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Friday, June 16, 2006


Stuff Portrait Fridays are brought to you from the fantastic photographer, Kristine at randomandodd.

I'm way late but here I go with my three words and pictures.
My puzzle

My Mum died last year at the age of 73. She seemed so healthy. It was such a shock. Still wondering how her heart could have given out so quickly and with no warning. It is what she would have wanted so I have no regrets in that regard. She died in her bed drinking her tea and doing her crossword on a Sunday morning. I miss her so much. Here she is the year before with my eldest at her college graduation, looking pleased as punch, glasses crooked, lipstick on her teach, in all her glory! RIP Mum xoxoxo

My best

Raising these kids to turn out so great. OK maybe not the one on the right (LOL!) It's hard to find a picture that Mat isn't clowning around in. But I liked this shot, taken last summer for said son's 22nd birthday and middle daughter's 20th.

Something old

A tombstone at Gallarus Oratory in Co. Kerry Ireland with Ogham writing dating back to 3rd century A.D.

P.S. I was going to put a picture of the mini jigsaw puzzle that I have on my desk and work and my old lustre jug inherited from my great grandmother but I ran out of time. I still might come back and update (add on to this post later). On to Saturday Photo Hunt. Ya, I'm addicted!


Fleur De Lisa said...

I am so sorry about you Mum. Sounds like she was a lovely lady. :-)
I love the photo of Kerry Ireland- I always learn something new when I visit you ICL.

CameraDawktor said...

Fantastic photos.

Your mom looked like an Irish church lady........Totally.

I'm so sorry you lost her, my Grandma was 79 and died a few days later, one day after Thanksgiving.

We knew we would lose her though, she had cancer. pretty agressive and advanced.

Your kids are cute and the stone is INCREDIBLE!

I played too......

Uzz said...

I am so sorry about your mum...that has to be amazingly difficult! My mom turns 80 on Sunday and still works full time at a daycare...I don't know how she does it, but she had a quad bypass surgery about 5-6 years ago and that was incredibly hard on me.

I am jealous of that last pic...I DREAM about going to Ireland with my cameras. I am afraid that if I went, I may choose to never leave!

Great SPF...I played as well!

Kami said...

How did I miss this?

Great SPF. That pic of your mom and daughter is great. Sorry you lost her. :(