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Sunday, May 07, 2006

The ABC's of me

I got this from Beth and Marisa

Accent - love accents. I wish I could imitate them more.

Booze of choice - wine and beer, with the odd margarita or tequila shooter thrown in

Chore I hate - cleaning the fridge

Dog or cat - got 'em both ~ they both have their strong points! 'nuf said.

Essential electronics - Garage door opener, hairdryer

Favorite perfume - Beautiful by Estee Lauder

Gold or silver? - both, definitely both - I'm a two tone girl

Hometown - Ottawa - who knows where that is? Ya get prezzies!

Insomnia? - I cure it by drinking milk. If that doesn't work I get up and work. Usually if I can't sleep it because of work pressures so I might as well get up and get some of it done to get caught up. Funny, this hasn't happened since I started blogging 'cause I usually go to bed exhausted. lol

Job title - PME - Project Manager Extraordinaire - ya I made that up!

Kids - got 'em. Where'd they go?

Living arrangement - On the wall with the window is my couch, the TV is the corner and my favourite double lazy boy that I'm blogging from now is in another corner...oh sorry, I thought you said Living Room Arrangement. Have another glass of wine, Church Lady!

Most admired trait - omg I suck at this! Humble?

Number of sexual partners - at the same time? Wow! I'm not that good!

Overnight hospital stays - not counting kiddie hospital stays, I think there was only one overnighter, just two - once when my daughter was born - C-section and second time when we both went back in when she was 3 weeks old because I had a wicked case of mastitis that they couldn't cure with oral antibiotics. Hadta go on the drip.

Phobias - Big Fish

Quote - "Ya gotta eat .6 kg of dirt before you die" - me.
Oh you wanted my favourite quote from someone else? Ok so it's "Excuse me waitress, I believe I ordered a large cappicino! Hellllooooo!" - Mike Myers from the movie "So I Married an Axe Murderer" still LMAO

Religion - Roman Catholic

Siblings - 3 sistas - one older, two younger.

Time I wake up - when pool boy wakes me.

Unusual talent - wiggle my ears

Vegetable I refuse to eat - cooked cabbage (don't like cabbage rolls but love coleslaw) strange uh?

Worst habit - biting the skin off my fingers / hangnails

X-rays - what about 'em? Teeth and back mostly.

Yummy foods I make - french onion soup, indian food and I'm the pancake queen

Zodiac sign - Libra - very appropriate for me (balance) but I don't follow astrology.

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