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Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy Easter Monday!

Hey what is the significance of Easter Monday anyways? Does anyone of y'all know?

Fast like bunniesHope y'all had a great Easter weekend and are fresh like bunnies to start this new week!!

I've got a cute Easter Monday Manic Monday up. Lisa really does come up with the best questions for Manic Monday and sometimes I like to tease her when I play along. yuk yuk

While you're there and if you like the music on here for Easter, check out a really cool new song and video from Casting Crowns called "Who am I?". Just discovered this song and I love it!

So on to some personal stuff.

Big news! Mr. Philosopher has been nominated for an award at his college for programming (computer music). Last year he was nominated for his songwriting. He says he doesn't care if he wins or not but it's nice to have his music recognized and adds "I couldn't have done it without my crazy brain and my laptop, go computers!" A boy after me own heart! Oh, ya and he's moving in with his girlfriend at the end of the semester so looks like we may be taking a trip down to help him move soon.

'Course it's exam and term project time at all the colleges and universities so my kids and nephew are busy busy busy. Didn't make it home for Easter, although my daughter who is at a local university did manage to come for dinner at my sis's place last night, even if she did bring her books! Yay Nurse-a-baby!

#1 daughter is in Scotland and returning home tomorrow. She's been there a week with her friends. Her friend was dancing in the World competition for Irish dancing. Get this, she text messages us to say she's going on a date with a Hot Scot! lmao Not only one, but two dates occurred within this one week timeframe!!

Ah well, she's young and a busy lass! She got a promotion at work right before she left to go away! She takes possession of her first home on May 1st. Yup, the wiener will be moving out!!!Not straight away, because she has some work to do in the house first, but hopefully before the end of May! I need to get all the furniture that Dad gave her out of the garage!

I'll miss the doodle but not always sleeping in my bed like she has the past week thought she's really not much trouble because Pool Boy takes her out rofl!

Werked from home today (hey, maybe that's why I'm in such a good mood?) and managed to boogie off to the pit at lunch with my sis and our doggies. Didn't take any pics this time, but she did.

So I'm just wondering do I blog more about my kids or my pets? I don't like to brag too much about the kids because that's just boring for y'all but just so you know, they put.me.through.hell during the teenage years so when I do it's because I've earned my bragging rights he he.

And furthermore, I'm not out of the woods yet ~ notice no reference to Batgirl today? That's 'cause she's basically in her own little world these days and we've got some issues to clear up, nothing serious, I hope, but nothing to brag about there (yet) either! ho ho ho

So I might as well just finish off with Pool Boy who is going to see the back surgeon tomorrow, finally. Let's hope they do something quick! I can't take it anymore!!! Not sure how he's doin' ROFL.

What's up Doc?I have a wee little surprise too that I will blog about soon about Pool Boy and me. Nothing big at all, but something positive anyways. I will be getting back to do some posts on ICL Talks to give a little update on the situ. I'm going to go back to venting on that blog and quit keeping things bottled up.

Famous last words! Wasn't it just last week I was saying that I was going to slow down on blogging and proceeded to post pretty much every day and twice on Sundays still!!!!???

OK so I may still have some issues.


Unknown said...

Nah, you don't have issues! :-)

It sounds like everyone in your family has been very busy. You just brag away about your kiddos- that's just fine with me. (Because I do it too!) Hee hee!

I hope the doc has good news about PB's back. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Christie O. said...

wow! you've got yourself one very busy family!! yeah, i say go for it, brag about your kids!!! i have no shame, myself. by the way, i used my easter monday to eat a big slab of beef, of which i gave up for lent. does that count? ps. i tagged you!

Sparky Duck said...

kids, what kids, you mentioned Kids?

Oh I see a wedding in some Scottish castle coming soon.

Gattina said...

Oh yes I know with Montreal ! Big alleys of the French speaking people ! Belgians go mostly to Montreal because they don't have to speak english there ! They are very lazy to learn another language ! The flemish speaking people know all English ! It's really ridiculous these language games. Strange is only that in Switzerland where they have German, French and Italian, there seems to be no problem !

Bobkat said...

It's nice that you are proud of your kids :-)

It's exam time for me too, I thought all that would stop once I finished school but for some mad reason I went back to study with the OU!

Glad to hear that you have so many positive things going on in your world!

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Lisa ~ thanks and yes, we're hoping for a miracle, either that or a really fast and successful operation by this highly touted surgeon!

Christie ~ LOL, when they were small I used to say I went to work for a rest!! I got your tag, TQ and it was fun! It's on my music video blog.

Sparky ~ rofl, please Sparky no! Actually going to Scotland would be kinda cool :-)

Gattina ~ lol did you even read my post? I know you are responding to your post on my blog. No worries! LOL

Bob-kat ~ thanks, when it's not all good, it helps to focus on the positive!

Anonymous said...

I can't stay away from blogging. My only problem is having time to visit all my favorite bloggers and do my own blog! I haven't had time to update my photo blog in weeks and I am way behind on visits. But I do enjoy it still!

I think that pets and kids are both special to blog about. Lord knows I love my cats why else would I be having a painting done of them. As for the kids I have to tread lightly when I write on them as we catch fire sometimes from the other side of the fence! :(

Your group sounds like you have done a grand job and believe me when the next generation starts popping up the real fun begins!

L.L. Barkat said...

Yes, this blogging world sure can be addictive. I've come to the place of reining it in with a few personal rules. No computer before 9:00 am. Unplug at 6:00 or 6:30 pm.

You know, I've got a lot more reading done lately as a result.

RennyBA said...

Easter Monday - well, the day after Easter Sunday I guess LoL

Looking forward to the next issues!

Btw: Have voted of course - good luck:-)

Unknown said...

Congrats on winning the Thinking Blog Award!

Nice work, ICL! Please stop by my blog to grab your award and link.


Irish Church Lady :) said...

Debbie ~ I'm having fun with the next generation already, meaning, my granddog! lmao

LL ~ you are very disciplined! You rock!

Renny ~ ya, I guess that's as good as it gets ay? We need a recovery day from all that chocolate consumed. lol Thank you for the Irishblogs vote. Very sweet of you!

Carol ~ and how sweet of you! I picked up my award and saw what you wrote. How special was that? Thank you gf!