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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Introducing ...

Jaschocolate @ the insights of crappy Jasmine gal

So I decided to do an interview of a fellow 2K blogger. Read all about my extremely scientific and dorky way of choosing my interviewee here.

Well she responded within a day and answered all my questions with such eloquence and aplomb (better www.dictionary that, is it even a word?) that I kind of wish I would have asked her the following questions:

  • Have you ever blogged in the nude?

  • Do you suffer from belly button lint?

  • The blogger I would most like to see dead is:

  • What comes first, your blog or your cleaning your toilet?

I kinda felt that if I just introduced with these questions she'd say, who is this nut job? So I like to warm up slowly. Actually from reading her blog, I think she would approve of the above questions.

Here's some other interesting factoids about her:

  • She's from Singapore ~ Yay, I was there, I was there!

  • She loves chocolate! No kidding!

  • She thinks shes crappy ~ but she's not.

  • She likes to run. ~ a fellow runner!

Hmmmmm.... I think she has some things in common with yours truly.

So without further adieu here is Jas' responses (with my editorial comments thrown in, (in italics) for good measure):

Why did you start blogging?
- To keep a record of what I did, where i went to because my memory is quite bad. Actually, the main reason was that I was bored in my classes and writing a blog makes time passes faster. But I think my tutors will want to cry if they know that they are that boring. Make 'em cry Jasy!~

How do you describe your blog?
- Bascially a record of what i like, eat and do.. so it is quite messy at times. It's like a "rojak", a dish we had in Singapore. A mix of various items but with a unique taste of its own. Some will like it, but some wont. Oh I tried squid when I was in Singapore but it was from a fast food kiosk (I think it was on that Island, what's the name?) and it was awful (to me anyways). I think it was overcooked because it was awfully rubbery. I will try squid again but only from a quality restaurant. hee

How has your blog changed over time?
- Bascially, it is still the same but I had less time to blog now.. So if I can, I will rather blog using pictures more than to type with words. Most of the times, I cannot find the right words to blog about how I feel. Yeah sometimes you feel restricted so I know what you mean. I don't feel like I can blog about work, even though I would like to rant about it sometimes. I also feel that some things are just a little too personal to blog about. Aw what am I saying? I blog about almost everything. It's just that some things that are buried deep inside or cause me angst and if I blog about them, I don't want just anyone reading it. So I've started a new separate blog called ICL Talks where I can blab about what's bothering me. My family doesn't read my blog so I feel quite safe putting it out there (even though I begged them to read it for months!! I finally gave up. Hmmmppffff! I'll fix them he he).

Do you have any other blogs?
- I had other blogs, mainly signed up as I wanted to use the account to leave comments in other blogs. My main focus is still on the one in blogspot. Though, I may shift it to wordpress once I had the time. I know alot of people have switched to WordPress but I can honestly say that I like Blogger. I don't have any good reason to switch. The only niggly thing that bugs me with new Blogger is that it never remembers your id and you have to log in every time. Arggghh!

Do your family and friends blog, too?
- My friends blogged, not my family though. In fact, I was introduced to it when I saw my friends blogging in school. However, most of them do not really updated their blogs now that they started working. However. I did make some friends through reading blogs. I don't know anyone in real life that blogs. Isn't that weird? I've told my friends about it, my family, some close co-workers but no body reads my blog from my real life. I do feel that some of the bloggers I've met are quite nice and would love to meet them irl if I ever get the chance!

What are your favorite blogs? Who do you read?
- Most of the blogs I read are on my links. One of my favourite is Jaywalk, because he is quite funny and serious at times. The topics he covered are of a wide variety. I will check this Mr. Jaywalk out. I have so many favourites (hey, you guys in Singapore spell favourite the same way as us Canadians! very kool!). I save them in Blogrolling by different blogrolls to organize them into categories, but I actually read them via Bloglines. I have too many ... way too many blogs rolled, I know ... but I find it really hard to take them off my blogroll. To do blog time management I usually just stop reading them for awhile and then eventually I remove them from my blogroll/bloglines. My criteria for this is usually that I just don't find we have so much in common, or that they're not particularly funny (a big requirement for me to enjoy blogging), or maybe just even they're too popular (I prefer to find some gems and lesser known blogs), um lastly, sometimes I don't like blogs that have posts that are too long. I usually try to keep mine short (this one is becoming one of the exceptions) because I know I have this preference.

Have you ever thought of quitting blogging?
- I think. There was a period i stopped blogging but then the itch came back and i need to blog. :p I hear ya gf!!

What keeps you blogging?
- Myself and what little readers I had.. Haha :) You are a real gem, aren't you? he he

So this was rather fun wasn't it? I hope you enjoyed meeting Jasmine. Go over and say hi and that you're there by way of the church lady!

Time to eat chocolate!


Tug said...

This is awesome! I'll have to check her & Jaywalk out.

I had the same problem, having to sign in all the time. All of a sudden? It remembers me....& life is good. ;-)

mist1 said...

Okay, now I have to check out her blog.

Gattina said...

I see you recovered from the shoe odor ! Lol !

JayWalk said...

So this is flashing light that is blinking on my radar.

Just thought I drop a note to say hello. :)

Jaschocolate said...

Haha.. Thanks for the praises :)

That island you are referring to does not happen to be "Jurong Island" or "Sentosa"? We do not have much islands left anyway. :p

Ok, will try to answer the questions you are dying to know but did not dare to ask..

Have you ever blogged in the nude?
- I lived with my parents.. My mom will screams if i am nude in the house...

Do you suffer from belly button lint?
-I actually need to check the dictionary to know what a lint is... so the answer is "no", because I just "double-checked" already.

The blogger I would most like to see dead is:
-Erm.. I do not hate anyone so much to want the person dead.. But I believe once your time is up, it's time for you to leave.

What comes first, your blog or your cleaning your toilet?
-Blog, because I do not clean my toilet :p

Steven Novak said...

The blogging itch...yep...I've felt it...usually underneath my ball sack...which is weird. ;)


Fleur de Lisa said...

See, she would have answered your real set of questions. Obviously, she's got an excellent sense of humor!

I think that I can be guilty of the long posts thing, but lately I haven't had the time to do it. Hee hee! ;-)

Wethyb said...

How fun! What a good way to get everyone to meet someone new :)