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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Entertainment Tonight

Wow! Did you catch this? Anna Nicole Smith Dead at 39.

Did Motherhood Kill Anna Nicole Smith?

Anna Nicole Smith Dies - Who Will Get Custody of Dannielynn?

I saw some footage from an interview on Entertainment Tonight tonight from last week and I thought she looked kind of rough.

It's definitely kind of strange, her grown son dying a few months ago and now her dying suddenly as well. New husband is a lawyer. Was there a prenuptual? Looking awfully suspicious.


On Carol's recommendation, I've checked out LAZYDORK. This is the first video I've found. Pretty cute. I'll go back and look at some more.


Don't forget to catch THE OFFICE at 8:30 EST!!

Tonight's episode - Phyllis' Wedding.

Leave your comments here about your favourite parts!


happy and blue 2 said...

I can't believe that Anna died either. She was just starting to lose weight.

I watched The Office tonight. I don't know the characters yet but the wheelchair bit made me laugh. As did the missing Uncle..

Maribeth said...

very sad about Anna Nichole. Money and fame, however earned aren't a guarantee of happiness, is it?

Tug said...

I still think hubby/lawyer Stern had something to do with Anna's son's death...now I think he helped hers. Drugs - the last MANY times I've seen her, she's just been GONE. Not there at all...the poor baby girl - maybe she'll have a chance now?? Sad. So very sad, yet true.

Tisha! said...

was so saddened by anna's death

but you cheered me up good with lazy dork, thanks!

Spikey1 said...

Do you want an Altoid???? ;)

Lisa said...

The wedding toast and the band playing Police music. Hee hee!

Christie said...

michael took things to an all new "michael low" last night! yikes!!! the whole thing was hysterical!

Butterfly Kisses said...

I really wish Pam and Jim would just get together already!

Peanutt said...

I agree about the whole Anna Nicole suspicious thing....

Oh, happy belated to your Daddy!

mist1 said...

I know that I watched The Office last night, but my memory sucks. I laughed. I yelled at the TV. I only remember Dwight being a bouncer.

Carol said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed LazyDork! He's an interesting guy. He used to be a patent attorney and gave that up to become a card gambler in Vegas. Hey ha???

He's a hoot.

Thanks for the plug too.

Love ya, ICL!