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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Six Word Stories for Cats on Tuesday

Janna has been prompting her readers to write six word books.

It started at Nancy's blog. The idea is to write a story that's only six words long. Here's the set-up Nancy gave:

Ernest Hemingway said the best thing he ever wrote was a six-word story. It is
this: "For sale-- Baby shoes. Never used."

So like a smarta$$ my six word story response was:

I'm up for it!
Not yet.
Well folks, the time is now for my collection of personally written cat stories, in six words each!

Miss Crankypants.
Careful of your eyes.

Kitty Krack
Could not help her.

Too bad her personality sucks.

Clear the road Kitty!
Oh no!

Being fat cat
is all that!

In and out,
Like a yo-yo!

I am fat.
I am cat.

Soooorry ... not my best work ....

....in other news, Pool Boy is probably going to get his back operated on in three weeks! It's a 4-5 hour surgery, with one week in the hospital and three month rehabilitation period.

Get this, his surgeon is doctor for the Ottawa Senators hockey team, and he's on the road with them for the playoffs. Pool Boy will get the operation when he comes back off the road! Alright! We've been waiting for so long. He is anxious but relieved that now we are getting somewhere. Me too!

I'm so confused. Daughter #1 is home from Scotland tonight, past DQ boyfriend is over here now. She is all gaga about the Hot Scot! I haven't had a chance to talk to her without former bf around. I may have to give her a talkin' to. I'm feelin' sorry for DQ Boy.

Cool music tag from Christie over at ICL Video Blog. Alro's got the baton now and he's a real musician. Can't wait to see what he comes up with.

Shheeeeshhh I was like all caught up with my bloglines on the weekend and now I'm all behind again. Anybody else have that problem? It's me, right?



srp said...

How could a kitty with such beautiful green eyes have a crabby character? Surely you jest!

Thanks for stopping by and I think you did well... I guess I could write my Tuesday cat story as...

Timid tummy. Tiny kitten pulls heartstrings.

Janna said...

My favorite of your 6-worders is this:
"Pretty, Too bad her personality sucks"
LOL! :)

She is beautiful, though.
They both are. I love cats :)

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. I never get caught up and have gave up trying. To many blogs to read and not enough time in a day! I think it is so wonderful that there are so many cool people out there to read about and learn from and laugh with and yes even cry with!

Unknown said...

Love your kitten six word stories =)

Congrats on your newest award! I´m sorry I´ve been a bad blogging pal during the last week. I can´t access your blog normally... onl when I can use Franks´mostly occupied computer. But I´ve read you in my feedreader - which doesn´t feature a comment section *sigh*. Hope you don´t mind. I´m here... although you can´t see me.

Sanni - the lurker

Irish Church Lady :) said...

srp ~ I do not jest. She's been cranky all her life! My husband says she has permanent PMS! LOL When we does decide to get a little affectionate, it never lasts for long. lol She is twelve years old. We ended up getting two more after her because of her personality. Needed an upgrade!

Janna ~ thanks for picking your fav. It was fun to do!

Debbie ~ thanks for owning up! I feel better now!

Sanni the lurker ~ lol you've got issues with no computer ay? Must be hard for you, lmao. Thanks for hijacking hubby's to tell me!