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Saturday, February 03, 2007


Saw this movie last night and loved it!

If you like musicals you will love it. No kidding. I plan to get the soundtrack.

I'm sure you've seen the ads and trailers...stars Beyoncé, Eddie Murphy, Jamie Foxx and introducing Jennifer Hudson (from Season 3 American Idol). She did an amazing job, as did the rest of the cast. Murphy was great in this role, Beyoncé damn fine and even Jamie Foxx put on quite the performance. Danny Glover and Keith Robinson brought sentimentality and believability to their roles.

It is nominated for 8 Oscars. It's sure to pick up some or I'm not

Irish Church Lady.

Link to Dreamgirlsfans.blogspot.com

above blog worth checking out!


Bellezza said...

I saw Dreamgirls on Thursday night; we're probably the only two in North America who hadn't seen it yet. But, I liked it very much too. I thought Jennifer Hudson's singing was amazing, as well as the life lessons she was forced to learn. I was surprised to see Eddie Murphy as a weak character. Mostly I was just astounded at Beyonce's beauty. Holy Smokes, she was gorgeous, didn't you think?

By the way, I liked The Queen even more than Dreamgirls. Helen Mirren WAS the Queen.

Carol said...

I haven't seen it yet, but plan to. Hubby doesn't dig films like this, so I'll have to find a friend or wait til it comes out on home video.

I love musicals!

Happy Weekend, ICL!

Lisa said...

We haven't seen this yet, but B really wants to go see it. I haven't been too keen on sitting in a theater for a few hours due to my back. I'm glad to read your good review of it though-I'm sure we will see it soon.

Hope your weekend is going great. :-)

Mr. Fabulous said...

We loved it, too! We might even go and see it again...

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Bellezza ~ I also thought Jennifer's singing was fantastic and it is nice to have seen her do so well having lost on the AI Season 3. Good for her! I really thought Eddie Murphy played that role well, mind you he's pretty good at anything he does, including singing!! Thanks for the tip about the Queen. I would like to see it but not sure if hubby would enjoy it so I may have to go with someone else.

Carol ~ knowing your love of music you won't be disappointed. My hubby doesn't like musicals but he said this one was alright for him.

Lisa ~ you haven't blogged about your back lately so I figured all was well. Sorry to hear your still healing. When you are ready, it's a not miss for you guys!

Mr Fab ~ I figured you guys would like it! I'm thinking of going again too, with my daughters.

Gattina said...

8 Oscars ! not bad !

I am here looking for your blue pictures for photo ferret, but can't see anything blue ! I am late forgot to look up the word !

local girl said...

Isn't this amazing? One moment she's trying out for American Idol, the next she's on Oprah! Wow!