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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Bad Church Lady

Cats on Tuesday played at ICL Plays . It's a comic I made. Go check it out.

Hey see my submitted pictures to Steve Novak over at his blog. I didn't win a copy of his book but I am first on the post. hee! Somehow that almost seems better than the book. Not for the fainthearted, his blog. Don't say I didn't warn ya! Oh, and he asked for it!

Oh ya, and it was my gal pal Lisa's birthday today, yesterday, this week. To celebrate she has a picture of herself in the middle of an O. Actually she has pictures of herself in two O's. Seriously, go check it out. I want to live vicariously through Lisa!!


Fleur de Lisa said...

Oh, you are too sweet, my dear Irish Church Lady. :)

Tug said...

I saw you at Steve's place...YEA FOR YOU!!

mar said...

Loved the two pics in two O's!!!

Steven Novak said...

If you had only used your fingernails to scratch your butt more... ;)

Oh, and the picture itself links to your site kiddo. ;)