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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Tell the Truth...

...or pick your preference - You must pick one or the other.

If you can't pick one, then you have some 'splainin' to do and give yourself one point for each of these.

(Ok you're allowed to 'splain even if you do pick one 'cause bloggers can't help but be wonderfully verbose!)

01..Long or short nails?
02..Early riser or night owl?
03..On the rocks or neat?
04..Risk taker or worrier?
05..Sleeptalker or sleepwalker?
06..Coffee or Tea?
07..Skydiving or Swim with sharks?
08..Math or English?
09..Body Piercing or Tattoo?
10..Hot dog or Pogo?

Take your total points and subtract from 10. What's your score mean?

9-10 - Hey man, you're it and you know it. Keep on takin' on the world!

5 - 8 - You'd make someone a great wife, husband, lover, friend, mother, daughter, brother, sister, father, son, doggy, parrot, turtle, chicken, ring-tailed marmoset.....hey don't get too greedy....just pick the ones that apply to you.

0 - 4 - Yo, you're not it, although you may think you are. Re-examine your life ....sometime within the next 20 years, okay? No rush.

1 comment:

Irish Church Lady :) said...

01..Short... although I have nice ones just don't have time to keep them manicured

02..Early riser....used to be but I've been staying up until 11 or so lately...highly unusual for me...phase or permanent change?...we'll see

03..On the rocks ...I even drink my wine on the rocks if it's not cold enough!!!

04..Risk taker...mostly but as I age I worry that I'm becoming more of a worrier... ho hum...better plan that bungee jump soon

05..Sleeptalker...but nothing like my #4 child - just spent two nights away and slept in the same room...she woke me up both mornings laughing and talking...cute...can't remember what she said though :O

06..Coffee...mucho coffee but I like tea too 'specially in Ireland...it's the water...nice eau

07..Sharkies...nice sharkies that would be way kool. I would love to do that. Better get that scuba license then risk taker! haha

08..Gotta be Math...I have a Bachelor of Mathematics...oh now you're probably saying oh...she's Geeky Irish Church Lady!

09..I'm pierced...but only in my ears and only once. haha...had you goin' ay? Actually I would consider a small tattoo but hub doesn't like them. My children have enough tattoos and piercings for all of us. That'll be a future blog

10..Pogo with mustard please

So what do you have to tell me?