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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Cousin Crosby

It's a little dark in some spots but here's a video of new cousin Crosby who came over to visit his cousins, Fergus and Daisy, for doggy socialization time yesterday. It was hard to keep up with the little critters tearing around the kitchen. Check out the cat on the chair taking all of the action in. Also the Fergmeister peeping in from outside ~ we put him out for a bit so just the two small dogs could play.

They had met before on Monday night at my sister's place but this was first time on our home turf.

Fergus (he's so smart) already knows Crosby's name.

Have a great Sunday internets!


Gattina said...

Thanks for the great sunday ! Now it's 4 pm and it still rains cats and dogs. My cats have distributed themselves on different beds. I had to ponder something about love for the blogging chicks, but that's a subject which doesn't inspire me anymore so I just put international proverbs about love.

Shawn said...

Cute puppies!!

I totally agree with what you said in dealing with the here and now, it's just hard to get back here. I think a lot of the times it's due to having been freinds with "the other woman" for so long. There's a lot of memories in everything I look at. Vacation photos, birthday photos, we even had our 4 year old boys together. So getting away from the past is proving to be a bit harder than normal.

I hope keeping a dream diary works for you, I've heard a lot of people talk about it and they loved it. Worth a try!!