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Monday, July 17, 2006

It's time to name the kids

So periodically I blog (brag) about my kids and I may have to dis them from time to time (unfortunately they're not perfect like their mother). Usually I refer to them by birth order and /or sex. It's time to give them quirky names that reflect their personalities like so many bloggers do. I also want to tell you why I like their given names so much and then they will never be referred to as such again.

First I should let you know that I did not name three of them. They are my 'step' children (ew I hate that word) but it is a fact. I have mothered them though since they were all young. Their mother died (RIP) when they were 5,2, 6 mos. (from cancer). She did not know she had cancer when she was pregnant. Her pregnancy symptoms kinda disguised the cancer symptoms and she was diagnosed when the baby was 3 months old. She died 3 months later. I did not know her, only now through stories and pictures. I came into the picture 3 years later. I married my husband (aka Pool Boy) after a short courtship (5 months) - we were engaged after 5 weeks. He was not looking for a mother for his kids, he wanted a wife. He let me assume the role slowly (TG). This was a good and very important thing for our relationship and my relationship with the kids. They of course were delighted to have a mom. They started calling me mom even before we were married. This made me feel special and helped me to assume my mothering role with ease. I'm not saying I am / was a good mother, but it helped me to be one to the best of my ability. I digress.

Okay so eldest is Lisa. She is 25 now, still lives at home (but not for much longer I suspect), is working at a full time job, is mother to a dog only (TG). (Yes we treat pets like humans in this household - the Dog Whisperer would not agree, and I agree with him but I still humanize them from time to time (ok, most of the time)). She has been referred to as Mona Lisa, Lis (often), Weeza. Lisa means Oath of God. I like her name but I especially like her second name which is Christiane. I am the Irish Church Lady, need I say more? I will now refer to her going forward as Dairy Queen Girl or DQ Girl. The story behind this is that she used to work at DQ (it was her first part-time job) when she was 16. She has recently started dating I guy that she used to work with there who I affectionately refer to as DQ Boy (he knows). When she first started seeing him there were a few other irons in the fire so to speak and they were referred to as Paramedic Boy and Joint Boy. DQ boy won out and since I like DQ boy she feels like DQ girl to me. No pressure here. I'm not ready to be a real Grandma anyways.

Next is Mathieu. I love his name because it is after the Apostle Matthew of course (ICL) but also because of how it is spelled. The French way. It is actually pronounced Mat-yeu. It means Gift of God. Mat is a deep thinker, into writing, reading, writing music. He loves to debate, fends for the little guy. He's our philosopher of the family. So I will call him Mr. Philosopher. He is soon to be 23. He is away at school about 7 hours away studying Music Production. He stayed there for the summer to work and because his lovely girlfriend lives there. (I'm being sincere, she is a very nice girl). He comes home to visit every 3 months or so (sooner if bus fare is provided by Pool Boy). He majorly stressed us out as a teen, but we're over that now. I could write a book.

The step-baby is Jenny - not Jennifer. That's what I like about it. It's kinda unique. She goes by Jenn sometimes. It means God is gracious. The celtic meaning is white wave. ha ha ha very appropriate. She can come crashing in at any time! Our Jenny has just turned 21 - yay! She is entering second year of nursing at university and is well suited for this field - her 'mui sympatico' nature and love of the human body / diagnosing illnesses etc. We are very proud of her following in her Nana's footsteps (my mum). I will call her Nurse-a-baby. She wants to get married and have kids by the time she is 25. I say focus on school first. She's very headstrong our Nurse-a-baby. Not a follower by any means. She acts first and thinks later, and I have the psychological injuries to prove it. Let's just say that Maturity agrees with her (and me). She's a good cook and baker (not like DQ Girl). She will accomplish what she puts her mind to.

The real baby is Seana - pronounced Shaw-na and means gift from God (present). The feminine form of Sean (John). It is the Irish. Kind of a funny story about the spelling of her name which is unique and for a reason. We had decided on her name before she was born and new that we wanted to spell it the Irish way so I called my uncle (my mom's BIL) to confirm the spelling. He's good with Irish / Gaelic words and meanings of stuff. He confirmed the above spelling because I wanted to ensure that I got the accent on the right letter and in the right direction. I was recently browsing a site on the Irish pronounciations of letters and words and determined that with the accent where it is placed, it probably should be pronounced Shay-na. I broke it to her gently figuring she would be mad (she gets mad) that I had made such a mistake. I told her to blame Uncle Fred (whom she knows and loves and couldn't get mad at). Of course, being very unpredictable, she thinks it's kinda kool. She's very left wing, artsy-fartsy and kinda into philosophy like her brother. She is 16 and finding it hard to get motivated about school. She is actually quite smart but does not apply herself. She thinks she wants to study Anthropology but is worried she may become bored with it. I could not for the life of me get her to get out of the car in Ireland so I could get a picture of her with this sign for Dun Seanna (Fort Seanna) which I thought was kinda kool! She will be called Bat-Girl which is better than Rabies Girl which we called her last summer after she was bitten by a bat she was trying to nurse back to health. Turned out it had rabies and she had to get shots. Run away from injured bats that fall into your pool people. Do not touch and stay away!!!


Wethyb said...

I love that she's a Jenny too and not a Jennifer. I think Jenn is cute :) And I like Jenna too :)

I moved! mommawethyb.blogspot.com

Oh, The Joys said...

Thanks for your visit. I enjoyed hearing about your family here.

speckledpup said...

oh I loved this.
I love the real names and the meanings....
great, great stuff.


The Pup.

mist1 said...

Hey...it's all pretty here. Looks good, ICL.

Mama Duck said...

Awwww, that's a great story!! My story of how my little guy is "Lil' Duck Duck" isn't half as interesting, hee hee.

[Mat] said...

Hey, lovely new template for your blog.

Your kids are beautiful.

And well, Mathieu, what can I say, I love his name. :)