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Friday, May 19, 2006


Kristine over at RandomandOdd wants use to provide 3 pictures inspired by Wave of Modulation. "She takes my breath away. Not only with her pictures, but her words that are so real, raw and soul squeezing. This week…it’s about WoM."

1. Something Discarded
2. Lay down on the ground and find something ugly and make it beautiful.
3. Take a picture in the style of the person that inspires you.
#3 is wide open - meaning if you took a picture that you wouldn’t have normally taken, but you thought, ‘hey so-in-so would love this’. Share with us your inspirations!!

1. Something Discarded - somebody's lunch at a business meeting in France.

They bring beer and wine in for these conference room luncheons ~ did ya know! Oh yeah, the dog. Well there's a funny story about Orlaine. She is a seeing eye dog for the guy who works at the reception / phone desk. She smelled the food and came up the stairs to check it out. We all kinda freaked out when all of a sudden there was this big German Shepherd walking into the meeting room ~ especially us Canucks and 'mericans who didn't even know there was a seeing eye dog in the building. Once we heard who she was we laughed and I took a lot of pictures. This isn't a good one of the dog, but you can see she was surfing the tables looking for scraps. I do have a picture of her riding down in the glass elevator back down to the main floor. I took her down. I'm an animal lover!

2. Lay down on the ground and find something ugly and make it beautiful. This is the raindrops on my deck after a whole week of non-stop rain. Weekend is not looking like it's going to be any better. Now that's ugly! I'm goin' to ride my bike to work today anyways. They're forecasting more showers in the afternoon ~ hubby says he'll come and pick me up if necessary.

3. Take a picture in the style of the person that inspires you.

I liked the contrast of the green black sea and the red boat in this picture. When I took it I was trying to copy a style that I had seen where most of the picture is of something fairly innocuous but there is something eye catching in a remote portion of the picture. Not sure what that style is called. Do you??


~**Dawn**~ said...

oh! that last photo is great! i love the way the colors of the water form "steps" with its stripes, leading your eye right to the top of the photo where that boat is a pop of color! nice job!

thanks for stopping by my blog this morning. =)

Lee said...

good job on all 3...LOL at beer and wine and seeing eye dogs at lunch, I want to work there!...the last shot is really striking, I played :)

Melanie said...

i love the raindrops and that ocean photo rocks. i played too.

Michelle said...

Thank you for visiting me :)
I also love the "ocean steps" picture, like the boat is a hop step and jump away!

hemlock said...

Funny story about the seeing eye dog.

We've had nonstop rain too. I like how you did something with it! I just moped.

The final shot is very cool.

I played at The Ramble Room.

Mainline Mom said...

I love that water pic. The colors are awesome.

Kami said...

I love that last shot!

CameraDawktor said...

cool rain photo. were you really laying on the ground? did you get wet?

Thanks for stopping by me little blog (trying to sound Irish here!)

[Mat] said...

Love the pictures. Don't know what the effect is called. I did see someone actually take a picture of asphalt once. An artist. At the time, I didn't get what he was doing.
(wow, I just wrote in english while thinking in french - that was weird - useless information, I know.)

Cheers!! TGIF!!!

have a nice weekendd!!!

Jana said...

I like that last one!

I played!

Mama C said...

Those raindrops look great against that red deck.

I love the water shot. All the different layers drawing your eye up. Nice.

I played.

Random and Odd said...

Optical vignetting...kind of.
It's making everything you want to see ...ugh. forget it. It's just way cool.

I think you did a great job!!

Torie said...

Great photos. I love that last one. The water seems to have stripes.
I played too

Juliabohemian said...

I'm surprised the guy would let his seeing eye dog wander like that. They are usually so strict with them.

Gracie said...

I really like the pic of the water and the boat, but my favorite is the raindrops on the deck. Something about it keeps drawing me back...

Thanks for stopping by! :)

Fleur De Lisa said...

Wine and beer at a business lunch? We Americans have it all wrong! LOL

I do so love your boat picture. Very eye-catching!

Thanks for stopping by my SPF.
Have a great weekend!

gail said...

love the raindrops on your deck, and that "ocean steps" pic is awesome!
thanks for stopping by my blog.

Tammy said...

I so love that water picture.

A Slice of Life said...

I love the raindrops on your deck. So simple yet so compelling.

I played too

Charmed1 said...

I love your pictures! My dad has a seeing eye dog also and they can be a bit intimidating/confusing at times if someone doesn't realise they are there.

Yes, please tell Fr. Gilhooly to come bless me, I received an email from the people mentioned that they have word from the SXO (?) I'm going to die soon. I let them know I thought they were all nuts ans needed mental help.

Thanks for stopping by, your blog is funny and I will be coming back often!