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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Oh me, Oh my!

Foto Pherrets HERE

Carol at The Turning Point is one of my regular and must reads. She is such a sweet and thoughtful person, always quick with some kind words or a sassy remark. I just love her visits here and also to her blog to find out what bit of info she is going to enlighten me with or make me laugh about today. Imagine my excitement to be nominated by her, for a thinking blogger award! Two words come to mind, pink and tickled.

Without wasting a minute, I ran over to my other favourite read, Fleur de Lisa to let her know that she is my first choice for one of my five Thinking Blogger nominations. Lisa wraps her beautiful photography up in a bow with her introspective writing and fabulous quotes. I always like to stop and linger at her posts, like savouring a fine wine. There is much good there, and as much as she thinks she does not always bear her heart and soul, I've seen it. Many times. And I keep coming back for more.

Now where to begin? How to choose my remaining nominations, not friviously or haphazard? Thankfully, many of my favourite reads have been already nominated. That takes the pressure off to worry about offending someone that I might have to miss on this go 'round.

Make list ... check bloglines ... blog from the heart, Church Lady. Ready set go.

Next choice - very easy. LL Barkat of Seedlings in Stone is a very deep writer. She makes me think all the time. I always ensure my coffee is full before visiting her. It allows me to tarry around her blog, and try to figure out what hell she is saying. lmao She inspires me with her spirituality and abilty to rise above the blog eat blog world. Subtle but strong. I like that. And, she has a sharp but gentle sense of humour. Where would I be without my quick witted blog friends?

My blog friend Mysterious Lady has been busy, with getting married and a busy job as a nurse and all. She hasn't blogged a lot lately, but when she does, I always find some interesting information, points of view and perspectives coming from her. She has been known to be physically incapacitated and wacked out on pain killers and blogged photos of herself from her cell phone. What can I not help but think about that? LOL alot!

Oh dear, two left, spend 'em wisely.

My next choice is going to be a fairly new read that I have been introduced to via the Cyber Cruise which is currently out to sea. I have chosen him (my first male choice, yay!) because of his thoughtful narrative and work he puts into his posts blogging about the things of the world. I really appreciate his open perspective and fun loving style. Always up for some teasing while sharing his love of nature and all things he experiences. That my friends is Renny of RennyBA's Terella. He is always up for an adventure. Two feet first!!

OK, last but definitely not least, and in true thinking blogger fashion, my final nomination goes to someone that must put a lot of THINKING into her posts. Either that or she really is like that and her posts just roll off her fingers, without any thought what-so-ever! She is smart, quick witted, can be profane and vulgar and all things crazy and intermingled like you wouldn't believe. Her posts always make me smile or laugh out loud or hork. She is very popular and has a lot of readers, so needless to say, does not need this nomination to boost her esteem. We go back awhile but she still comes to visit the little people and leave sweet or witty remarks. I can like that. She is none other than MIST1 of To Do: 1. Get Hobby. 2. Floss. Play MISTy for me gf!

That was fun! And I coulda picked more!


Gattina said...

Congratulations ! Welcome in the "thinking group" my brain is smoking ! I got the award twice and now I have to nominate 10 ! I think I put a blogroll, lol ! Finally I could put you too so you have to find 5 others ! In my innocence yesterday I thought I was unic, but now I notice that there are a lot of unic persons ! But it is always a great pleasure to be appreciated and what you are writing interests other people.

mist1 said...

I am proud to accept the Drinking Blogger award.

What's that?

It's Thinking?

You are going to force me to post my first meme ever. I can't believe it. Maybe for the weekend.

RennyBA said...

Awwww ICL, I feel flattered and very honored by this! Thanks for your kind words in describing what you find interesting and readable in my blog - its really an encouragement!

I'll do my best to find a way to return your favor - as a start, your on my blogroll of course:-)

lisa said...

You are so sweet, ICL! I love ya'!

Your kind words mean so very much to me. You see that deep stuff because you are the kind of person that takes the time to look deeper.

You rock! :-)

L.L. Barkat said...

Thank you, thank you. It's always interesting to see how one is perceived by others.

And hey, when you figure out what the h-- I'm saying, you must always let me know. For, I'm still trying to figure myself out! :)

ALRO said...

Congrats to all your nominees!! :)

One of these days, I may get an award for "Whackiest Nutjob Blog Poster of the World"!!

Is there even such a thing?

Captain Shopoholic Lifecruiser said...

That's some great choices ICL :-)

I'm in a hurry as usual these days, just a short reminder about the big shopping day tomorrow thursday for the cruise ball.

I've posted 1 rule about it on my blog :-)

Cheeky said...

I got nominated too :)

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Gattina ~ It is a great pleasure to be appreciated :-)

MIST1 ~ DRINKING Blogger Award roflmao you are a NUT! That's why I love ya!

Renny ~ I'm glad you are encouraged because you deserve it. You know you have to select 5 other THINKING bloggers now ay?

Lisa ~ you are so precious! Love you lots, too!

LL ~ well perceived my friend. ok I'll try to help ya. Kinda like you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours. LOL

Alro ~ And I'd vote for ya for sure!!

LC ~ oh me, oh my so much to do!

Cheekster ~ aw shucks! WTG I'm coming over to properly congratulate you!