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Saturday, June 17, 2006

We interrupt this blog ...

... to inform you that ICL has been a very busy girl. She has not had time to post or read because she's been werking until 11 p.m. the last two nights. (She's also a very tired girl!). Plus she has something wrong with her feets (edema, my nurse-in-training daughter tells me). If it doesn't correct itself soon, she's going to hafta drag her butt to the docr's which will be difficult to fit in with 3 all day sessions Mon - Wed which she is busy preparing for and probably has to drag her butt to werk again today. Plus tamarra is Fathr's Day and she wants to do somein' special for her Daddy and Dad (those r two different ppls ~ Pool Boy (aka her man) and real Dad). Plus her #4 daughter needs attention. So tonight if she doesn't fall asleep she's gonna play boggle or scrabble wit 'er and then maybe pour herself a glass of wine and read those missed posts from everyone and pictures and all. So if I don't comment on your blog this week it's not because I didn't want to. Later ppls. Have a good weekend!


Fleur De Lisa said...

You have a good weekend too! Put those feet up, pour yourself a glass and play a round of Boggle. Sounds like you need some good old R&R.

LizzieDaisy said...

Poor baby. Hope you are getting some rest. You're probably overdoing.

Thanks for the compliment btw... :)


R said...

Hoping the feet are feeling better.

speckledpup said...

the enema does not go on yer feet it goes up yer ... never mind.

miss you
so much
oh baby.

Wethyb said...

Boy can I relate! Hope you get some nice rest and relaxation soon!