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Sunday, April 30, 2006

How I spent my Saturday ... by Irish Church Lady

Got up at 6:30 a.m. to go to an Irish Dance competition in Syracuse NY with daughter #1. Daughter #3 still sleeping...of course... took this pic after the second cat got off the bed by her feet.
Got stopped at the border and car searched ... nice customs guy though ... he kept joking that he was having a bad hair day. Didn't take a picture of him though ... regrets ... regrets. They told us that #1D had her license plate randomly selected. She thinks it was because she was wearing her bandana which I kept teasing her was the real reason. You'll see pictures of her in that below ...

Wished I took pictures of those big huge crow statues on I-81 just before Watertown. Next time.

So this is what an Irish Feis looks like ... pure mayhem.
So I was worried that with the time it took at the border and with the later start than we planned that we would be late and #1D would miss her first dance.
Boy was I wrong! She didn't dance until 4:00 o'clock!!! Sheesh...! So here she is practising her steps for the umpteenth time. See the bandana...doesn't she look like a hoodlum? hee hee

Here's the feet in practice mode ...

This is what Irish dance dresses look like

... and, yes ... they cost a fortune!

Ready to dance...

Isn't she beautiful and me biased? hee

Getting stage fright ... just about to start

Doin' the hard shoe ... they dance two at a time for these ones ...

Taking a bow after soft shoe

Her set dance:

Hair's a swingin'

She wasn't happy with the results ... she did bad... but still manages to smile for the camera with her friends

Some Irish booty...

... THE END (NOT! of Saturday)

P.S. Mum (me) got in trouble with a judge for taking pictures during the dancing.

Oh ... almost forgot ... here's the two Irish Dancer cookies I bought for D#2 and D#3. Aren't they adorable?


ThoughtsGalore said...

great costumes...beautiful dancing, but it's the hair that always makes me go hmmmmmm

Fleur De Lisa said...

How did she get her hair to look like that?!

You should be very proud of your daughter, she's obviously very lovely and talented.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a lot of fun... I'm sure she was great!

miss_lissa said...

Very cool!!

I would love for my girls to get involved with Irish Dancing...

I loved your daughters costume!!

That totally sux about her car being random like that... or maybe it wasn't so random and it really was the bandana's fault. haha


k, its after 1am.. bedtime.

[Mat] said...

:) You are biaised, but she is really good looking :)

Sounds like you all had fun.


speckledpup said...


Beautiful daughter...
Do they have to wear their hair like that?
I use a straightener every damn day so I won't look like that.

But the face, oh the face of an angel she has.

The Pup

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Awww ... thanks guys ... she says blushing happily.

Ya the hair thing, they're wigs / hairpieces. Part of the mandatory costume.

In the old days ... like only 3 years ago before they bought their wigs, they used to curl their hair with these alien looking spike thingys and sleep in them and wear them until one hour before they danced with all this hairspray and gel and crap. Ya we used to get some weird looks going through Customs at the border then!

These days you only see the really young ones with their hair manually curled. All the other girls have these wigs.

It's big business I tell you Irish Dancing ... just like figure skating and hockey ... but maybe not as expensive. They do wear through their shoes though every few years!


happy and blue 2 said...

Well, I was going to say your daughter's hair was nice but now that I know it's a wig, pffft..
She is cute though, even if her hair is fake,ha,ha..

Do the competitors ever kick each other. Accidentally of course..