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Sunday, February 04, 2007

SOS - Sunday Only Speak ~ Spiritual gifts

I had seen this at Erica at Butterfly Kisses blog some time ago for the Shape of My Faith series (more info on this here Graced by Christ - What is the Shape of Your Faith?)

Spiritual gifts discovery survey

I had done the survey at the time back last November and recorded my results on Erica's blog.

The survey is easy to do, even if a little bit long. I encourage you to do it if you are interested in doing more in your spiritual journey but are not really sure where to start or what you are best to focus on.

My top gift was Faith followed closely by Discernment , Evangelism and Exhortation all rated equally. The results were kind of comforting in validating how I feel I am with respect to my spirituality because I do feel I have great faith.

My weakness is that I do not think I am always obliging in the eyes of god. Yes, I am a sinner. And a slow learner.

What are your spiritual gifts? How can you best utilize them? I am interested to hear your inputs to learn what gifts you have that are foreign to me (or the same) and how do you put them into play?

I find this topic can be quite fascinating, so please don't hold back. The quiz itself is quite thought provoking. Share it with your friends who may be interested....

....And have a great SuperBowl Sunday internetz!!



Lisa said...

Hi ICL, I'm going to go take that quiz. It sounds interesting. We're all slow learners sometimes. :-)

Hope your week is off to a good start.

Cat. said...

I borrowed this...thanks for the link! :-)