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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Cheeky Tag

Cheeky tagged me. Hey I got a nice little Valentine's in the mail from Cheeky! Read her #3. mmmm.... I think there's a method to her madness!

The game: Tell ten weird things or habits or little known facts about themselves. Tag six people to do the same. No tag backs!

Oh.my.dog this is going to be hard - 10, I've gotta think of ten freakin' weird things! I've done this meme at least once or twice before. I'm gonna try to do it without peeking or reusing what I wrote previously. All brand new stuff here at Sláinte ~ It’s only Me! Here goes, wish me luck!!!:

  1. I like to post on my blog or in comments on others blogs weird word verifications like this one "neakfurz". Isn't that one awesome?

  2. I love to drink milk. Skim milk. Oh and chocolate without milk is not cool.

  3. I am superstitious about some things. I'm always knocking my head and saying "touch wood" if I say something and then I realize I really would not want that to happen.

  4. I think of new song tunes in my head but then I can't remember the tunes. I could be a musical writer but don't even know it.

  5. I'm not afraid to die, at all.

  6. Ice is my friend, or so the chiropractor tells me. I've got smooshy ice. I do like smooshy ice so I guess I can call him a friend.

  7. I keep tweezers in my desk at work so if those pesky chin hairs all of a sudden become noticeable while I'm stroking my chin thoughtfully, poof they're gone. Good light in my office, btw, oh and I have a mirror too.

  8. I can't believe I'm already at number eight. This isn't as hard as I thought or maybe you've stopped reading by now. Uh oh, I feel some performance anxiety coming on. Yes, I am that insecure. Confident but insecure.
  9. I've seen this new Dorito commercial (based on India) tonight about five six seven times. It's not that funny. I can't find anything about it on You Tube but I did find this fun video about Amazing India Traffic.

  10. I think that there is a finite number of categories that depict what people look like. Everyone is just a variation within that category. I haven't determined how many types there are but I'm thinking maybe 64. Have you ever noticed how a person sometimes looks generally like some one else you know? See? My point, exactly.

Tags to Gattina at WRITERS CRAMPS, Spikey when he's not oot & aboot with spikey, Happy and Blue 2, Pat from A View From Ivry!, Dackel Princess, and Trish from Incoherent~ish

How much do you love me now?

1 comment:

Lisa said...

We keep tweezers at work. Ya' never know when a stray hair might appear. ;-) Hee-hee!

#10- You look a lot like my doctor!

Hope you enjoyed The Office tonight. Bats!