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Saturday, May 20, 2006

me language

Just wakin' up an' havin' me coffee so I thought I would share some ICL terminology with you.

In case I ever comment on your blog (which I always do, after I visit ~ I'm a sociable Irish Church Lady (a.k.a. blabber), here's what I really mean with me lingo~ in order of increasing impact (I might add).

  1. neat - 70's style. Hay like ya know, that's really neat!
  2. cool - ya it's neat but also pretty cool too!
  3. groovy - wow! rocks my world ... and if it's got a 'baby' attached to it, as in "Groovy, baby!" in the manner of Austin Powers (to which I've become accustomed), it's pretty sexy too!
  4. kool - wow! Way neat and cool. Like cool but stepped up a notch.
  5. awesome - ya, that thing you did or said or posted or blabbed ... wow it's totally groovy and neat and kool rolled into one.
  6. kewl - okay normally I just save this for when I'm 'chattin' (IM) with my nieces and nephews 'cause that's what they say. But if ICL uses it on her blog or blog comments then that means you really had an impact on me. Took me back to my childhood, or made me LMBFAO ('k it's not that fat, but it's a little on the bigsy size ~ ghetto booty, as my kids call it!)

'k enough blabbed for now. They're probably be more some day. Need to get me more koffee now (that's coffee that tastes really good while you haven't reached your required level of kaffeine absorption yet). I'm a druggie, I know.

(yes I know it's a freakin' Kristmas Koffee mug! But it's big ain't it?! See the doggie in my bed?)

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