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Sunday, July 16, 2006

My love / guilt relationship with the sun

I've got it bad. I grew up sunbathing with my favourite person in the world. She is now dead. Not from skin cancer. From ovarian cancer.

We had great times together. She was like my second Mom. She was my aunt. My real Mom didn't sunbathe but Auntie Kay introduced me to the drug that I cannot quit. At that time it was considered healthy to have a nice glow, deep tan. I was probably the niece that did it most with her. In early spring, around easter, if it was warm enough we would find a sunny spot at the side of the house, sheltered from the wind, and burn baby burn. Then at the end of the day over gin and tonics (or martinis) for her and coke for me, we would marvel at our great base we had started to ready us for the glorious summer months ahead. Then all summer long, every chance we got but mostly during holidays at the cottage I swam and played with my siblings and cottage friends and sunbathed on the big floating mattress with AK. I looked great, I felt great and she gave me lots of praise.

{ICL far right}

I was hooked. It has grown into an adult pastime enjoyment. Since we installed our swimming pool I am able to feed my addiction during the summer months but I do it in fits and spurts because I feel incredibly guilty that I should not be doing that even though I do put sunscreen on. Nothing more relaxing that floating on the mattress in the pool and falling asleep. I'm much better than I was. I have cut back quite a bit.

Who knows if I would look younger now or not if I did not sunbathe throughout my life? I am told I look younger for my age but I think I look no more, no less. I'll be 47 in the fall.

Here's a recent picture of me from the end of May. I'm the one on the far left. My youngest sister is next to me (40), the oldest is next to her (51) and the other middle is at the right (44). Also a closeup. You be the judge. Tell me if I am wrinkly from sunbathing or not. Don't hold back. I need the feedback good or bad. (You don't need to comment on my double chin though. That's a separate blog hee hee!)

I probably need a big health scare or tirades from friends and bloggers to be able to quit cold turkey. Does anyone else also have a similar love / hate relationship with the sun?

How have you changed or not?

Vain ICL


Cat. said...

You look great in spite of your sun worship. ;-)

I used to lie in our backyard covered in a baby oil/water spritz, reapplied every 10 minutes or so. Baby oil still takes me back. The follies of youth...

I finally realized that I really don't tan: white to red to peeling to freckles to white. sigh

Now I try to stay out of the sun, at least covering my face (esp. nose) and shoulders.

Great post. :-)

Cat. said...

Oooh, and I don't know when you did it, but I like your new site design.

Deb said...

I used to worship the sun when I was much younger but now I protect my skin from the UV rays. I'm 47 (will be 48 in August) and I opt for fake tans these days lol. I think you look fabulous, though! Do be careful, however :))

Janet (fondofsnape@gmail.com) said...

I'm 49 and have loved the sun all my life. Recently I was diagnosed with precancerous skin cells and had them burned and cut out. Here's a picture:


Not pretty huh? and it's fucking with the edge of my tattoo!!!

AlRo said...

Naw... not wrinkled cuz of the sun.. you don't look like a sundried tomato!

I used to worship the sun... but i never really needed to spend any time in it to get a tan.. i tan very fast ..

Gracie said...

You look great in spite of your sun worship. I'd say you have good genes.

I used to worship the sun, too. There was nothing better than laying out "baking". I still feel very relaxed whenever I have the opportunity. Alas, it's not a priority, so I dont make the op very often.

That's a nice picture of you and your sisters, too. :)

Fleur De Lisa said...

I think you look just fine- but I know sun can age you. I used to spend so much time in the sun. I lived by the ocean both in Hawaii and California and spent every weekend (and more) out in the sun and in the water all day long. Last year, it finally caught up with me. At 35 I had a pre-cancerous area biopsied not once, but twice. Now I have a 2 inch ugly scar on my shoulder and I'm banned from the sun. You should go see your dermatologist and get checked out. I now have to go twice a year just to keep an eye on things. It's hell being fair and loving the sun, isn't it? ;-)

speckledpup said...

I too love/hate the sun.
I think fat looks better brown than white.
I think my wrinkles, are charming.
I love to swim, in the sun.
I love that feel of the sun just sinking into you.
I love the 20 minute nap I get in the tanning bed.

Don't know what to tell you here...