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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

TMI Tuesday on Wednesday

Brought to us by LizzieDaisy. Oh go and check out her links to "When Girls Drink too much" It is hilarious and true and also the "Lego Rave" is cute! plus baby turtle pics!

1. Have you ever been nude/semi-nude in public (sunbathing/photoshoot/streaking...)? Yup topless sunbathing. That is all.

2. Have you ever had sex at your workplace? No but I've heard the stories of people on conference room tables! Not at my present workplace I might add.

3. Do you ask your partners to take an AIDS test or ask if they have? Was not necessary in my day. (Now I'm dating meself!) and I think the pool boy would be highly insulted if I asked him to now.

4. Ever tried a beer bong (scary...)? No, cute pic though.

5. Have you ever spread a rumor about your ex or ex's new gf/bf? No, thankfully.

Bonus (as in "optional"): What are your views about circumcision?? Unnecessary for babies. Why put them through that pain? In some extreme circumstances it may be medically recommended in older children, adults. I say deal with it at that time if that happens because it's very rarely medically necessary.

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