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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Saturday Photo Hunt

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This week's word is "SPORTS"

She's gonna bike to werk all summer
and maybe all winter too!


Fleur De Lisa said...

That picture is hilarious!
Great take on this week's theme, ICL!
Happy Saturday. :-)

Teena said...

You go, Girl!

I played too :)

Pam said...

Good one. Great idea. Don't you wish you had her body? I do. *wink*

I played. Pam

MysteriousLady said...

Great pic! More power to her! I'm too old for such adventures!

mines up:)

TNChick said...

My husband use to bike to work when we lived in San Diego but it was only 4 miles one way and no real winter! :)

GoofyJ said...

Fun pic! I love biking, though I haven't time for it now with all the kids. :) My photo is up. :)

Reverberate58 said...

i would just like to be able to bike around the neighborhood. Maybe in the fall when it is not so hot! Nice share!

My photos are up!

ribbiticus said...

haha! good and witty choice! mine's up! ;)

Just Expressing Myself said...

My best friend is going to teach me how to ride a bike this summer - I'm 44!
It looks so liberating!
Nice choice.
My pic is up too.
Have a great weekend,