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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

13 Things That I like about my life right now

1. My children are entering the next phase of their lives.

2. My husband is more established in his business.

3. I really enjoy my job, find it challenging and rewarding.

4. I'm happy about my level of fitness and activity I have been able to sustain for awhile now without too much injury. (Biking to work for the summer and it's great!)

5. I love reality TV shows.

6. I'm enjoying blogging and the interesting information, photos, stories, humour shared.

7. I love my home environment.

8. I love my husband and family with all my heart.

9. I love my pets - dog , granddog, 3 cats, a grand chinchilla.

10. I have good friends.

11. My MIL is fantastic!

12. My church and church community is great!

13. I feel very blessed.

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Carmen said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Carmen said...

I can see why you'd like your life right now. :)

Marisa said...

My mil is great, too.

Is this next phase (your children) any easier? Do I have that to look forward to? LOL

I played.

Cheeky said...

You definitely have a lot to be thankful for! Great job on your second week.

Mine is finally up

Dawn said...

I love your list. I love reality shows (big time) and I think my MIL is one of the best ladies I'll ever know!

Great List!

BTW-I moved my blog to wordpress.

speckledpup said...

sweet post....
but number 11....gag me.

Geggie said...

What a fabulous post. Isn't it nice to be happy right where you are!

Wystful1 said...

Life IS grand!!! (my MIL didn't like me but it was turn about too)

My Thurs 13 is posted

YellowRose said...

My children are also entering that next phase of their lives...it's so cool!! I am loving life right now!!

Happy Thursday, my TT is up!

Stacy said...

Wow, that's some wonderful blessings to be thankful for. I just love reading happy, positive, upbeat things like this. Bravo :)

Fleur De Lisa said...

You have a pet chinchilla? My son is begging for one. Very happy and positive list, ICL. I enjoyed it!

PixiePincessMom said...

It's nice to have so much to be thankful & happy about. And so rare to hear someone love their MIL! :-)

R said...

I love chinchillas!