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Monday, May 22, 2006

How I spent my Vickie Day Weekend

Went to Sis#1 for family dinner

My niece was real purdy
Went for a cold and windy bike ride.

Saw some cows on said bike ride

Pulled weeds in the garden (no pics - bad weeds!)
Watered plants
Mowed the lawn (ok pool boy did it but it was on my list so it counts) Shit, I should have done a before and after. You would have LOL the lawn was such a mess
Threw out some crap
Cleaned my tub (but it's still on crack)
Did laundry (ok past tense is not really appropriate here) doing laundry (3 loads down ... 2 to go).

OK well in between all of the above I blogged, walked dogs, slept, played with pool boy (come on it's almost TMI Tuesday!) and generally tried to make the most of a cold and rainy Victoria Day weekend which is highly unusual as I recall. I'm usually out planting flowers all weekend. But this year it's too cold and I'm pacing myself due to lower back problems, doing stuff in small spurts. I did manage to capture the one minute when the clouds parted and let us see some blue sky. That was a good thing!

'kay so go to the Poopie List Link below for more shits 'n giggles. Oh behave!


whispers of the morning said...

Wow, a cold and windy day??? We pushing into the 90's today I think. When it's cold I wish it was summer, when it's hot I wish it was winter. I'd be happy in spring or fall, but living in the south we bypass both:(

Love the pic of the clouds!

Teena said...

Sounds like a busy weekend!

Kami said...

That face paint is AWESOME!!!