framing can be dried out but they need dehumidifiers too not just the blowers. Drywall has to GO, not the entire wall but the bottom part of it at least. They will do it all.

Anonymous said...

i loved the love boat. I am watching celebrity fit club because of Issac.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mom for the nice birthday tribute. Tell your friends I say thank you as well for the wishes. I'm getting quite old I know. And yes, you do look quite youthful in the picture...or was that Ashley. Speaking about birthdays, someones b-day is coming up rather quickly as well. Gtg, love ya.