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Friday, February 02, 2007


After a weeks hiatus (btw, who knew last week's was going to be a repeat? BOO HISS!!), THE OFFICE was back in fine form with a episode called BEN FRANKLIN. Click on the link and you will get a synopsis and some pics.

My favourite parts:
~ Jim hiring someone from the Scholastic Speakers of Pennsylvania instead of a stripper for Phyllis's party - so Jim!
~ Michael thinking Ben Franklin was one of the US Presidents - he's not, right?
~ the stripper telling Angela she liked her 'controversial' office photo of the babies with the jazz instruments and Angela having to reluctantly acknowledge the compliment.
~ Jan initially being annoyed at Michael's phone call that pulled her from a meeting but then being worried that something was wrong to back being mad and saying she should fire his a$$ for having a stripper in on company time and premises.
~ Michael being relieved that Jan just wants to fire him instead of dump him LMAO

OK the plot thickens. I thought Karen was going to be a goner but looks like Jim is doing the noble thing and trying to patch things up but maybe he actually really digs the two chicks! (We all know he loves Pam but can't seem to say goodbye to Karen). Yay Jim!! Don't blame him. I like them both too and if I was a lesbian I would be totally into them.

OK enough of my diatribe...what were your favourite parts?????


RennyBA said...

My fave parts: well I don't think I've seen it, but then again there is no hope for me as I am not a lesbian either LoL!

Wishing you a splendid weekend:-)

Lisa said...

That Ben Franklin was a riot, and no, he was never President. Ben hitting on Pam cracked me up. Hee hee!

Jana said...

"Who wants some man meat?" I laughed so hard at that I couldn't breathe!

mist1 said...

I am pretty sure that wasn't the real Ben Franklin.

Butterfly Kisses said...

I loved when Ben Franklin told Pam she was saucey.

Gattina said...

A good question, only I don't know anything about it. Never heard of it. For the moment I watch "desperate housewives" the second season, is there a third ? I really like it. I missed the first, because when I read "housewives" I run away !

[Mat] said...

call me weird, I don't listen to tv these days.


be well.

Christie said...

man meat was hysterical! when dwight was like "i do!" very funny episode.

Spikey1 said...

I did know that the weeks episode would be a re-run because the first thing I do when I get the TV guide is look up Thursday nights show! Im such a loser!